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Characteristics of a Dictatorship!


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  • aside from a sense of equality and the right to private property, nearly EVERY one of these bulletpoints describes the current U.S. government...
    interesting, isnt it?
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Characteristics of a Dictatorship!

  1. 1. Characteristics ofa Dictatorship: - Human andcivil rightsare not recognizedorprotected - Civilianscannotchoose theirleaders - Civilianscannotinfluence the decisionsthe leadermakes - There isno sense of equalityorthe importance of the individual citizen - Rightto private propertyisoftenseverelyrestrictedorabolished - Censorshipof the mediaisfrequent - Dictator oftenholdsthe toprankingmilitarypost;militaryisamainfocus ina dictatorship. - No restrictionsoroppositionforthe leader;andprotestorsare punished harshly Great Man Theory – Carlyle Accordingto Carlyle,people withanatural giftforintelligence,charmand charismaare the onlyoneswhoinfluence history.The majorityof people follow “heroes”whoutilize theirabilitiestomake animpacton the world,and itis only because of those individualsthatthere are greatevents. Nietzsche’sCriticismofDemocracy Nietzsche doesnotfollowdemocracybecausethe principle behinditthat all are equal goesagainstwhathe feelsisthe truth.Humansare not all equal,andthose whoare giftedwithagreaterabilityshouldnotbe suppressedbythe ideasandopinionsof the manylesserpeople. By Sarah Ehr