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Subject Magazine

  1. 1. DANGER! VOLUME1:ISSUE003SPRING2005 FREE ...AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF THE DEAD • PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP • TRICHOTILLOMANIA Plus interviews with Electric Six, Kaiju Big Battel’s evil Dr. Cube and ZZZZ, a feature story on saferoom installation & reviews of music, books, soda and mind altering drugs.
  2. 2. A PUBLICATION WITH A THEME http://subjectmag.comDanger Spring ’05EDITORS’ LETTERS ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 4ABOUT OUR CONTRIBUTORS ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 5TRICHOTILLOMANIA ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 6SAFEROOM SECURITY ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 8AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF THE DEAD ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 10A MOMENT WITH THE ART DIRECTOR... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 12NICHOLAS GUREWICH AND PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 13ERUPTION... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 15REVIEWS ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 16KAIJU BIG BATTEL’S DR. CUBE ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 19POINT/COUNTERPOINT: DIET CHERRY VANILLA DR. PEPPER ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 21HOMOPHONES ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 22ELECTRIC SIX ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 23 VOLUME1:ISSUE003 3
  3. 3. The Editors DAN Cover Illustration by Nancy Julson G ER. Liz Schroeter Nora O’Donnell Publisher/Reviews Editor & Ad Sales Publisher/Features & Copy Editor New York City Chicago nora@SUBJECTmag.comAnyone who knows me knows I’m not a risk taker. I rarely cross streets anywhere but at the crosswalk. I don’t litter. I don’t Mom, Dad? I’m pregnant. I’m quitting graduate school and I’ve maxed outdabble much in athletics or anything illegal. So when it came to the issue of danger, I could think of only one thing I’d my credit cards. It’s true. I’m also sending you the baby after nine months. Youdone recently that fit the bill… said you always wanted grandchildren. Here’s your chance!A DANGEROUS ANNOUNCEMENT Actually, it’s not true, but crying “wolf” can be quite dangerous, especially when it can give your parents a massive coronary. There’s a lot to be said for restraint, whether it relatesMom, Dad? I got a tattoo. It’s true. I really did. And I know you told me not to, and I listened, I really did! to telling ridiculous falsehoods or to knowing simply when to hold…your…tongue. In the latterIf I hadn’t listened, I would have inked myself years ago. But I waited. I waited until I couldn’t stand it case, I suck.any longer. I love tattoos! I love the way the colors stand out on people’s skin, the way they movewhen their bodies move, the classic designs. Believe me, if it weren’t for the fact that I really, I’m always bursting to tell people how I feel. My immediate candidness, I think, is part of my charm. It’sreally wanted one, I wouldn’t have done it, just to obey your wishes. I care very much what also a good way to freak people out. And by people, I mean people with penises. I always jump the gun byyou think of me, and I didn’t want to disappoint you. And I feel bad telling you this, but showing a bit too much affection too early and saying the “L” word before I reach the third date*.how could I keep it from you? You know how important it is for me to be honest with And so, I’ve described one of the biggest clichés of danger: the dangers of the So I’m telling you now, I got a tattoo, and I can hide it behind my clothingwhen I want—I really thought this through, and I thought of what you’d think. I just vomited all over the page. I probably shouldn’t have told you that.Just know that I did this for myself, because I am old enough to make myown decisions, but I did it also knowing how sad you would be to learn *big exaggeration…sort of.of it. Please know that I didn’t do it to upset you, because I love youand I do listen to what you tell me. Just this time, I had to decidefor myself.Your loving daughter,MASTHEADLiz SchroeterPublisher/Reviews Editor, Ad SalesNew York CityNora O’DonnellPublisher/Features & Copy EditorChicagoSarah Eva KrancicArt DirectorChicago YE IN T RUDERSSarah SchmidtPromotions YE INTRUDERSChicagoSUBJECT is a free publication. You can find it in fine stores, watering holes and othergroovy places around Chicago, NYC, Milwaukee and elsewhere. If you would like todistribute SUBJECT, please contact us at buy an ad in an upcoming issue, download ad rates at Box 220656Chicago, IL4 VOLUME1:ISSUE003
  4. 4. Chicago, IL I I Distributed by Redeye Distribution The City on Film Unique Chique Slackjaw Woke up Falling Daniel G. Harmann Bastinado Midwest Blue thebeforepictureAFEWDETAILSABOUTOURTALENTEDCONTRIBUTORSCaroline Borolla / Brooklyn Hector Montes, Jr. / Brooklyn Rob Goodman / BrooklynDangerously puts off writing her personal profile until Liz has to do it Has a dazzling wit that leaves both men and women weak-kneed and Will make you laugh so hard, milk will shoot out of your nose.for her. (But I still love ya Caroline). craving...things. WHAT I DO: Music marketing; art-makerWHAT I DO: Music biz PR; giggles a lot. WHAT I DO: Sacrifice myself on the altar of New Yorkers’ bloated egos. Steve Mizek / Chicago & PeoriaDany Sloan / Philadelphia Loves to tackle people while drunk.Has been known to drink on an empty stomach; move to California; Judy Nelson / New Yorkonce destroyed the logo rock of a West Chester University frat Compulsively hitchhikes. WHAT I DO: Writer for Subject, Bradley Scout, and Junkmedia; fashionhouse. magnate. WHAT I DO: Borders employee; radio promotion stooge.WHAT I DO: Write for Prefix and Rockpile; cover shows and fluff rockstars for Warner Brothers Records; do websites and press for bands Tim Bornemann / Jersey Cityat Exitfare Media. Kegan Simons, Esq. / Chicago Once ate a pencil. Openly admits an undying love for Oasis. WHAT I DO: The Forbidden Dance.Dave Hofer / Chicago WHAT I DO: Retail Rep. for Bloodshot Records; singer/guitaristWas found urinating on a double-parked car and sitting through a Waitress; multi-instrumentalist Paper Airplane Pilots; grad student,Jets to Brazil set. bouncer, and all around good