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Poster Research

  1. 1. Poster Analysis
  2. 2. This is the Poster for the woman in Black
  3. 3. Brief synopsis based on the posterForm the poster it looks like the main character, played by Daniel Radcliffe, it looks like it is sent in possibly the Victorian period and that the house, that looks abandoned, is haunted by The Woman in Black. Who we as the audience amuse is a ghost or ghoul.
  4. 4. Describe the contextt is based on the audience seeing half of a half body shot of Daniel Radcliffe, the main protagonist, as he is standing outside some house, which we amuse is where the film is set and that is haunted, due to the adbandonedness of the house. Also his name is at the top of the poster, which indicates that he is the protagonist and that he is the drawing point for the audience. When you look closely at the photo you see a dark figure walking to the house, we as the audience are able now to question who this person is. There is also a rhetorical question is “What did they see?”, this is then answered with the title of the film “The Woman In Black”. But this could also relate what action and events that could happen in the house. At the bottom of the poster is the name of the actors, director and the major companies that have helped to create the film as well as the Month and Year the film is coming out.
  5. 5. Describe the layout colourThe main colours of the poster are brown and back. This gives the poster an old feeling and helps the audience sets the film in the Victorian era. There has been two photos taken. One is, the background, has been take on the set of the house. This establishes where the film will be set. In the foreground there is a photo of the main protagonist, his body takes up most of the left side of the poster, which tells the audience that he is the main charcter. But because we only see half of his face it adds an atmosphere and makes the audience wonder why it is like this.
  6. 6. What colours were used principally on this artefact?The main colours of brown and black gives the a vintage feel. But because it is a darker brown it gives the scene a decaying feel to it as well as a scary and abandoned feeling.
  7. 7. What was the purpose of the images?The purpose of any poster is to convey what type of film it is as well as informing the audience about the film. In this poster it tells the audience that the film is a horror film and that the main star is Daniel Radcliffe. They suggests that there is a lot of action of some sort when it asks the audience, “What did they see?” and that film is a must see.
  8. 8. How is the band/Star presentedThe protagonist is represented as the person who, stereotypical goes into the house that other people have warned him not to go in. He also looks like a businessman and that he is wealthy. This is stereotypical for a protagonist because of his power the Woman in Black to prey upon.
  9. 9. What was the tone of the textThe text is very simplistic and it draws the audience in. This language makes it easier for the reader to read, plus with the added rhetorical question that too draws in the audience.
  10. 10. What industry information was included on the poster?At the bottom of the poster there were credits to who had been made in the creation of the companies/people who have in the creation of the film. But because they are at the bottom of the poster it shows that this is not the main draw point for the audience.
  11. 11. Could you tell by the style of the poster/cover which genre they belonged to?Stright away you could tell that this is a period horror film, you can tell this by the use of the style the house and the clothing of which Daniel Radcliffe. These clothes, which are a waistcoat and a white shirt, are traditional of this time era.
  12. 12. Me Gusta (likes)• The use of the brown colouring gives it an old feeling.• The position of the protagonist and the house.• The simple tag line, which invites the audience to come and watch the film.• The simplistic of the poster.
  13. 13. I am now going to compare theWoman in Black poster to Carriersbecause the are of the same genre
  14. 14. SimalartiesWhen looking at this poster it has a few similarities to “The Woman In Black” poster. These similarities are:1.They both have the main protagonist in the centre of the photo.2.The credits to the main companies, title, tagline and the names of the actors are positioned in the same areas of poster.3.The poster look simple