2012 social media and community management campaigns


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Social Media and Community Management Portfolio 2012 - Sarah Burh

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  • *http://mashable.com/2012/01/12/charting-the-ces-chatter-thursday-edition-infographic/
  • 2012 social media and community management campaigns

    1. 1. 2012 Social MediaCampaign & CommunityManagement ExamplesSarah Buhr
    2. 2. Social Media Campaign Examples
    3. 3. St Nick Tablet SweepstakesNon-fans required to Like the page to Once “liked”, 2nd screen came up to fill inenter to win an Android tablet: their info and invite their friends:
    4. 4. St. Nick Sweepstakes - Results• Fan base went from 92 to nearly 4000 fans in under a month• Gathered valuable demographic insight• Captured email for pre-launch marketing initiatives
    5. 5. CES Retweet CampaignPosted on the blog andtweeted at beginning of CES:Enter NOW for a chance to WIN!We’ll pick one lucky winner atrandom at the end of CES on Jan 13.1. Follow @NextIssue on TwitterYou must follow @NextIssue beforeyou enter.2. To enter, tweet “Win a MotorolaXoom! Follow @NextIssue thenretweet this post (be sure to include#NextIssueCES #CES)”
    6. 6. CES Retweet - Results• Gained 1044 targeted tech fans in 5 days• Third most tweeted link during CES• Mentioned in *Mashable for the volume of tweets received• Boosted visibility for partnering brand, Motorola• Received most blog post views and traffic to the blog the company had ever had.
    7. 7. CES Retweet - Mashable
    8. 8. Cover Lover1. Created a Facebook app that showed the covers of all the magazines Next Issue carried2. Participants had to first like the fan page and then pick their favorite magazine on the app to enter to win.3. App captured email and let Facebook friends know participants favorite magazine after they picked.
    9. 9. Cover Lover - Results• Increased targeted magazine reading fans by 20%• Able to gauge most popular magazines Next Issue carried, according to choices selected most.• Captured demographic data and email of participants.
    10. 10. Community Management Examples
    11. 11. Community Management Example – Utah SenateThe Utah political community is very alive on Twitter. It’s the main online channel ofcommunication for all bills, initiatives, hearings and other happenings within the Senate. Imanaged this community during the 2011 session.
    12. 12. Community Management - Slim Commandments Facebook Group I created and still manage a weight loss support group using the Facebook platform where people have a place to support each other, get tips, advice and share successes.
    13. 13. Community Manager Example – Salt Lake Marathon I facilitated race participants, volunteers and the community through the Facebook group and various fan pages with support, running advice and the ins and outs of the Salt Lake Marathon for the past two years.
    14. 14. Community management – KSL NewsradioI was a reporter and nightly online community manager for a radio show back in 2006. Iput together stories, came in to chat with the show host live on the show and handled theonline chat room with the show’s fans on a nightly basis.