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Getting Married on the Hibiscus Coast


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Getting Married on the Hibiscus Coast. We linku2 florists, photographers, venues, celebrants, wedding organisers, hire services and all services related to getting married.

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Getting Married on the Hibiscus Coast

  1. 1. Babies and ToddlersBusiness ServicesEducation and Training, Clubs and CommunityGetting MarriedHealth and Beauty, Sport and RecreationLiving and LeisureMotoring, Marine, Industrial and RuralProperty: Real Estate, Building and DevelopmentSenior LivingShopping and Retail, Wining and DiningVisiting the Hibiscus Coast and RodneyTo feature in this booklet and on our Linku2 website plans startfrom $25 pm.For details phone: 09 428 0204, or | About Linku2 Hibiscus Coast| Advertise with Linku2 Hibiscus Coast(Rates subject to change - for up to date information visit the website)Linku2 Hibiscus Coast Business and Community Servicesare kindly sponsored by Pak n Save Silverdale helping ussupport our local CommunityVisit | We Linku2for information, articles and local service links for the following - Style Tips for Attending a Wedding The Perfect Wedding Shoes How to be the Perfect Groom Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Gown Honeymoon Destinations Entwined withHollywood - Amalfi Coast and Morocco Ten Top Reasons for Choosing a WinterWedding What NOT to Wear to a Wedding Look Amazing from Top to Toe: MoreWedding Shoe Tips The Groom’s Role: 12 Month To Do List Wedding Dress Tips to Keep in Mind Honeymoon Destinations Entwined withHollywood - Paris and Hawaii Winter Wedding ThemesGETTING MARRIEDAutumn/Winter 2013Articles in this print issue: Articles on our web links:PRINT AND WEB - The Celebrant’s Role A Wedding Venue Delivering Romance - Queendom Gardens
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  3. 3. STYLE TIPS FOR ATTENDING AWEDDINGIt’s wedding season again and it’s back tothe dilemma of what to wear!Of course outfits will depend on what hasbeen specified in the invites, the time of dayand may even be influenced if the weddinghas a specific theme or location but thegeneral rule of thumb is if you know the threebasic principles and follow these then youroutfit should work well for the occasion.Firstly you need to know the wedding dresscode. Usually this is specified on theinvitation. If not ask!For HerIf it is an informal daytime wedding then ashort dress or suit. Again for a semi-formaldaytime wedding a short dress or suit isrecommended. For an informal eveningwedding a cocktail dress is ideal. For aformal evening wedding wear long or shortbut dressy cocktail style.For HimFor him, an informal daytime outfit wouldconsist of a dress shirt and pants, a sportsjacket can also look good. For an informalevening wedding, semi-formal daytimewedding a suit should be worn, any sensiblecolour. If it is a semi-formal evening or formaldaytime wedding then a dark suit is moreappropriate, a tie is recommended. If it is aformal evening a tuxedo (if invitation states"black tie") or dark suit if women wear shortdresses.VenueYour decision can also be influenced by thevenue of the wedding. For example if thewedding invite states semi-formal and is seton the beach with a reception at the localgolf club you can safely assume this meansexactly what it states. However, if the invitestates semi-formal but the setting is in thetown’s top hotel perhaps you should considerdressing it up just a little.Match!The third rule to keep in mind may seemobvious but can spell disaster if not adheredto! Know what your partner is planning onwearing. It is important you both dress to thesame level of formality and whilst you don’tneed to match do make sure the colours youwear complement each other!WHAT NOT TO WEAR TO AWEDDING...Now you know the generalrules what you should wearfind out what you should defi-nitely not wear to a wedding!Scan this QR code or | We Linku2| Getting Married - Scrolling item or ArticlelinkWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT |PLANNING SERVICESEvent Designers, P O Box 83, Orewa, Ph: 021 716 713E:, W: - To ensure your event isgreat every time, call Hellen and the Event Designers team.
