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The guardian

  1. 1. Reader Figures Source: , 29th August 2013
  2. 2. Links or Partnerships
  3. 3. Links or Partnerships These screenshots are of a list of the companies, websites and events the Guardian sponsors.
  4. 4. Layout/ Presentation – Home Page This option bar enables the user to choose which country’s edition of the paper they want to read The simple layout enables users to navigate the homepage easily Due to the simple layout and plain colour pallet the page is professional The use of pictures from the articles, get’s people’s attention Whilst many news stories are displayed on the front page, it is not over crowded. It is very clear and therefore easy to use The plain colour pallet means the page aims to accommodate as many readers as possible with out trying to appeal to a certain group of people whilst excluding others
  5. 5. Layout- Home Page As shown by these screenshots the story at the top of the homepage gets updated every few hours to keep people up to date. The news story on the left was on the home page in the morning and by the afternoon it had been changed to the one on the right in the afternoon. Then a few hours later it was updated to the one next to this text
  6. 6. Layout -Homepage On the homepage the majority of the news stories have summaries of the article so if the reader hovers their mouse over story the summary will shown. The benefit of this is that it gives readers the out line of the article so they can decide if it is of relevance or interest
  7. 7. Layout- Navigation The website categorises their stories into different sections to make it easier for readers to find an article on a specific subject rather than placing all the one stories in one area for readers to sort through Dividing each section into subsections makes it even simpler for readers to narrow down their search for an article
  8. 8. Layout- Navigation With each article there is a list of related articles, making it easier for people to find a range of articles under a certain topic
  9. 9. How people use the site Readers are able to comment on the news stories the benefit of which is that it enables people to share their opinions- it is an example of web 2.0 The site also has RSS feeds
  10. 10. How People Use the Site The website provides readers with different ways of sharing and following news stories
  11. 11. Following a News Story 8/gunmen-crimean-airports-ukraine Gunmen seize two Crimean airports in 'military invasion' Number of times up dated: