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Common Ground Farm in 2011


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Highlights from Common Ground Farm's 2011 Season. Learn more at

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Common Ground Farm in 2011

  1. 1. 2011 Crew
  2. 2. March:Film Screening and Panel Discussion
  3. 3. April:GatherRound
  4. 4. April: Kickstarting the Fence
  5. 5. June: BEAHIVEFundraiser for CGF
  6. 6. Ah, sweetsummer…
  7. 7. Irene
  8. 8. September:Spreading Compost Post-Irene Thank you, Dyson Foundation!
  9. 9. October: First Annual Pig Roast
  10. 10. The High Tunnel
  11. 11. West Wildfong Heuer The CGF Family Grows Inigo Wood
  12. 12. Nolan Young Our First New Member of 2012! The CGF Family Grows William Hahn
  13. 13. Welcome ournew Education Director
  14. 14. November: the Auction
  15. 15. "Every bite of food we growourselves, every forkful that comes from our own laborinstead of from the troughs of corporate food, is a statement that we aretaking our power back. Wedont need them to feed us. Whether from our garden,our farmers market, or our local CSA, we can feed ourselves."Read more in "What Does Gardening Have to do with the #Occupy Movement?" on