listener. Courtney Miller / Los Angeles Was born with three thumbs, and has a penchant for pissing off theWHAT I DO: Associate Music Coordinator/Office Manager at Punk Persian Mafia.Planet magazine; Reckless Records employee; freelance writer (from Keith Compton / South Centraltime to time). Stabbed someone for half of a sandwich. WHAT I DO: Production Manager for USC Thornton School of Music; working on MFA in creative writing; plays a mean croquet. WHAT I DO: Freelance knife for hire.Devorah Klein / ManhattanHas been seen skydiving, standing on the edge of a volcano, and Lena Singer / Chicagocamping on an island populated with dingoes and crazy Aussies. Nicole Johnson / Brooklyn Her blonde hair is so bright, it could blind you. Been known to mix Trucker Speed & Mad Dog 20/20.WHAT I DO: Editorial Assistant at bigboy publisher; write (duh); give WHAT I DO: Conquer lesser countriesgreat back scratches. WHAT I DO: As little as possible? Um, assorted music crap; Bling Kong; win Spelling Bees; enjoy bangers. VOLUME1:ISSUE003 5
  5. 5. t r i c h o t i l l o m a n i a b y c o u r t n e y m i l l e r i l l u s t r a t i o n b y r o b g o o d m a n tried to hide the clump of hair I had just uprooted in the back clump of chewed Bazooka in my hair; a brilliant retort which led to blow to my coiffure was a personal attack on her, both as a mother pocket of my Hawaiian-themed Trapper Keeper, but Nurse Trauger him being grounded from the Atari and me being able to set aside and a woman.caught a glimpse of the hanging strand and pulled the entire thing more plucking time as my mother kept clear of the game room.out, like a cat pulling on a ball of yarn. But now, thanks to my teacher Mrs. Lumley and her midnight desk “We spent all weekend building her mission outta sugar cubes, but snooping, I was exposed. Surely they would pick apart my head, and David accidentally spilt some coffee on it,” she quickly added as the“You’re gonna have to come pick up her up, Deb,” she said into the surely, they would find them. All of them. rationale for my supposed stress. “San Juan Bautista will look eventan rotary phone. In a white smock and bottle-rimmed glasses, she better in popsicle sticks.”held up the ball of hair like a piece of court-bound evidence and In a neon pink Bongo tank top and matching plastic visor, my mothercarefully placed it on a sheet of wax paper. “Now take a seat. Your rushed into the office, blotting the drops of beaded sweat on her Trauger chuckled in defiance as my mother beckoned for me to followmom should be here shortly.” forehead with a scrunched paper towel. “I don’t know how many her to the door. times I’ve told her the monkey bars aren’t for twirling.”With dodgeball bruises and foursquared knees, the other kids There was nothing more humiliating to my mother than the notion oflittering the office clearly needed more immediate attention. All I did Trauger shook her head and pointed to the evidence table. “Bev not being envied. According to my father, the world was against uswas pull out some goddamn hair. It would eventually grow back. And Lumley said she found little spools of it stuck to the glue paste in her and had been since birth. We were “white, middle class, and had tobesides, Heather Jopes plucked her eyebrows out, a problem pretty desk. Just wanted to make sure she doesn’t have any crawlers.” work hard and pay lots of taxes so that other lazy people could getdifficult to disguise. I didn’t see her in the nurse’s office. But with my handouts.” While we were “just Fresno simpletons” whenever talkingmom serving another year on the PTA board, Trauger was doing her a “You mean … lice?” to any non-locals, my brother, mom and I were “proud descendents ofpersonal favor. So I could do nothing. Nothing but sit there and wait. the Duerksen clan.” She would always find a way to slip her maiden “Yep. But couldn’t find any. I think she’s just taken a liking to pulling name into any local conversation.And there was nothing worse than waiting while being watched. it out?”Some kids wanted Creamsicles, others wanted an extended recess. The oldest of seven siblings … each name beginning with a “D,” the “How weird.” I had seen that wrinkled look of contempt on my newspaper had followed their lives growing up as my grandfatherBut all I really wanted in fourth grade was to touch my head, mother’s face before. In fact, usually at least three times a day. had helped to build the St. Agnes Medical Center and remained apreferably, in private. And the urge to not touch it was becoming more The furled brows, followed by a roll of the eyes to expose the white prominent figure in the medical community. She loved to brag aboutunbearable by the second as I sat in that godforsaken fluorescent- sclerotic coat beneath her grayish-blue irises; a gesture as if to say, this. She also loved to brag about anything from her new Rainbowflooded, white marble-floored office on that hot, September how did you once inhabit my womb? vacuum cleaner to my brother popping wheelies at the dump on hisafternoon. I tried to disguise a quick pull by pretending to scratch myhead, but she quickly caught on and ordered me to sit on my hands. BMX. But what would’ve made her the closest to happy she could’ve Trauger moved her left hand up to the side of her mouth so that the“Why don’t you try saying the alphabet backwards? And when you’re known, or so she thought, was the creation of the porcelain-perfect rest of the office could not see her lips, and lowered her voice to afinished with that, do it again.” daughter. A mission that, against all odds, she refused to relinquish. mere whisper. “Just thought I’d letcha know before she starts lookin’ like a Jopes girl. Ya know the youngest one plucked her brows right In the rare instances when I did something pleasing to my mother—I was much too impatient for that annoying task, but I would take to out of her face. Melanie came to see me last week. Says they’ve got like landing a sal chow at skating practice or taking an attractivecounting the dots on the reversed-domino ceiling. One hundred and a family picture coming up, and she’s worried she’s gonna have to school portrait—I felt normal. For at those moments, my mother couldtwenty-six, twenty-seven. I was somewhat on the road to resistance. use a pencil.” live vicariously through me. And I wasn’t the “different drummer” herBut the voice inside me, the