  4. 4. THE PERFECT WEDDING SHOESYou’ve got the dress – now you need theshoes! Here are six tips to help you in yourselection.Choose Your Dress FirstDo not select your shoes before you havedecided on a dress. It is always easier tomatch shoes to a dress. Having the dressfirst allows you to find shoes thatcomplement your dress.Comfort is keyIt may seem obvious but find comfortableshoes! If you have a long dress, the shoesdont show so you can wear a shoe that ismore comfortable. If you are wearing ashorter dress, your shoes will be of greaterimportance. You don’t want to be focussingon your sore feet by half way through yourbig day!Have Two Pairs of ShoesIf your budget allows don’t restrict yourself tojust one pair for the day. One for thewedding ceremony and photos, one for thereception and dancing. Those heels maylook good in the photos but are they practicalfor that first dance as you are swept aroundthe floor!Choose shoes compatible with yoursurroundingsWedges and flats are best for receptions inthe country to save yourself from muddyheels. Flat sandals are best for beachweddings and certain older venues. It seemsobvious but if you are marching across asandy beach stilettos will not work but youneed to remember that before the day!Don’t wear new shoes on the dayBreak your shoes in. Wear the shoesaround the house or practice dancing inthem. Whatever you do, your wedding dayshould not be the first day you wear theshoes. You want to glide up the aisle, notstagger with a sway!Pick an appropriate heelPick a heel height that is comfortable foryou. All eyes will be on you and there isnothing worse than not feeling confident inthe shoes you are in. Also, consider theheel height for standing next to the groom.If you are tall, you dont want a three inchheel if you will tower over the groom.A team of caring, talented florists havea passion for their work and cancreate stunning designs for anyoccasion!Deliveries local and overseasHigh quality product and service5 Riverside Road, OrewaPh: 426 5287 or 0800 268 AMAZING FROMTOP TO TOEFor more great tips on shoechoices scan this QR code | We Linku2| Getting Married | Look Amazing from Topto Toe scrolling item or article link
  5. 5. HOW TO BE THE PERFECTGROOMOften the groom steps back from theplanning of the wedding. This is not a badidea for most of the organisation, especially ifyou have a bride who has a very clear ideaon what she wants for her wedding!However, as a groom, if you step back toomuch you can look disinterested in the wholeprocedure and risk the wrath of your bride fornot caring.But remember, it is your day too, so how doyou create that happy balance to make youthe perfect groom. Here are a few tips toensure you are in your bride-to-bes goodbooks!Have an OpinionWhilst it is easy to step back and let hermake all the decisions remember this is yourwedding too and showing an interest will beimportant to her. Give your opinion on themajor planning points; itll let your fianceknow shes not in this alone, you areinterested and also let you know a little aboutyour wedding before the day!Take an Interest in your Present ListIn fact you may have some opinions onthings you feel would be good to have on thelist (and no we dont mean upgrading yourfishing rod!). Remember throw that plasmaTV on the list and a group of friends may buyit for you!Dont Be a PushoverIf theres something she wants but you dontlet her know. Theres bound to be acompromise!Give Her a BreakIf shes doing the majority of the planning foryour wedding, and you are beginning to seethe signs of stress and strain, shes probablygetting "wedded out". Take a night, cookdinner or take her out. Do the dishes or treather to a movie or quiet night with herfavourite DVD. Remind her why weddingplanning is worth the stress and of coursedon’t forget to tell her how much you loveWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST WEDDING VENUES ANDRECEPTION SERVICESQueendom Gardens, 240 Monowai Road, Tahakeroa, Wainui, Ph: 09 420 3470E:, W: - The perfectsetting for: Weddings, Parties, Corporate Meetings, Product launches and all functions.Verdelais, 36 Tindalls Bay Road, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 424 7031, F: 424 7031W: - Verdelais is a French Mediterranean mansion, surrounded ingardens with a back drop of the sea. The views are spectacular, especially at sunset.Weddings can be celebrated both indoors and outdoors. Verdelais is the perfect venue fora small, elegant and relaxed wedding for up to 60 guests.
