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Social Media Plan for the Jewish Nutcracker, SF


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Social Media Plan for the Jewish Nutcracker, SF

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Social Media is Pervasive
  3. 3. Number of users on topsocial networking sites
  4. 4. Social networks come and go
  5. 5. How to convince and convert people within social media:• Know your audience• Grow your audience• Engage• Identify and reward advocates
  6. 6. User activity by gender:
  7. 7. Women are more likely to share• Men and women are almost equally present on social network sites…However – Women outpace men in social media engagement 5 to 1 – Women are 50% more likely to comment on a post – Women are 80% more likely to share something on your fan page with their friends
  8. 8. Social media channels are not your bullhornSocial media requires listening skills• Who’s talking about you?• What do they think of you?• What do they care about?
  9. 9. Know your audience• The Jewish community• Friends connected to the Jewish community• Supporters of the arts• Others?
  10. 10. Grow your audience
  11. 11. Offer them a reason to “Like” you
  12. 12. Why people like or follow brands• They joined for a chance to win• You offered them something (like a discount or sales promo)• They know someone who invited them• They are already a customer or member• They are an employee or part of the organization• They are a competitor
  13. 13. Engage your audience• All engagement begins with a great story
  14. 14. Engagement means Action• Like • Pictures• Follow • Polls• Share • Video • Ask for input • Questions • Ask them to retweet or share • Ask them to invite friends
  15. 15. • Provide good content – Evokes emotion – Uses humor – Teaches them something useful – Calls them to action (tweet, share, blog, repost)
  16. 16. Images and graphics will get you the most interaction with fans
  17. 17. • Great pics and how-to’s using pics• Know their audience• Tons of engagement
  18. 18. Reward your audience• Offers• Discounts• Giveaways• Good content
  19. 19. Identify and reward the advocates• People with lots of followers/fans• People with online influence (Klout)• Super fans of your brand/event
  20. 20. Engagement for events• Invite
  21. 21. • Ask for input
  22. 22. • Provide shareable content leading up to the event – Pictures – Video – Good stories – How-to’s – Discounts – Offers – Prizes
  23. 23. • Ask advocates to participate – Share on social media channels – Blogger networks – Press
  24. 24. Social press releases
  25. 25. In summary…• Social media is about – Knowing your audience – Giving them things they want – Engaging them in a way that makes sense for what you are promoting – Rewarding them for promoting you
  26. 26. Social media should…• Add value• Be about your audience• Be sharable• Be social
  27. 27. Any questions?