same one that would tell me that I hadto step on each sidewalk crack with my left foot, kept reminding me friends would often call me. And with that, I was immediately put on the stand.of all that I was missing. The perfect, coarse strand is just waiting for My mother would smile, causing the freckled skin around her smallyou to rip it out of its hole. I needed a millisecond of pleasure. A quick “How did your hair get out of your head and into your glue?” lips to wrinkle. She would litter my door with loving Post-it notes thatfix. Then, of course, a brief moment for the mandatory follow-up. Did “I dunno.” If my mother could lie, then so could I. Shortly after the would usually conclude with a “heart, mom” or an imprint of her MaxI manage to rip out the entire root? Does it feel rough when I rub Caruso incident, she had discovered my habit by finding another bald Factored between my thumb and index finger? This process—this inventedscientific exploration—had become my latest neurosis, and had lead spot while French braiding my hair for an ice skating competition. But in my infamous moments of shame, when I made her look “liketo numerous hidden coves of severed hair throughout my house, my Every morning since, she had been parting it further and further to an ass” or “a bad mother,” there was absolutely nothing more terriblydesk and my room. the right, telling her friends it was to hide a sunburn. unnerving in the world than her silence. And like a Buddhist monk, “I’m sure it’s just some sorta phase. She’s been a little stressed,” she had learned to master it.My first bald spot had been uncovered just a few monthsRUDERS YE IN T earlierwhen my Aunt Danette wanted to use my head as a beta tester for my mother laughed with reassurance. She wasn’t one for announcing It was a thirty-minute drive through the sweltering heat out to theher Caruso curlers. “Oh my” was her exact response when she went family problems, particularly ones that involved the penetration of bluffs, and the moratorium on talking did not end until we pulled up YE INTRUDERSto partition a section that seemed thinner than the rest. I quickly my feminine facade. She loved my long blonde mane, like a ‘normal’ to the Duerksen mansionette. At that age, trips to the grandparent’sblamed the upper right patch of scalp on my brother throwing a little girl should love her dolls. And because of this attachment, each two-story, powder blue house with the big pool were just about as6 VOLUME1:ISSUE003
  6. 6. cool as walking to the Arco station to buy Pop Rocks and Garbage Big Brother parenting tool throughout the entire house was now came through town, and consistently traveled to more countries thanPail Kids with leftover milk money. I had no idea that Xavier the a form of vindictive entertainment for the nosy and usually bored his age, which at the time, was close to 56.gardener was an illegal immigrant paid under the table, or that the grandchildren.amount of water needed to keep the acre of gardenias and fig trees “Well, what have we got here,” he said in his deep, yet reassuringalive was against city drought codes. But when my mother pulled her “It’s out of control. Her head is starting to look like Swiss cheese. I voice that often cracked with high-pitched intonation. I started togiant Pontiac Grand Prix into the carport and turned to look my way, I had a nightmare last week that we had to shave it all off.” shake as his chubby red hand reached for my wet head.knew a long, jagged dagger of guilt was coming. “Have you tried asking her why she does “Just let me take a quick peek, then we can leave these two hags to“People used to stop me in the grocery store to comment on what a it?” gossip. I want to show you the tambourine I just brought back frombeautiful, blue eyed baby girl I had. What the hell Marrakech.” And with a quick wink of his eye, I suddenly felt a twingehappened?” of comfort; a feeling that was usually unfamiliar to me in that house unless a male was in the room.Grami handed me a fresh cup of sun tea and my I bent my head forward, under the scrutiny of allfavorite beach towel with the 1984 Olympics six eyes, and waited for his professional opinion tologo. The California Central Valley had been hit diagnosis me as weird.with the first of many draughts that summer,followed by an extreme heat wave and rash of “Yep. Trichotillomania.”“valley fever.” My mother, a seasonal victim, “Sounds like someone who’s afraid to eat turkey,” mywould stop by every Monday after school to mother sarcastically cackled.pick up some Seldane samples, while I wouldpractice my cannonballs or float on the fun “That’s tryptophan. A natural sedative. This is a body focusisland. disorder. Often misconstrued as self-mutilation or obsessive compulsive, but actually quite common in young females.I loved that pool, and I loved my grandma. Withhair so bleached it was practically pigment- “Jesus Bob,” Grami interrupted. “Save all that fancy talk forless, Grami had never learned how to swim, how the office.”to pump her own gas, and had business cardsthat read “Have seven kids. Must travel.” In her “It’s like nail biting, or thumb sucking.”world, there was nothing more important thankeeping a clean house and looking good. And “Why can’t you just bite your nails like a normal kid?” myas a doctor’s wife, both were feasible. mother said under her breath.My inspection of the drains and their “She’ll be fine.” Grandpa Bob patted my infamous head. As acontents of dead wasps and pine needles physician, he dealt with real problems on a daily basis, which meantkept me distracted for a good 10 minutes, that he always had a way of putting the family hypochondria and over-but the voice soon returned and began to reactions in check. “Can you do me a favor?”plague my mind as I then tried to see how many “Sure,” I lied. Of course the favor would depend.laps I could swim underwater without comingup for air. What if she tells Grandpa Bob about “From now on, every time you want to touch your head, bite a straw.“the jar of follicles she found behind my daybed?What if he diagnoses me with some sort of mental “You’re talking about a kid who “Okay, I can do that.”disease and I get sent off to Cedar Pines like Dusti Cutlip’s mom refuses to sit on black toilet seats and talks to Wonder Woman. I’mafter she drove down Blackstone Avenue with no tires? That was it. I “And if that doesn’t work, we’ll put tape on her fingers.” starting to think if there is a why, I don’t wanna know.”had to get out of the pool. “And then …,” my mother said, already doubting my performance. Grami laughed. “Bob should be home any minute. Maybe he can giveMy mother sat at the tiled kitchen counter munching on a tray her a pill or something.” “We’ll just have to shave her head,” Grandpa Bob laughed as heof pistachios while Grami loaded the trash compactor, and I popped a pistachio.eavesdropped on their conversation from the adjacent hobby Grandpa Bob had an answer for everything, even if it meant intercom. What had once been a cutting edge, precursor to He had once treated President Nixon for high blood pressure when he Courtney lives in LA, and yes, this is a true story. VOLUME1:ISSUE003 7