  6. 6. and appreciate her!Be a Buffer if necessaryIf your Mum or sister keep calling with theiropinion there is a risk of conflict. Keep aneye on things. Be responsible forcommunicating with your family so that youcan filter out petty worries from legitimateconcerns.Get Some HelpThis is one of the best things you can oftendo when planning your special day. Build itinto your budget, have an expert help andtake away the stress and little forgottenitems.Now you are definitely set to be the perfectgroom and help ensure you both have theperfect wedding day!BRIDEGROOM 12MONTH CHECKLISTTo make sure you do followthrough on your responsibili-ties as groom we have a 12month checklist you can fol-low. Scan this QR code or | We Linku2| Getting Married | 12 Month Checklistscrolling item or Article linkVERDELAIS PERFECT WEDDING VENUEVerdelais is a French Mediterranean luxury beach front villa, surrounded ingardens with a back drop of the sea. The views are spectacular, especially atsunset. Weddings can be celebrated both indoors and outdoorsVerdelais is the perfect venue for a small, elegant and relaxed wedding for up to 60 guests36 Tindalls Bay Road, Whangaparaoa  P: 424 7031  F: 424
  7. 7. TIPS WHEN CHOOSING YOURWEDDING GOWNIt is always helpful to have some ideas beforeyou head out to buy your dress. Here are sometips to get you started –Set Your BudgetIt is important to know your limits. Gettingmarried can be very expensive regardless ofwho is paying and it is important to stick to yourbudget wherever you can! Try not to look atdresses out of your price range, unless youcan’t find anything to suit within that range.Remember if you change your dress budgetthis may well impact on everything else!Have Style IdeasFlick through magazines and have an idea ofthe style of dress youre looking for – do youwant to appear romantic, classic, elegant orglamorous. Take into account the whole styleand feel you want for your day. Also consideryour venue and time of year.Take a friend with youHead out with a friend or your mother. It’s bestto take only one person as too many opinionscan be as bad as none at all if they all wanttheir input! Remember though to remind themthat it is your choice and not their dress andensure they have a very clear understandingabout your goal and your bridal style andbudget.Ask for AdviceIts also worth asking the designer or retailer foradvice both on how the style suits, good stylesfor your body type and size, on cleaning thefabric in case of small spillages on the day!Consider Accessories and other DesignPointsIf you want to wear your hair up with flowers,try a simple style with the dress to get thefeel. If you would like to wear a veil, again tryone on with the dress, try different lengthsand styles unless you have a very specificstyle or length in mind in which case you willneed to ensure the dress matches!Think Colour ThemesWhile you dont have to show yourbridesmaids your dress before their owndresses are chosen, make sure their gownstie in with the theme and colours of yourwedding as a whole.Be Open-MindedBe prepared to try on a range of dress styles.It’s surprising how often you may find a styleyou think wont suit you actually looks great.Dont RushDont be rushed into any decisions. If youthink youve found the one, go away andthink about it. Consider the dress within thewhole concept of your wedding plans beforeWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST FLORISTSFlowers by Joanne, 12 Bakehouse Lane, Orewa - Ph: 426 5285E:, W: - For all your floralrequirements - bouquets, posies, wedding flowers and a wide range of gifts. Specialists inwedding bouquets and arrangementsVERDELAIS GARDEN WEDDING
  8. 8. making your mind up. Get others opinionsbut at the end of the day the decision isyours so think things through.Trust Your ChoiceWhen youve found the perfect dress, donttry on any more! Seriously don’t startconfusing things but do make sure you areabsolutely sure! You can then arrangefittings and shopping for underwear, shoesand any other accessories. Follow yourinstincts.HONEYMOON DESTINATIONSENTWINED WITH HOLLYWOODAMALFI COAST AND MOROCCOHow many times do you watch a movie andcomment how you’d love to visit thatdestination! Linku2 feature a number ofthese as perfect honeymoon destinationsincluding ….MOROCCOWhere is it?Morocco is the most westerly of North Africancountries with sea borders on both theMediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Aculturally rich country with Arab, Berber, Africanand