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  1. 1. Word Processing Assignment Sarah Tolson University of South Carolina EDET 703 Design and Development Tools II On my honor as a University of South Carolina student, I have completed my work according to the principle of Academic Integrity. I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment Sarah Tolson 1/21/2014
  2. 2. My name is Sarah Tolson and this is my Word Processing assignment for EDET 703. This is my left justified text. I teach third grade at a Title I school in Lancaster, South Carolina. This is currently my third year teaching and I enjoy learning and thriving with my students. This is my right justified text. I live in West Columbia, South Carolina with my husband, Tyler, and dog, Belle. I only get to spend the weekends at home, so I am currently seeking a job in Columbia. This section is my centered text. You need to have a section that looks like this. Be sure that the left margin is also indented like this paragraph. There should be at least two lines “hanging down” below the first line, as is done in this paragraph. On my honor as a USC student, I have completed this assignment in its entirety. I turned off the Autoformat features of Word as described. I may have asked for assistance to learn how to fulfill part of the requirements of this assignment but after learning how to fulfill the requirements, I completed the work myself. Sarah Tolson 1. Which of the following did NOT have a positive impact on South Carolina during the Reconstruction period that followed the Civil War? a. the railroad system b. textile mills c. streetcars and automobiles d. slavery e. telephones 2. What type of building or structure would you NOT find in a typical mill town in South Carolina? a. textile mill b. marketplace or general store c. small houses that are close to each other d. railroad tracks e. plantation houses 3. Which of the following is a true statement about post-Civil War South Carolina? a. Slavery was very popular. There were more slaves than before the Civil War. b. Cotton prices increased and farmers began growing more cotton on their farms and plantations.
  3. 3. c. Typically, white South Carolinians would work in textile mills. African Americans (ex-slaves) were not allowed in the mills, but were able to unload and load the railway cars. d. Black and white children went to school together during the Reconstruction period. e. Textile mills brought in supplies such as indigo and rice to manufacture goods. They turned these materials into thread and cloth. University Mascot USC...............Gamecocks Florida State....Seminoles Ohio State.......Buckeyes Furman............Paladins Winthrop...........Eagles Mascot Name Cocky Chief Osceola Brutus Buckeye Being named now Big Stuff Colors Garnet & Black Garnet & Gold Scarlet & Gray Purple & White Gold & Garnet BCS #9 #1 #7 n/a n/a