UCLA Research Day Prep


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Lesson preparing 12th grade history students for a visit to UCLA's libraries in conjunction with a year-long research project.

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UCLA Research Day Prep

  1. 1. UCLA LibraryTrip PrepDecember 2012History 12 Senior Seminars
  2. 2. Opening Activity● Please sit in your research groups!● Put the 4 cards you were given into the correct order, then ask Sarah to check your work.
  3. 3. Why are we doing this?
  4. 4. Library of Congress Classification Are you curious how it works? Here is a breakdown.A = General Works M = MusicB = Philosophy and Religion N = Fine ArtsC = Auxiliary Sciences of P = Language and LiteratureHistory Q = ScienceD = World History R = MedicineE and F = American History S = AgricultureG = Geography, T = TechnologyAnthropology, Recreation U = Military ScienceH = Social Science V = Naval ScienceI = Political Science Z = Bibliography, Library ScienceK = LawL = Education
  5. 5. What to ExpectOn your visit to UCLA
  6. 6. The UCLA Libraries*College (Undergraduate) Library -- (Powell Library Building. ) *check out up to 5 items hereResearch Library (Charles E. Young ) (YRL)Arts LibraryBiomedical LibraryEast Asian Library -- (In YRL)Management LibraryMusic LibraryScience and Engineering Library Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Collection (EMS) -- Boelter Hall SEL / Geology-Geophysics Collection -- Geology Building*NO ACCESS* (SRLF) Southern Regional Library Facility Law Library
  7. 7. What you CANNOT Access The SRLF is the Southern Regional Library Facility, i.e. a storage library for all UC schools in Southern California. You wont have access to these materials when we go to UCLA. The Law library is restricted for outside access, as well.
  8. 8. Special Collections on Campus■ American Indian Studies Center Library■ Asian American Studies Center Reading Room/Library■ Center for African American Studies Library and Media Center (Ralph J. Bunche)■ Chicano Studies Research Center Library and Archive■ Ethnomusicology Archive■ Film and Television Archive■ Social Science Data Archive■ Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Campus Resource CenterWant to access these? Call first to double-check hours.
  9. 9. UCLA Libraries Map
  10. 10. Powell Library (aka College Library) Credit: Jessica James
  11. 11. Powell Library - Foyer Credit: Jessica James
  12. 12. But which floor is my book on? Credit: Jessica James
  13. 13. YRL - Charles E. Young ResearchLibrary Credit: Jessica James
  14. 14. Where are the books?Credit: Jessica James
  15. 15. Where do I eat?● Central Campus: Student Union (located in Ackerman Hall) has lots of fast food choices. Closest to Powell.● North Campus (near YRL) has a coffee shop, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, etc.
  16. 16. How to PrepareMake the most of your visit by being smartnow.
  17. 17. Make a List of Books, etc.Search the UCLA library Catalog (catalog.library.ucla.edu)
  18. 18. Consider Sorting by DateDoes the recency of the book matter? Sort yourresults by date.
  19. 19. Use Subject Headings
  20. 20. Decoding a UCLA Library Record
  21. 21. Using Zotero? Grab a Citation.
  22. 22. Is the Book at aPublic Library? www.worldcat.org
  23. 23. Preview the Book, Get Citations
  24. 24. Create a List in WorldCat
  25. 25. The Day Ofthe Trip
  26. 26. College Library CheckoutsYou can check out fromPowell Library (College) only:● 5 item limit● 2 week loan● You can renew once if no one has recalled it or if you have 5 books out.● $5/day for overdues!● If you want us to return items to UCLA, those items must be returned to the CTL by Thursday, January 17th if you want us to return the items. NO EXCEPTIONS. Otherwise you will be responsible for returning them.
  27. 27. What to Bring● A computer or notebook for taking notes.● A list of items organized by library.● Money for photocopies and lunch.
  28. 28. Keys to a Successful Trip● Make a list of items in advance.● Organize by location.● Preview the book in advance on Google Books.● See if its available at a public library via WorldCat.● Strategize your time based on what you can and cannot checkout.● Know how you will record citations.● Come ready to take notes and work.
  29. 29. Good Luck!ctl.windwardschool.org