European influences.Known for its food and spices, colourfultraditional clothing and music, Morocco is adiverse and colourful country.Movies filmed in MoroccoMovies filmed in Morocco include - Alexander the Great Troy Lawrence of Arabia Jesus of Nazareth Rendition Gladiator The Bourne Ultimatum The Mummy Sahara Kingdom of Heaven Babel Sex and the City 2Romantic things to do in Morocco include – Head into the desert and look up at theheavens with star gazing Wander the streets of Casablanca Discover the inhospitable beauty of theTIPS WHENCHOOSING YOURWEDDING DRESSFor more tips and indepthpoints to keep in mindwhen choosing yourwedding dress scan this QR code or | We Linku2| Getting Married | Wedding Dress Tips toKeep in Mind scrolling item or article link
  9. 9. desert on the back of a camel Bathe in the cool waters or take a raft rideat the base of the Cascades d’Ouzoud Immerse yourself in the hustle, bustle andatmosphere of the souk’s of MarrakeshAMALFI COASTWhere is it?The Amalfi Coast is a 28 mile stretch ofcoastline on the southern coast of theProvince of Salerno in Southern Italy.The Amalfi Coast is known for its beautifulscenery, winding, narrow cliff top roads, itslimoncello liqueur, pretty fishing villages andcrops of lemons.Movies filmed on the Amalfi CoastMovies filmed on the Amalfi Coast include - The Talented Mr Rigby Il Postino A Good Woman Only You Under the Tuscan SunRomantic things to do on the AmalfiCoast include – Enjoy a picnic along the Via Tragara inCapri Visit the captivating ancient ruins ofPompei Watch a sunset from the cliffs of MassaLubrense Swim in the iridescent green waters of theGreen Grotto cave Spend an evening on the private beachalong the shores past Marina Grande inSorrento Dine at the converted fisherman’s hut inProcida, Ristorante CaracleWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST WEDDING ARRANGEMENTSDon Gibson, Marriage Celebrant, 196 Blackbridge Road, Dairy Flat, Ph: 426 1284, - For a tailormade service to fit every requirement, Don will help makeyour important day a day to remember.Glenys Ferguson, c/o Verdelais, 36 Tindalls Bay Road, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 424 7031,F: 424 7031, W: - Glenys can help manage and oversea your wholewedding including being your celebrant at Verdelais her French Mediterranean mansion,surrounded in gardens with a back drop of the sea. The views are spectacular, especiallyat sunset. Weddings can be celebrated both indoors and outdoors. Verdelais is the perfectvenue for a small, elegant and relaxed wedding for up to 60 guests.HONEYMOONDESTINATIONSENTWINED WITHHOLLYWOOD -PARIS AND HAWAIILove the thought ofromantic destinations, how about the city ofromance or island paradise? Scan this QRcode or visit| We Linku2 | Section - Scrolling item orArticle link
  10. 10. Winter themed weddings can give a lot of scope for using your imagination.For ideas check out our WinterThemed Wedding Article | We Linku2 | Getting Married | WinterThemed Weddings
  11. 11. TEN TOP REASONS FORCHOOSING A WINTER WEDDINGOff-season rates can be a factor for manycouples choosing a winter wedding,however, there are lots other great reasonsto have your big day during the wintermonths. Read on to find out more…White WeddingEvery winter bride imagines the white driftsof snow across the scene. Whilst you willneed to pick your particular location in NewZealand to guarantee real snow you canalways theme your venues to give you thatwonderful white winter feel!Wedding CostsOne of your biggest considerations. Mostvenues and suppliers have off season rates,but many also offer incentives and bonusesnot available in the popular summer months.Fireside TemptationWelcome your guests with a roaring openfire. Feel the glow and reflect after the eventwith a hot toddy warm in the comfort of yournew husband’s warm embrace!Early till LateIn winter of course dusk falls early. Thisgives you an extended evening for winterwarming celebrations. Take advantage byusing candles, fairy lights, fireworks andfancy lighting designs. Experiment and havefun creating atmosphere and excitement toyour long evening.Make a date to rememberThe New Zealand winter has few memorabledates during the winter months, so add yourown for a great excuse for a winter holiday or Corporate Events Christmas Parties Special Occasions On-Site Management Room Dressing Baby showers Christenings Birthdays Engagements Weddings Dinner PartiesFor an obligation freechat call 021 716
