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Formal, Nonformal and Informal Learning - Metropolis 2011


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This presentation was part of a panel discussion on Family Literacy and the New Canadian at the National Metropolis Conference 2011, held in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Formal, Nonformal and Informal Learning - Metropolis 2011

  1. 1. Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Learning: The Case of Literacy, Essential Skills and Language Learning in Canada Sarah Elaine Eaton, PhDMetropolis 2011 University of Calgary Vancouver, BC Language Research Centre
  2. 2. Download your copy of the research. in .pdf format
  3. 3. Assumptions All learning is valuable. Learning is a lifelong process.Everyone has the capacity to learn.
  4. 4. Formal learning
  5. 5. Non-formal learning
  6. 6. Informal learning
  7. 7. InformalLearning
  8. 8. Informal Non-formalLearning Learning
  9. 9. Formal LearningInformal Non-formalLearning Learning
  10. 10. Informal Non-formalLearning Learning
  11. 11. InformalLearning
  12. 12. Contact Sarah Elaine Eaton DrSarahEaton