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Working with ESL agents: tips from the pros


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Slides from an open, online discussion on how to find and work with excellent ESL and educational agents.

These slides were presented at a webinar sponsored by Elluminate's Learn Central. Check out the webinar recording here:

Published in: Education
  • These slides were incorporated into a webinar on how to find and work with ESL agents, sponsored by Elluminate's Learn Central. Check out the webinar recording here: (Note: You will need to allow Java to launch in order to view the recording.)
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Working with ESL agents: tips from the pros

  1. 1. Working with ESL Agents: Tips from the Pros October 14, 2010
  2. 2. Objectives Open discussion Exchange wisdom, tips and information Discuss best practices Leave with strategies to use
  3. 3. What do agents do? Recruit international students. Help ESL schools increase enrollment. Provide advice and a cultural liaison for the student. Offer knowledge and wisdom about the destination country and the program.
  4. 4. How to agents get paid? By the school By the student Although frowned upon, it is not unheard of for agents to charge both the school AND the student.
  5. 5. Where do you find agents? By referral. At agent workshops and fairs. By working with umbrella organizations (e.g. FELCA, ALTO) Online (job boards, discussion boards) By cold calling or “cold e-mailing” (least effective).
  6. 6. Umbrella organizations FELCA (The Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations). They are an umbrella organization that will lead you to a variety of accreditation organizations in a number of different countries ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organizations) International Education Consultants Association. This organization works with students from Taiwan. Their website is not in English, but you can e-mail them in English at:
  7. 7. Online resources
  8. 8. Conclusions Evaluation Choose your thank you gift: Want to change the world? Learn another Language 101 Ways to Market Your Language Program
  9. 9. Contact Information Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton SarahElaineEaton @ Twitter: DrSarahEaton Facebook: SarahElaineEaton Slideshare: Sarah Elaine Eaton