  12. 12. at least a special celebration every year!Something DifferentIf you have a wide group of friends some ofyour guests may have ‘wedding fatigue’ bythe time your summer wedding comesaround. A winter wedding will be a seasonalhighlight.Honeymoon HeavenFly somewhere warm and exotic after theevent. Relax on the beach in the Maldives,Fiji, Samoa or Northern Queensland. You’llenjoy the beautiful weather all the morecoming in winter and it gives you a goodexcuse each winter to celebrate away in thesun!Sunshine StressGetting married in winter totally eliminatesany weather related stress. You don’t havethat worry what to do if it rains. Guestsexpect colder weather and an indoor focus,so the attention will be on what’s going onindoors.Great AvailabilityWinter is low season, meaning it shouldn’t betoo difficult booking your venue, church/celebrant and other services at slightlyshorter notice. It’s also easier findingaccommodation for visiting guests.Winter Fashion StatementsLast, but surely not least, a winter wedding isyour chance to sport some stylish bridalwellies, ideal for a kiwi bride, or a beautifulfake fur or a soft velvet cape.Mobile Service, Hibiscus Coast andNorth ShorePh: 0800 444 233Mob: 021 1518427E: of the first thingspeople notice about youwhen they meet you is yoursmileDoes your smile look good?WINTER WEDDINGTHEMESIf you are considering awinter wedding, check outsome great Winter WeddingTheme ideas by scanningthis QR code or | We Linku2| Getting Married | Winter Wedding Themesscrolling item or article link
  13. 13. THE CELEBRANTS ROLETips from Don GibsonMarriage CelebrantCelebrants are now performing 65% of allmarriages in New Zealand. There are anumber of reasons for this!The couple are able to be married in afavourite place. The couple may have metthere or made love there for the first timeetc. The seaside remains very popular,because there is a special something aboutwater - about the sea!The Country Restaurant with the beautifulgarden and lawns never fails to please. Ibelieve this is because it is so easy toorganise everything, by way of a phonecall. Order what is needed. What is morebeautiful, than that clean country air, on abeautiful sunny day in January, February,March, taking advantage of daylight saving.The garden setting at the home of a family,relation or friend, leans itself well to thesmaller type wedding.So when you compare the traditional churchwedding, which in the eyes of many people,is very appropriate, the modern Celebrantwedding, is more meaningful to the happycouple, because they have generally beenencouraged to contribute to their ownservice - e.g. I always invite the couple towrite their own vows, with the reasons whythey had been drawn together and why they"want to spend the rest of their lives witheach other".Some beautifully worded promises are madethis way and this puts the couples ownstamp on an unforgettableday.The marriage celebrants role is vital as she/he must not only cater for the needs of thecouple being married, but also consider theguests at the ceremony.The ceremony should be meaningful andsatisfying to all those present - not too shortor over before some of the people realisethat a marriage has taken place.I usually say to the couple, allow 20 minutesfor the ceremony. To most people, especiallyelderly relatives, it is often the words that areDon GibsonMarriage CelebrantBlackbridge Rd, Dairy FlatPh: 426 1284E: We Work to MakeYour Day Special Blessing of the Hands Candles Wine drinking ceremony Releasing of the dovesMake sure yourday is exactly asyou hoped
  14. 14. remembered longer, than "what the bridewore".When a couple decide to ask a marriagecelebrant to perform their weddingceremony, they will have to contact anappropriate person.How to find a marriage celebrant?A. Personal recommendation. Some friendshave been very happy and satisfied with themarriage celebrant they chose. Word ofmouth is the best recommendation.B. The couple may have attended awedding and been impressed with thesincerity of the words of the service and theefficiency of the celebrant conducting theceremony.C. The Yellow pages of the telephonedirectory lists marriage celebrants.D. The local office of the Registrar of Births,Deaths and Marriages, and all Governmentdepository libraries, have a list of MarriageCelebrants published in the New ZealandGazette, a choice can be made from here.E. Linku2 lists local Celebrants registeredwith us for the Hibiscus Coast under theGetting Married section.Always remember - the Marriage Celebrantwill