Home wheelchair lifts enhance accessibility in homes


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Home wheelchair lifts offer enhanced accessibility in homes and are therefore very popular. You can now buy safe and durable outdoor and indoor home wheelchair lifts to help family members with limited mobility.

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Home wheelchair lifts enhance accessibility in homes

  1. 1. http://www.daywheelchairlifts.com Phone: (212)775-0080 1Home Wheelchair Lifts: Enhance Accessibility inHomesEnjoy Greater Freedom and Independence in Your HomeAlso known as residential wheelchair lifts, home wheelchair lifts helpphysically challenged, disabled and aged persons by providing comfortableand better access to all parts of their homes. Nowadays, wheelchair stair liftsare very popular, largely on account of the convenience these offer.Considering the great support these provide, the pricing of residentialwheelchair lifts is reasonable.Home wheelchair lifts are easy to operateand can be customized to suit yourspecific needs. These are space-savingalternatives in homes that do not haveenough space to accommodate an elevatoror ramp. They are now available asplatform lifts, portable lifts, inclinedwheelchair lifts and many other models tocomplement your residential settings. Allthese wheelchair lifts are designed with strong platforms to accommodatewheelchairs of different sizes including powered wheelchairs, adultwheelchairs, sports wheelchairs and child wheelchairs.Wheelchair stair lifts can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and onstraight, inclined or curved stairways. A residential wheelchair lift is the best
  2. 2. http://www.daywheelchairlifts.com Phone: (212)775-0080 2way to enhance accessibility in your home, improving the lifestyle of yourloved ones.Advanced Safety FeaturesA home wheelchair lift is provided with a number of features to meet yourdaily needs. Safety is vital for all accessibility options. To ensure safe andreliable operation, home wheelchair lifts are integrated with advanced safetyfeatures including: • Anti-skid flooring • Cable safety device • Non-skid platform • Manual lowering device • Continuous pressure controls • Emergency alarm button • Safety under-panel sensors • Emergency stop switch • Grab rails • Automatic folding access ramps • 450 lbs lifting capacity • Upper/lower limit switches • Electromechanical braking system • Obstruction sensors on access ramps • Slack cable switch
  3. 3. http://www.daywheelchairlifts.com Phone: (212)775-0080 3 • Audio visual alarm • Folding seat with seatbeltAs there are many models with different features available in the market, youshould be careful to choose a home wheelchair lift that meets your specificrequirements. In order to choose an ideal one, visit the websites of reputablemanufacturers to find out the various models available, the featuresincorporated, pricing, services provided and other relevant details.ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria and Garaventa are some of the manufacturersoffering superior quality home wheelchair lifts.Before purchasing home wheelchair lifts, it is very important to consider thefollowing things - • Make sure that the price of the wheelchair lift you select stays within your budget • Understand your requirements before selecting one • Consider the space requirement • Consider the size, height and weight of the lift • Ensure that the lift is ADA compliantWith a home wheelchair stair lift, you can remain assured that your familymembers enjoy greater independence. Stairways will no longer pose a majorchallenge, with these outstanding mobility devices offering easy floor tofloor access for wheelchair users.
  4. 4. http://www.daywheelchairlifts.com Phone: (212)775-0080 4Contact Details:DAY Elevator and Lift6 Freight Street, Suite 130Waterbury, CT 06702-1801Phone: (212)775-0080URL: http://www.daywheelchairlifts.com