  7. 7. SAFEROOMSECURITY BY LENA SINGERWHAT IS YOUR PEACE OF MIND WORTH? The rooms and doors are designed to fully protect the people inside for one hour, even against “professionals” with every tool at their disposal.“Basically we all draw our own lines about what it takes for us to have a feeling of well-being,” says SeanColeman, sales manager of American Saferoom Door Company in Los Angeles, CA. “Some people put “They would be very hard-pressed to get into that room within an hour,” Coleman said, “Withbars on their windows and feel a little bit better. Other people have a dog.” communication systems, what we’re looking to do is to protect you and your family until the police can arrive.”And a few others, if they can afford it, have a saferoom. Until then, within the saferoom you are protected by walls, floors and ceilings that are lined with strongFor the past 15 years, American Saferoom Door Company has been manufacturing and installing plywood, a bullet-resistant glaze called Armortex and an entry-resistant metal mesh called Securalath.entry-resistant, bullet-resistant doors for saferooms—rooms within homes, often in master closets In case the power is cut off, a 24-hour battery provides backup electricity for the door, alarms, locks andor bathrooms, or sometimes concealed behind mirrors or bookcases, that are built to resist powerful communications systems.firearms, entry, fire, high winds, and sometimes even poisonous gasses. They’re something like thesetting of the movie Panic Room, for which American Saferoom Doors, according to Coleman, served as Each door is made a 3/16-inch steel, then layered with strong, thick wood and Armortex. From there,consultants. you can choose the door that best suits your needs. The sliding pocket door, which Coleman says is the YE IN T RUDERS company’s strongest, is built into a steel frame within a wall and slides back into this “pocket” whenEven though a large part of the company’s past clientele, Coleman says, has been movie stars and open. The door is entry- and bullet-resistant and secured with electro-magnetic locks once closed. Adirectors, Jody Fosters aren’t the only ones at risk. The dangerous events the rooms are designed to YE INTRUDERS hidden electronic keypad opens the door outside the saferoom, while an exit button opens it from theprotect people against have been a reality for many American households. According to results of the inside.“National Crime Victimization Survey,” published October 2004 by the U.S. Department of Justice, 15percent of U.S. households experienced one or more violent or property crimes in 2003. One in every 26 “If at all possible, we recommend the pocket door,” Coleman says.households was burglarized or had a household member 12 or older who had been the victim of a violent If the wall can’t accommodate a pocket door, another option is the swing door. It provides the samecrime committed by a stranger. protection as the sliding door, but is mounted to a maximum-strength hinge and is customized to matchSaferoom doors are not as easy to come by. According to Coleman, the company installs between 40 to a house’s existing doors. Your final option is a mirror door or hidden bookcase entry.50 doors each year, and he doesn’t know of any other companies in the country doing the same kind of The base price of the sliding pocket door is $21,500, excluding the cost of installation. Swinging doorswork. start out at $22,500. Hidden bookcase doors or mirror doors cost around $26,000, but are priced individually. Naturally, the price of the saferoom goes up with the number of features.8 VOLUME1:ISSUE003
  8. 8. “IF SOMEBODY CAME TO US AND SAID, WE WANT A SAFEROOM WITH ALL THE BELLS ANDWHISTLES, IT’S GOING TO COST YOU ABOUT $100,000.” COLEMAN SAYS. “IT WOULD HAVEEVERYTHING THAT YOU COULD POSSIBLY WANT, FROM THE PHONE, TO THE ALARM, TOTHE BEST DOOR POSSIBLE, TO THE CREATURE COMFORTS THAT YOU WANTED—THINGSI WON’T EVEN TELL YOU ABOUT.”Coleman says these and other details about the doors, particularly who they’re made for, have to stay well as Canada, Mexico and parts of Latin America. More and more, however, Coleman says upper middlesecret to everyone but the client in order for them to remain effective. If the doors are being built into new class families are converting rooms into saferooms, which they often also use as gun safes and vaults onhomes, the company doesn’t do their work until all other trades have finished theirs at the site. a day-to-day basis.“Part of the security is that nobody knows who it is that we build these rooms for,” Coleman says. “The “I believe that these people do feel considerably more comfortable about the safety of their families,”anonymity we provide the client is part of the attraction.” Coleman said. “To them, the money spent is not a big deal at all.”In the past, the doors were being installed by the company, or by their affiliated contractors, in the homes “The $21,000 that it costs for one of these doors, and the little bit extra for lining the room—for the peaceof Hollywood-types, corporate executives and other very wealthy people throughout the United States, as of mind that’s nothing. “ VOLUME1:ISSUE003 9