either make or break your special day -take time to obtain one who is prepared tolisten to you.Don Gibson can be contacted on 426 1284A WEDDING VENUE DELIVERINGROMANCEQUEENDOM GARDENSQueendom Gardens is one of the mostpicturesque settings for a party, function orwedding. Nestled amongst 70 acres of rollinghills, shady mature trees, native bush andlandscaped gardens, just 15-20 minutes fromNorth Shore, you get there by taking theSilverdale turnoff from the NorthernMotorway, only a 10 minute drive, towardsWainui.Marlies Braddock is the owner of QueendomGardens comes from Bavaria in Southern240 Monowai Road, photos of our beautifulgardens by scanning this QRcode with your smartphoneor tablet
  15. 15. Germany. She fell in love with NewZealand’s natural beauty and with a greatdeal of careful loving, planning and hardwork has developed Queendom Gardensover the past 8 years.“My ambition has been to develop thiswonderful location into an iconic andexclusive rural events centre for weddings,corporate functions, parties and gardentours”. The gardens have been designed tolook and feel as natural as the surroundinglandscape, allowing the native fauna andflora to be an integral part. The new FrenchCountry style events centre is perfect for alloccasions, with seating for up to 120 people.The gazebo is a fully covered area taking upto 28 people and the Lake house offers totalprivacy, with seating for 12 people and aterrace for more than 60 people. A recentaddition is the Lakeside Boat House that isdesigned to be used as a miniature church orchapel with its panelled timber interior andancient pegged trusses in the ceilings. Aromantic place to hold a wedding ceremonyincluding a large deck that looks out over thelake.At Queendom Gardens there are incrediblephoto opportunities within the 2.5 ha ofgardens with water features including the biglake, waterfall and three ponds. Thesebeautiful gardens provide the most exclusivereal estate for formal weddings right throughto picnics. Caterers of your choice preparemenus from finger food to the higheststandard.Visitors can also enjoy a bush walk,succulents, rocks, the sunset garden, theBavarian garden, the native grove as well asthe exotic hydrangea gardens. Unique toQueendom Gardens is the exclusive use ofall the facilities for the entire wedding day.These facilities include the Bride’s suite. Thisspecial room, yours for the entire day, isdesigned for the bride and/or bridal party tohave their own space to prepare for thewedding day in a relaxed environment. Plusat Queendom Gardens there is parking onsite for all your guests, whether they come intheir own car or by coach.We Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST WEDDING PREPARATIONSERVICESSparklewhite Teeth, Hibiscus Coast, Ph: 0800 444 233, Mob: 021 1518427E:, W: - Are beautifully whiteteeth something youve always wanted? Get a great smile with Sparklewhite TeethWINTER THEME AT QUEENDOM
  16. 16. Disclaimer - This Disclaimer applies to all information made available by Linku2 HibiscusCoast in this publication. The information provided, and subject to this Disclaimer is only intendedto be general information to the public. Considerable effort has been made to ensure that the in-formation provided in this publication is accurate, up to date, and otherwise adequate in all re-spects. Nevertheless, this information is made available to users of this publication and all otherpersons and entities STRICTLY on the basis that Linku2 Hibiscus Coast and all other personsresponsible for the publication, or associated with the compilation, writing, editing, approval orpublication of, or any other kind of work in connection with, the information disclaim any and allresponsibility for any inaccuracy, error, omission, lateness or any other kind of inadequacy, defi-ciency, or flaw in, or in relation to, the information; and without limiting as above, fully exclude anyand all liability of any kind, on the part of any and all of them, to any person or entity (whether auser of this publication or not) that chooses to rely upon the information.For further information about services in this book contact the service director email: information on how to feature in this book Ph 428 0204 or 0800 LINKU2 ORemail: in this booklet is included in Linku2 Hibiscus Coast Web andBooklet Plans. Details can be found | About Us | Advertise | Web andBooklet PlansLinku2 web and booklets are updated quarterly. Keep an eye out our Spring,Summer, Autumn and Winter editions