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Story Elements


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This powerpoint includes material about the different types of story elements that are associated with The Giver. It also includes directions of how to complete the cereal box book report.

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Story Elements

  1. 1. Story ElementsThe GiverBy Lois Lowery
  2. 2. IntroductionYou will view a video on each story elementApply the video to The GiverCereal box book report
  3. 3. GenresHow many can you list?Retrieved from
  4. 4. GenreKagan Structure: Pair and ShareTime: 2 minutes (1 minute per student)Question: What is the Genre of The Giver? What makes you draw this conclusion?
  5. 5. Author’s PurposeRetrieved from
  6. 6. Author’s PurposeKagan Structure: Round RobinTime: 2 minutes (30 seconds per student)Question: What is the author’s purpose? What details support your answer?
  7. 7. Foreshadowing/PredictionRetrieved from
  8. 8. Foreshadowing/PredictionKagan Structure: All Write RoundTime: 5 minutesQuestion: What are your predictions for the second half of the book? What foreshadowing details lead you to this prediction?
  9. 9. Symbolism/ImageryRetrieved from
  10. 10. Symbolism/ImageryKagan Structure: Jot ThoughtsTime: 5 minutesQuestions What are some symbols/imagery that we have seen so far in the novel? What do these symbols/imagery represent in the novel?
  11. 11. SettingRetrieved from
  12. 12. SettingKagan Structure: RoundRobinTime: 2 minutes (30 seconds per student)Questions: Where are the settings in the novel so far? How have they progressed during the novel? How do you think they will evolve over the rest of the novel.
  13. 13. Conflict/ResolutionRetrieved from
  14. 14. Conflict/ResolutionKagan Structure: All Write RoundTime: 5 minutesQuestions: What are the conflicts/resolutions? How has the intensity of the conflict and climax changed as we go through the novel?
  15. 15. ThemeRetrieved from
  16. 16. ThemeKagan Structure: Pair and ShareTime: 4 minutes (2 per student)Questions: What are the different themes in the novel? How are these themes related to the conflict/resolutions of the novel?
  17. 17. Character DevelopmentRetrieved from
  18. 18. Character DevelopmentKagan Structure: Pair and ShareTime: 4 minutes (1 per student)Questions What have the characters evolved and developed so far in the novel? How do you think they will continue to develop?
  19. 19. Figurative LanguageRetrieved from
  20. 20. Figurative LanguageKagan Structure: All Write RoundTime: 5 minutesQuestions What are the figurative languages in the novel? What do these mean?
  21. 21. Final ProjectCereal Box Book ReportPicture retrieved from:
  22. 22. Front CoverTitle of BookIlustration of TitleAuthorPicture retrieved from:
  23. 23. Left Side List the Main Characters Give important details about them Setting List all the different settings with colorful words Picture retrieved from: http://5thandfabulous.
  24. 24. Right SideSummary of bookMake it “grab” the readers so they want to pick the book up andread it.Picture retrieved from
  25. 25. Back of BoxCreate 2-3 gamesfor the novel Word search Maze Crossword Word Scramble Clue Madlibs Retrieved from http://5thandfabul m
  26. 26. Top of BoxBook info and ratingRetrieved from
  27. 27. PRIZEEach box must have a prize and it must be related to the novelRetrieved from
  28. 28. ConclusionVideo of Story ElementsDiscussion/group activities to reinforceskillsCereal Box Book Report Project
  29. 29. Referenceshttp://5thandfabulous.blogspot.com