  10. 10. “Uh, I think we’re going to leave now,” my hometown, hung out and made amends. music before and it wasn’t too foreign,” Bush and Conan the Barbarian and Queenfriends said, moments after yet another “We try not to let it happen, because Reece says. “The rock world is fucking and David Bowie’s Hunky Dory, [and] thepiece of smashed guitar sailed from the it’s just wrong,” Reece says. “I tossed it way different than the classical music Led Zeppelin DVD series.”stage into the crowd, clocking a girl in hoping that someone would catch it and world. It’s a totally different scene, youthe side of her face. The sharp guitar obviously someone did try to catch it know more...square, in a sense.” The album’s title seems apt when Reeceheadstock left a growing red streak of and it bounced off that guy’s hand and explains how they tried to use oldblood on the girl’s face as her friends hit that person. I don’t know,” he pauses Besides being a more daring record technology as well as new technology.guided her toward the exit. But she didn’t to consider, “It was just an accident. You musically, Worlds Apart takes a few stabs “Like we were using this Logic programlook sad, just kind of dazed, so I didn’t know, accidents happen. I broke my ribs at the media, MTV and the government. I to help chart out the progress of a song,know how to feel about the unfolding playing in this fucking band. I fell off the ask, is politics an influence? “Well I think and then we were also using analog tape,chaos. stage and landed on a barrier. That’s there’s a lot of different influences on this which is really an old vintage machine, when I realized, it’s unpredictable. So one,” Reece says. and ProTools,” he says. “It was kind ofShould I too run for cover like my friends, we try not to throw too much shit into the cool because we tired to meld the twoor should I toss my plastic beer cup “Drugs,” says the other songwriter, worlds together. Some people are purists crowd anymore.”over my shoulder and join the mayhem vocalist and guitarist Conrad Keely about recording—they want either theonstage? Much of the crowd was mingling I find this statement hard to believe from inside the turned-up collar of his most modern thing or the most analogwith ...And You Will Know us by the Trail from a band who seems to enjoy letting pea coat. A little too sick with the flu, old thing, and we were like, ‘Ah no, let’sof Dead—dancing, flailing, and throwing their live shows, as well as their music, he seems to be storing energy for the do them both!’ It was all over the place.bottles, beer, drumsticks and broken go careening off in whatever direction upcoming show, but not too sick for the Sometimes we would use like 50 tracksguitars. It had been a few years since I it pleases. It’s part of what makes them occasional snarky comment. to record, like, the opening of a song.last gave up to the teenage abandon of so interesting. Not just that they break It’s kind of funny, maybe people wouldn’t “The subject matter is pretty broad,“a mosh pit, and I was absolutely enjoying things, but that you never know what’s notice that. But in the end the album is continues Reece. “There’s a songthe show, the music, and yes, perhaps going to happen next. kind of about bridging old music and about Brian Wilson, there’s a songeven the nervous anticipation. trying to bring it up to date. Taking some The band’s newest album, the ambitious about Michael Jackson. It’s more about of the past and moving on.”The members of Austin, Tx’s ...And You Worlds Apart, has been both lauded and reflections of what’s going on rightWill Know us by the Trail of Dead are attacked for its epic and sometimes prog- now, the state of affairs. It’s not exactly After the way the press applauded theknown for their destructive stage antics y qualities. “We’ve always been aiming political in the sense that we have this band’s major label debut, 2002’s Sourceand their troublemaker attitudes, so when for more of a cinematic quality to our strict dogma and manifesto that we want Tags and Codes, do they feel pressure toI went to meet them at a small venue on music,” explains Reece. “We’ve always to preach to the masses. It’s more like out-do themselves? “Of course,” Reecethe Lower East Side for a semi-secret loved movies and books and novels. It’s reflections of our humanity. Life is about says. “We have such high expectations.record release show, I was prepared kind of nice to think of an album like that. that. You should be aware that there’s It’s not from the label, but from us. Wefor the worst. I anticipated at the least Like you sit down and consume it all at more to life than going to the fucking rock really feel that we should always try totomfoolery and ridicule, and at the worst, once. And I know people are going to put club and getting wasted with your friends do the best thing possible and out doto leave the club like that poor girl with it on their iPods and probably only listen and doing a bunch of drugs and fucking ourselves. I think it’s natural for bands toa head wound. Instead, I found the band to key tracks, but really it’s supposed to wasting each other’s time jacking each feel that way. You want to strive to createhalf-stricken with a combination of food be digested as a whole.” other’s egos off.” a masterpiece. I don’t know if we’ll everpoisoning and the flu, so they weren’t get there,” he jokes. Part of what ties Worlds Apart together “‘Worlds Apart’ is kind of a song aboutquite their usual feisty selves. are strange elements like a crowd of how disgusting it is that people are “It’s probably futile and we’ll probablyIn fact, they were downright nice. laughing children, screeching birds and so arrogant,” Reece says. “No wonder fucking burn in hell, but you know, we’re a Dark Side of the Moon-like back-up America gets a bad rap. The artist has gonna try.”I asked Jason Reece, who takes turns at choir. “We’ve always loved ideas that a responsibility to be more aware,the drums, guitar and singing in Trail of can make us laugh in the studio—like the especially after 9/11 and all that. It’s Trail of Dead’s attitude is fearless whenDead, about the girl they wounded at their kids,” Reece says. “This is just fucking funny how Americans are so oblivious to it comes to the way they attack theirprevious NYC show. “Ooh yeah she was hilarious.” how they are hated around the world.” instruments, sometimes each other (ortotally upset,” he says. “We were going to as I witnessed last fall, the audience),pay for her hospital visit. In the end it was Hilary Hahn, a violinist who composed the Besides the political climate and and how they attack songwriting. Sopretty minor, it was just a little knick on soundtrack to The Village even appears mainstream media influencing the lyrics what would this unafraid band say is thethe head, but it bled a lot.” on the album. “She said her boyfriend on this album, I ask what played into the most dangerous thing about the music was into our band, so there was kind of divergent elements in the songwriting. “I industry.The band brought her to a show in her a connection there, and she’d heard our think this record is influenced by Kate continued on page 14... VOLUME1:ISSUE003 11
