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Burris memes


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Burris memes

  1. 1. Meme This Sarah Burris @SarahBurris
  2. 2. Brought to you by @Banditelli (Brett Banditelli) @wfpman (Jason Gooljar) @NeilAnAlien (Neil Bhaerman) And me @SarahBurris
  3. 3. 9500 views 160 Shares 188 likes Topper: Little did you know your kitteh was trying to help save your civil liberties this whole time.
  4. 4. 8940 Views 125 Shares 161 Likes Kitteh everywhere are staging a "Sleep In" on keyboards across the world in support of civil liberties.
  5. 5. For Chicago protests of standardized testing (YOLO!) 11,837 views 177 likes 83 shares
  6. 6. 35,024 Views 78 likes 169 Shares How long has it been since Republicans cared about working people? Now they just snap at us.
  7. 7. #HugAThug Hurricane Sandy meme: 347 shares
  8. 8. #HugAThug Topper: Hug a thug close today. 220 Likes 2,292 Shares
  9. 9. Oregon AFL-CIO free union hugs
  10. 10. Paul Ryan Gossling 269 Shares – but featured on Rachel Maddow
  11. 11. Paul Ryan Gossling