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An overview of authorspeak 2011 created by Rose Pillay, @rosepillay1.

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Authorspeak 2011

  1. 1. AuthorSpeak 2011“Pro-D is not an Event” – Douglas Reeves
  2. 2. AuthorSpeak 2011By the numbers…96 Educators & Experts1,500 Educators77 45 minutes Sessions over 3 days7,100 tweets from 1,600 contributors1.2 million people reached with 28.7 million impressions on Twitter...
  3. 3. AuthorSpeak 2011 Organization …Time by Chime Learning
  4. 4. AuthorSpeak 2011 OrganizationRegistration Schedule
  5. 5. AuthorSpeak 2011Program
  6. 6. AuthorSpeak 2011Program
  7. 7. AuthorSpeak 2011 OrganizationDoors Books
  8. 8. AuthorSpeak 2011JoanneService with a Smile … mypersonal shopper
  9. 9. AuthorSpeak 2011 OrganizationBreakfast Lunch
  10. 10. AuthorSpeak 2011Lunch Panel Ferriter, Kise, Marzano, DuFour, & EakerExemplary Teachers An exemplary teacher is a…  Learner How do you support exemplary teachers?  Autonomy What do teachers really need (not money)?  Team – Principal – Time The best form of Pro-D?  Job-embedded – Choice – Social Setting – Reflective Process
  11. 11. AuthorSpeak 2011 Reeves, Wiliam, BrookLunch Panel hart & Herbst  “Can’t cross a chasm in two Grading jumps!”  Comprehensive Report Card  Descriptions of learning that has happened – Evidentiary Process  Early Warning System v. Report Cards – record of conversation with students  Dialogue – Student-Led Conferences
  12. 12. “not what we do but why we do it” Jeff Jones
  13. 13. Organization
  14. 14. Embedded Formative Assessment Ridiculous Optimism of Teachers. We can always get better. Never work harder than your students. Fold your arms. No Hands Up. Popsicle Sticks & Cups Assessment = Cause Thinking & Inform TeachingDylan Wiliam
  15. 15. The Science of Motivation “Give the world something it didn’t know it was missing” Autonomy Mastery Purpose 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics - GrapheneDaniel Pink
  16. 16. Educational Neuroscience Teachers are brain-changers. Emotions, Memory, Langua ge, Numerosity, Creativity & Learning Reverse Dyslexia. Creativity can be taught.David Sousa
  17. 17. Differentiation and the Brain “Teach Up” No rubric lower than Meeting Expectations – don’t accept anything else Curriculum Coverage v. Curriculum Abandonment How do you build neural networks? Less is More Shorter is Better On/Off Task TimeCarol Ann Keep it RelevantTomlinson
  18. 18. Think Big, Start Small The laminated daybook v. differentiationGayle Gregory &Martha Kaufeldt
  19. 19. Grading and Learning Learning v. Earning Performance evidence of learning v. Compliance list achievementSusan Brookhart
  20. 20. AuthorSpeak 2011“A” is for Assessment for All
  21. 21. The Five Disciplines of PLC Leaders Vision-casting Action Plusing Energy Inspiring “Would someone choose to follow me?” “What will I give you to remember me by?”Timothy Kanold
  22. 22. The Will to Lead, The Skill to Teach Learning = Environment + Experiences High Will = Culture = Soil  Feedback is information not coronation or condemnation High Skill = Instruction = Seeds • Culturally Linguistically Responsive (CLR)Sharroky Hollie & Teaching Anthony • I go/Amae Muhammad
  23. 23. On Excellence in Teaching Deliberate practice on weakness rather than strengths  The best teachers are the least satisfied: “I could have done it better”  Every year teacher should critique a video of their own lessons Getting better at what you do (one thing at a time) • Common language of teaching • Focused Feedback & Practice • Instructional Rounds – opportunities for observing and discussing effective teaching • Required Annual Growth PlansRobert J. Marzano
  24. 24. Teacher as Assessment Leader What did you learn this week as a teacher? Focus on results not people “Go with your thoroughbreds” Is learning a guessing game? Roger Staubach: “Spectacular achievements are always preceded by unspectacular preparation.”Thomas Guskey
  25. 25. AuthorSpeak 2011 Stop “should-ing” on our teachers. Alternative Report Cards & Parent Teacher InterviewSandra Herbst
  26. 26. AuthorSpeak 2011 If I Had All the Money in the World... ....Id send every educator (hell, maybe even every non- educator, too) to Solution Trees Authorspeak. This event brings together 99 of STs authors for three days of awesomeness in Indianapolis, Indiana… There were education rockstars everywhere… I have NO DOUBT that I will beTina Boorgen better at my job thanks to these three days of learning…