  11. 11. Danger! AMOMENTWITHTHEARTDIRECTOR Sarah Eva Krancic Art Director, Chicago Spring again. Since I was young, this has been my least favorite season because of its simple deceptions. Inevitably, I managed to get a soggy butt from grass that looked dry, but was wet; I caught a spring cold from weather too hot and sunny to wear a coat, but chilly enough that I should have; I breathed the yellow, leaden air of a spring storm that soon churned into winds, destroying people, places and things. Tornados are very dangerous, indeed. Spring and I are on better terms now that I’m older, but we’re still not fast friends. For your benefit, SUBJECT readers, here’s a heads-up. The Most Dangerous Spring Things 6. Weed whackers • If you are a kid and it’s your assigned job and other kids make fun of you because your gym shoes are bright green • If you are an adult and plant tulips in the fall that your landlord thinks are weeds, come spring. 5. Poison Ivy 4. Great mounds of dog poo appearing everywhere when the snow melts 3. Open car windows and therefore, being subjected to your traffic neighbor’s taste in music 1. At least Mambo No. 5 doesn’t get much radio play anymore 2. Out of control kites 1. Your mistaken belief that you can do a cartwheel. • You forget about that old college (wrist, ankle, shoulder, knee) injury and collapse in pain mid-wheel. • You get a soggy butt in wet damn grass. YE IN T RUDERS YE INTRUDERS This issue’s guest artist is Adam Hall. He can be found online at VOLUME1:ISSUE003
  12. 12. Nicholas Gurewitch & his unfortunately named comic strip, perry bible fellowship interview by nora o donnell ,Nicholas Gurewitch, creator of Perry Bible Fellowship, brings a unique look to the funny NG: People seem to like the “Angry Hammer” strip a lot. People fight over things (not tosection. His four-panel strips don’t have recurring characters, but they do have recurring demean women at all) that are the equivalent of a screw in a piece of wood. I think Angrythemes, each with a “shocking, underlying truth,” Gurewitch says. That said, we’ll let Hammer shows that. I hate rage. That’s definitely a favorite.Gurewitch (and the strips) speak for themselves. S: What are your plans for the future? Where would you like to see PBF go?SUBJECT: Why and how did you start Perry Bible Fellowship? NG: I’d love to make humongous PBFs. It’d be fun to draw each panel three feet high.Nicholas Gurewitch: I started it with my friend, Albert, our freshman year at SyracuseUniversity. We had made a four-panel comic in his notebook in class and decided to I’m not sure if I have the time right now. Whether or not the PBF comes with me, I’d alsosubmit it to the school paper. We gave it a random title. It ran. People wanted more. More like to put some stories up on screen. I adore movies. Most movies are simply ok, but Iwere made. Unfortunately, the title has stuck around. adore their potential. I want to get it on it.S: There are a lot of references to suicide, sex, destruction and the selling of one’s soul. S: Danger. What does it mean to you?Where do you get ideas/inspiration for such material? NG: Blemishes on apples. Cars. Fake laughing. Losing track of what I want to do.NG: Most concepts, if you take them to the extreme, reveal what appears to be a shocking To see more of Perry Bible Fellowship, go to orunderlying truth. These truths are near the eye of the hurricane, and very intense. I think keep an eye out for it in the Chicago Reader—it is now part of the weekly material leans towards intensity because I like to locate the root-truth of things (or atleast make it seem as if I’ve located it).S: Which strip is your favorite and why? Which strip(s) have received the most feedbackand why? VOLUME1:ISSUE003 13
  13. 13. “The most dangerous thing I can think of about being in Trail of Dead? “The most “We don’t break guitars at every show, and trying to do serious fucking things, andat this moment is the fact that the music dangerous thing is that fucking bass when we do it’s just out of pure stupidity,” then I realize that, oh yeah, we get up onindustry tries to propel--” Reece pauses player, Danny Wood.” Reece says. “I don’t know why we do it. I stage and destroy our instruments like ato reconsider, taking an uncharacteristic guess we’re morons about that shit. At the bunch of monkeys, idiots.”moment to not throw too many stones. A tall, lanky Wood joins our conversation same time, I feel like those instruments“They are helpful in making a lot of by way of dangling from an exposed aren’t that sacred. People want “You guys have a lot of contradictions likemediocre music come alive and take pipe on the low ceiling. “Sometimes to pretend that these pieces of that,” I offer. “Even musically you’ve gotover the airwaves. I think that’s really he’ll swing his bass and try to hit wood should be preserved like these sort of delicate sounds and melodicdangerous. I think there’s got to be a me in the head with it.” Reece museum pieces, I don’t know. things going on, but you’re also kind ofbalance somewhere, you know? And says. For us it’s dangerous If it’s yours, you can do angry and loud and rambunctious.” Tohopefully we’re there to revive more because we have no regard whatever you want with it, prove my point perhaps, Wood reachessubstance in a society that thrives on a for our physical bodies you know?” over and pulls off my shoe.lack of substance.” and that has led to a few hospital visits.” I ask, a little “I always thought of myself as a living“Do you feel being on a major label now, presumptively perhaps, paradox anyway,” Reece says. “We haveyou might have the vehicle to get more I can’t help but wonder “So now that you’re on our moments of clarity and then ourinto the mainstream and tip the scales how their rowdy stage Interscope have you moments of...”back?” I ask. behavior affects their been able to break equipment budget. Wood chimes in, “And then more guitars?”