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Technology table

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Technology table

  1. 1. TechnologyStage Used AtYear technology was createdHow the technology was usedUse Rating (out of 10)ImageInternet/GoogleAll1973/1993Nearly every part of the project was completed on the internet. Google is the main search engine used in order to find things out quickly and efficiently.10Bloggerwww.blogspot.comAll1997Used to compile every part of my project to make a detailed log of all my work that can be commented on by my tutors and allows me to show my findings in different ways, eg videos, to watch videos by existing bands and our chosen band, The Killers which i then analysed and took inspiration from. Then we uploaded our final video product to youtube so many people can view we created our initial digipak draft, we used images from flickr to portray the images we wanted to use.3Google StreetviewPlanning2007When deciding on locations for the video, Google Streetview allowed us to look at a possible setting without having to actually go there.6Adobe Photoshop/ Serif PhotoplusPlanningConstruction2003Used to make both ancillary texts and their initial drafts. The wide range of tools allowed me to create high quality, professional looking products.9Adobe PremierConstruction2003Used to product the final music video. By importing video footage we had taken, we could then put the clips together and edit them to fit to the music. The wide range of tools allowed us to add effects to enhance to video.9Camera (Video and Digital)Construction1840 initially1951 video 1986 digitalUsed to get all the footage needed to create the music video and the digital camera was used to take still images for the digipak and advert.10Mobile PhoneConstruction1984Used between group members, cast and crew in order to communicate on times of meeting when filming the video.6Surveymonkey.comEvaluation2000I used this website as an easy to use way of making a survey to receive audience feedback on my final media products. It allowed me to create a variety of questions and answer options.8FacebookEvaluationI used Facebook to send out a message to my friends asking them to do the survey and view the created products.6<br />