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A2 Govt. and Politics Unit 4B Odd One Out


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A2 Govt. and Politics Unit 4B Odd One Out

  1. 1. Odd One Out Unit 4B Jan 2008
  2. 2. Odd One Out An opportunity to use your higher order thinking skills! Look at the following groups of 3. Use your abilities in reasoning to decide who/ what you think is the ‘odd one out’.
  3. 3. Socialism Liberalism Conservatism
  4. 4. Margaret Thatcher Karl Marx Jeremy Bentham
  5. 5. William Beveridge Tony Benn Tony Blair
  6. 6. Conservatism Communism Socialism
  7. 7. Eduard Bernstein Michael Oakeshott Edmund Burke
  8. 8. Socialism Liberalism Communism
  9. 9. T.S Green Lenin Thomas Hobbes
  10. 10. J.S. Mill J.M. Keynes Adam Smith