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Select integrated with TBE

  1. 1. Selection Assessments that Contribute to Your Bottom Line Specific Surveys for Specific Roles and Industries Administrative Support Healthcare Banking Hospitality Call Centers Leasing Agents Convenience Stores Personal Services Customer Service Production & Distribution Entry-Level Managers Retail What would the impact be on your business if you Loss of productivity, cost to rehire, cost to train, loss of could avoid bad hires? opportunity (sales), loss of repeat business, and damage to What would a 6 - 10% improvement in sales mean to the morale of the existing team all make the cost of turnover your bottom line? very high. Identifying the best candidates with the right fit for a role reduces turnover, improves productivity, increases What does early job turnover cost you in terms of money, time and resources? service levels and can significantly impact the bottom line. An Integrated Solution T he Select platform provides a wide array of pre- employment assessments for associate and entry- The Assess Systems – Taleo Business Edition (TBE) level jobs designed to evaluate the fit of the candidate integration allows TBE users easy access to personality assessments in their hiring process. The assessment option with the job role. Each survey measures characteristics that lead is built with flexible design and allows users seamless access to successful performance in a given position and provides hiring to both TBE and the Assess Systems personality surveys. recommendations and interview questions. Upon completion of the assessment by the job applicant, the assessment result will be available in the TBE candidate Developed by organizational psychologists management portal for easy access. Validated for specific jobs and industries Integrates easily into your selection process Optional modules important to success: willingness to do specific job tasks; attitudes toward theft, drug use and safety; basic skills; and targeted interview probes. | | + 44 (0)7515 851184
  2. 2. Quickly See Overall Assessment Recommendations in Your Taleo Dashboard Candidate Reports Provide Detailed Feedback & Interview Guide Performance & Integrity Index: Indicates the candidate’s potential for success in the role. Measures the candidate’s attitudes about personal integrity and work ethic. Performance Sub-scale Analysis: Displays characteristics critical to the specific job. Flags areas of concern and generates related interview probes. Job Task Responses: Reports willingness to Inteview Questions: Provides a structured interview guide with do tasks specific for the job. additional probes based on flags. | | + 44 (0)7515 851184