“Yeah, that’s the goal,” Reece says. Do they factor it in paradoxically...”He continues: “This is our platform to ahead of time or “We’ve definitely Reece continues, “...and then thespeak to more people. What we’re doing, just deal with it as stayed on the cheap moments when we’re like...” He turnsby being artistic, is almost a political it comes along? In route,” Reece says. to Wood for help. “Hey what did Conradstance in itself, you know? The fact that other words, do they “We really buy cheap say that was really idiotic today?,” Reecewe actually give a damn about making deliberately plan to guitars. The things asks. “Or no, I said it! Never mind. I saidsomething artistic and not just shitting break all their shit? that usually cost something like, ‘We’re peerless.’ On MTV!something out or trying to write some a lot of money are “I think we’re very by Like everybody’s band sucks, but ours ishits or something. I guess we’re lucky the amps. They’re the moment about great, fuck you all!”because our label doesn’t fuck with our pretty resilient. Theycreative process; they let us do whatever that,” Reece says. don’t fucking break “You told MTV you’re peerless?” I asked,we want. But we defined those terms. We “Sometimes we that easily. You can feeling a little like I did at their last livewere the ones that said, ‘Look, we’re not don’t have money to fix them. It’s just a show. Torn between wanting to stay andgoing to play this game unless we can do what we’re doing, bunch of wires you go. Annoyed at their attitude and theirdo it our way.’ And a lot of bands get so we just scramble can solder back disregard, but very, truly entertained.intimidated by major labels and lose a lot and scrape and together.”of their creative freedom because they’re duct tape that shit Reece considers this for a moment. Allmystified by the big corporate ogre. I together. One of Having realized how the bravado and the sincerity get a littlemean, fuck man, we’ve always been our guitar techs is our conversation has mixed up for Trail of Dead. But the band’sstubborn about what we believe in. And amazing, he knows shifted from Trail willingness to boldly go where otherthat’s why that label chose us, because how to fix amps. of Dead’s mission bands wouldn’t dare—be it musicallythey know we have a vision that’s a little He’s a great person to save the world or be it endangering their gear, theirmore focused and we’re not just here to have.” Reece is from mediocrity in audiences or themselves—gives themto get all wasted and party and do the speaking of Gill, who the mainstream, to some bragging rights.whole stupid, bullshit rock thing. I mean I watched upstairs carefully organizing how often they break their own guitars,of course we’ll probably get really wasted and checking a large rack of guitars, Reece has to laugh at himself. “You “That’s pretty arrogant,” Reece admits.tonight.” He laughs. painstakingly poised behind the band’s know,” Reece says, “I keep forgetting, “I’ve been known to say some dumb signature two drum kits, as well as a gong sometimes we’re doing interviews and things.”So then what’s the most dangerous thing and a timpani. I feel like we’re a serious band; we’re YE IN T RUDERS YE INTRUDERS14 VOLUME1:ISSUE003
  14. 14. Eruption . . . t h i s e v e n t h a p p e n e d i n c h i c a g o i n 2 0 0 2 , n e a r e l s t o n & d i v e r s e Sarah Eva KrancicIt was like a movie. A big guy strode through the I kept walking, truly believing that he wasn’t really shouting to call the police, somebody got shot out called and they had not arrived. An older womanparking lot 20 feet to my left asking, You calling going to shoot someone at dusk in the common here, goddamit, call the cops. muttered, somebody gets shot, where’s the cops,me a bitch? Is that what you tryin to say? I’m a parking lot of a pet store, a fabric store, and a the cops don’t come.bitch? His voice was pitched too high, and carried hardware store. But under the whoosh of the The gunman, a former pedestrian on my sameplaintively in the still air. pneumatic door, I heard a soft pop, like a kernel of strip of sidewalk, whom I might have ignored or to Now I know that this neighborhood, my popcorn giving way to a lifetime’s worth of erupting whom I might have said, excuse me, or even good neighborhood, is a place where people get shot.Before he disappeared around the edge of the steam. evening, shot a woman holding her three-year-old It’s also a place where people vacuum, readbuilding, he began to reach inside his right jacket daughter by the hand. He kept a handgun in the library books and eat dinner in front of the tv.pocket. He was wearing a dark winter coat, plain, For a second or two, it was very quiet. The clerk, pocket of his jacket. I wonder if he felt strong My neighbors water flowers and sidewalks, thinkwith the kind of pockets that don’t button closed, a girl with hair dyed the pink of cotton candy, palming it against his body in the place where he about morning traffic and order things over thebut gape open in a short diagonal from your navel paused between items, a customer looked up from might also keep mints, or a CTA card, a receipt for internet. On an errand in a crowded parking lotto your hips. writing his check, a child picked up some candles a Coke he bought earlier. Perhaps the metal was at dusk, my tenuous grip on confidence, my sense emblazoned with the American flag and put them smooth, warm and heavy in his hand. Maybe he felt that every little thing is gonna be all right, twistedAs he reached, I, who have only seen a handgun down again. Without realizing it, I stepped behind powerful when he pulled it out and saw the looks hard and tore at the seams.twice, both times unloaded, safety on, in the home a bolt of tan corduroy, hiding my body from the on their faces. I can’t imagine.of a friend who lives down south, knew what was plate glass windows looking out on the lot. Outside, Sometimes we’re separated from danger by a platehappening. I felt it, and I kept walking, hoping that another man dipped his head and shook it quickly. The single bullet grazed the woman’s ankle, glass window, and sometimes by the fabric of ahe would pull out a cell phone or a piece of paper, Behind him, the accused bitch ran. The headshaker missing the child by a yard of twilight. A crowd pocket. Often it’s as distant as the other side ofmaybe a handkerchief. I was on an errand, I was broke into as much of a dash as he could manage, gathered and the manager of the fabric store took the street and probably even more often, it’s just ashopping for reflective tape. being roundish and older, and burst into the store, charge. She said she was also a police officer and fast hot breath away. spoke into a walkie-talkie. More cops had been“More cops hadshot, where’s thethey had not arrived. An older woman muttered,somebody gets been called and cops, the cops don’t come.” VOLUME1:ISSUE003 15
  15. 15. REVIEWS Not-so-youthful experimentation A Frames Black Forest Sub Pop unfortunate into the realm of the truly lame. The music, however, does a fine job of conveying an 1st time trying hallucinogens “Stripped-Down Industrial Indie Death Rock” oppressive, desolate atmosphere without resorting to the hackneyed and ridiculous use of Nazi imagery. “Eva (ORGANIC DANGER!) Conventional indie rock wisdom states that a step up to the big(ger) leagues generally equals a slicker sound, Braun” is a great, moody song that suffers from the idea that in the year 2005, musicians still use the holocaust higher production values and a drop-off in quality. After“I’m trying to get my brain out,” Travis said while scratching of Merry Pranksters tried to extinguish his own existence in as fodder for their spooky pop songs. It’s difficult to do, a handful of singles and two successful full-lengths onvigorously at his ear. I was too far gone into my own world to a number of calm and collected ways. and A Frames can’t rise to the challenge. It’s a serious S-S Records, the A Frames goes in the opposite directionnotice. And by being in my own world, I mean, laying on my strike on an otherwise impressive and fascinatingly ugly I began to think that the recently departed spirit of with its Sub Pop debut. The band leaves behind itscouch making lizard tongue motions and popping sounds in album. - Hector Montes the dear Hunter S. Thompson swooped down from his vestiges of post-punk (like the danceable “I-Ionic” froman attempt to release the smoke welling up in my body. This Aesop Rock distorted little cloud in heaven to play with us. My friends’ its second album), and instead takes its cues from earlywas my first time trying any substance that r e q u i r e d Fast Cars, Danger, Fire, and Knives faces, without the aide of my glasses, began to melt into industrial music. The guitars scrape, the bass plods,“knowing someone,” and it was not Definitive Jux Johnny Depp’s Thompson. Scariness ensued. the percussion has a metallic, junkyard sound and thegoing so well. “Potentially Pretentious, Wordplay Heavy While guns, knives and peacefully vocals are more robotically Teutonic than ever. Hip-Hop”At the ripe old age of 23, I violent thoughts There’s a limited palette being used here—and The thing about New York MC Aesop Rock is that no onedecided to foray into the danced through myrealm of chemically fiery lizard brain, I distinguishing one A Frames song from another is a bit can understand what he’s saying most of the time. Withaltered states of arrived at the most like telling the difference between shades of grey—but his new EP, Ace has been kind enough to include a reallyreality. So a couple interesting, profound the band manages a surprising amount of variety within nice booklet filled with dizzying lyrics from all of hisof friends and philosophical its intentionally limited framework. “Black Forest II” commercially available releases.came over and decision of bears more than a passing resemblance to the lo-fi Now, that’s all nice and dandy, but I’ve always listenedwe ate some the night: I garage trash of Pussy Galore and Country Teasers as to Aesop Rock with his voice as part of the beat. Slightlymushrooms. The needed to vocalist Erin Sullivan describes the aftermath of a deadly nasally and almost incomprehensible, his cadencenight started get the fuck pyroclasm. “My Teacher” places a schizophrenic whirl and fluidity over the production has always been moreout fun. I have out of my of multi-tracked voices over minimal ticking of a drum appealing than what he is trying to convey lyrically. Thenot before nor living room. machine and the occasional bass rumble. The frantic book included with this EP doesn’t really clear anythingsince danced and So I stole away “Experiment” comes closest to the A Frames sound of up. I know what he’s saying, but most of it still makeslaughed at myself to bed mumbling old. no sense. It’s like a joke you still don’t get even afterin my bathroom something about The machinelike qualities of the music mesh perfectly someone explains it to you. One example from themirror with as much liking everyone present too with Sullivan’s lyrical concerns, which, alas, aren’t album: “Jiggy jabber-jaw vitamin idle in primal rages…?”abandon and genuine much and that I would prefereuphoria. But then the them keeping some modicum always a good thing. Sullivan has never been a lyrical Come on, now. Maybe I’m stupid, but a whole book ofnight took a sharp downward of respect for me. Really the rest heavyweight and is unable or unwilling to rise above lyrics like that doesn’t really speak to me.turn. One friend became so lost of the night involved Travis trying the level of monotonously chanted slogans. The lyrics As far as the music on Fast Cars, it’s what you’vein his own trip that he would not respond to kill himself and me writhing generally work for the music—they make the whole come to expect from the fledgling Aesop Rock. Onto any outside stimuli. I became so feverish around in my bed while my girlfriend affair sound appropriately alien and inhuman—but the same level as his disappointing Bazooka Tooth,that I believed myself some sort of fire- watched Run Ronnie Run…which still they’ve taken a turn for the worse on Black Forest; these seven songs do nothing to convince me that hisbreathing dragon (but not Godzilla, sadly). isn’t funny no matter how far you are they offer up juvenile mass destruction scenarios and label, Definite Jux, is ever going to match releases likeAnd one of the most experienced of our collective removed from humanity. - Keith Compton a Nazi/holocaust fixation that goes beyond the merely labelmates Cannibal Ox’s The Cold Vein or even Mr. Lif’s THE SCENE Life is dangerous, when you live rock ‘n roll RATINGSYSTEM super great very great YE IN T RUDERS YE INTRUDERS not so bad, at all mostly not great sucks16 VOLUME1:ISSUE003