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Independent Service Offerings

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Independent Presentation Final Sb (2)

  1. 1. Welcome to Independent Ltd Totally independent HR advice
  2. 2. Change Management Philip Clarke A Resourcing & Talent Management specialist with a track record of implementing significant Resourcing models in major international organisations . Specific achievements include •Leading the Nortel Networks Europe Resourcing team through significant growth and change to meet the demands of the dotcom boom & bust. Re-engineering the approach from recruitment to talent management and redeployment •Resourcing over 1000 niche skilled people from scratch, as part of Nortel Networks Senior Management team, for the implementation of Nortel Global Professional Services Division •Re-engineering the Marconi recruitment process to a Global end to end Talent Management & Redeployment approach to meet the business downsizing plan and achieve significant cost reduction – implementation of outplacement services for over 30,000 employees across all levels •Implementation from scratch of a complete Resourcing process for Northern Foods, supporting over 300 hires per year and a significant outplacement program •Implementation of Resourcing & Talent Management models at organisations from not for profit to FTSE100 including British Energy, Kingston Communications • Most recently complete design & implementation of a Talent & Resourcing Model for Wm Morrisons plc. From building a new senior HR team from scratch to the roll out of a new Resourcing model & Employer Brand
  3. 3. Our Expertise Harry Dunlevy A Human Resources Director with a track record of delivering significant organisational and cultural change in challenging environments on an international scale. Specific achievements include •Working with CEO of Terra Firma and EMI to ensure delivery of aggressive restructuring plans and implementation of ongoing HR strategy •Leading the worldwide organisational restructuring and downsizing at Marconi to deliver significant cost reductions and improved organisational effectiveness. This included leading the worldwide workforce reduction from 56,000 to less than 24,000 people in ten months •Successful leadership within BMW Group (reporting to the BMW Board) of high level negotiations with leading national trade unions regarding the break up of Rover and the reallocation of 30,000 staff to new business owners •HR Lead on Rover Turnaround and cost reduction team reducing headcount by over 10000 and paybill costs by a further £200million including negotiating a breakthrough set of agreements with the Trade Unions for the BMW Board to ensure the Board’s commitment to a £500m investment in a new plant in the UK • Leading role in HR transformation of Northern Foods including a successful business rationalisation without disruption and introducing a new HR strategy with a focus on Learning and Development , Performance and Talent Management and Employee Engagement • Developing and implementing an HR strategy and a series of supporting projects to transform Tube Lines from a public sector to a private sector company focused on performance and achievements of targets
  4. 4. Our Expertise Rob Meakin One of the UK’s most experienced Human Resource Directors with a career of working as Head of Personnel / HR with several FTSE100 organisations • Rob began his career with the motor industry training with Ford and eventually becoming Personnel Director of the Rover Group • After the sale of Rover to British Aerospace, Rob became Personnel Director of the BAe Group where he established the BAe University and, with the CEO, created the Benchmark Programme to make BAe the benchmark for the aerospace industry, through cultural change and performance management • At GEC Marconi he drove HR strategy through a period of major change as the Company became Europe’s fastest growing telecommunications supplier • More recently Rob has worked with Granada, firstly as Interim HR Director and subsequently, following the merger of Granada and Carlton to form ITV, as Project Director on the successful integration of the two organisations • He joined British Nuclear Group Ltd in 2005 where he was responsible for all HR aspects of the planned sale of the Company • Rob joined Independent Ltd as Non Executive Chairman in June 2009
  5. 5. Our Divisions Independent HR Independent Independent Coaching RPO & Outplacement Independent Independent Independent Contractor Interim Management Independent Research Group
  6. 6. It’s all about Talent
  7. 7. Deep Talent Hiring Growing Rewarding “The ability to attract, retain and develop the right people can make or break a business”
  8. 8. Our Case Studies
  9. 9. “ Independent has played an instrumental role in improving our resourcing delivery and focus within the business, together with driving commercial value. ” Head of HR Operations, KCOM Group PLC “Independent introduced much stronger brand identity to all our recruitment advertising; this has succeeded in attracting a whole new candidate base to the organisation.” Head of Organisational Development, British Energy “The Independent team has done a great job at EMI Music and I look forward to working together in the future.” Charles Allen, Chairman, EMI Music Limited “ Independent is a key part of our Business and HR change agenda. The ability to manage our existing and new talent across the organisation will be key to the company being competitive. Independent is helping us to achieve this. ” Norman Pickavance, Group HR Director for Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC
  10. 10. British Energy
  11. 11. Employer Brand
  12. 12. Northern Foods
  13. 13. Process Improvement Re cruitme nt Spe nd 04/05 - Actua ls (SAP) (Gra de d Only) Total Spend £2,570,000 Total Hires 330 Cost per Hire £7,800 Cost per Hire % 26% Re cruitme nt Spe nd 05/06 - Actua ls Total Spend £3,673,094.99 Graded Starters 433 Non Graded 424 Total 857 Cost per Hire £4,286.00 Cost per Hire % 17% Savings (cost per hire) from 04/05 £974,250 These figures are based on an average salary of 25K (SAP Data) Ta rge t Cost Sa vings 06/07 Target Cost per Hire % 13% Predicted Starters Graded 300 Non Graded 300 Total 600 Cost per Hire £3,250 Total Spend £1,950,000 Predicted savings (based on cost per hire) from 05/06 £600,000 These figures are based on an average salary of 25K (SAP Data) “Within the first year of the contract, Independent brought significant cost and time savings to our recruitment programme together with the kind of clarity and efficiency that only comes through a real understanding of the recruitment process.” Group Head of Procurement, Northern Foods plc
  14. 14. EMI
  15. 15. KCOM Group
  16. 16. • On-Site Resourcing Team implemented 2006 (trial period) • Responsibility for all recruitment across KCOM Group (except Contact Centres) • Integrated part of HR team • Subsequent contract extensions through to March 2010 • Generated gross savings circa £500k per annum • Service scope extension to include all Contractor Hiring across KCOM Group effective from April 09
  17. 17. Head of HR Operations Operational Strategic Success Improvement Sarah Ward Account Director Pamela Charlotte Julia Carter Contractor Hemingway Stephenson Management Affiniti KCOM KCOM Team Recruitment Recruitment Resourcing HR and Contractor Management Technology
  18. 18. Financial Savings YTD SBU Gross £ saving YTD Affiniti £106,540 GCO £13,856 KC £95,793 BTTS £18,897 Corporate Centre £25,488 Group Total £260,574
  19. 19. Tube Lines
  20. 20. •Total Resourcing Audit identifying over £250k of savings in 1st 6 months • Complete process review including new employer brand approach • Reward Audit working with Senior Leadership team on appropriate reward strategy for future growth • On and off site ongoing HR and Resourcing support on key projects • Flexible Resourcing model to build sustainable successful recruitment platform for planned growth
  21. 21. Morrisons
  22. 22. Recruitment of new HR Team Senior Search Process implemented External Talent Mapping Program Implementation of Resource Planning process Implementation of Values based Resourcing Talent & ER Programs On site Resourcing Management 50% reduction in cost per hire 50% reduction in attrition in HO Implementation of Resourcing model across 3 Divisions Over 1,000 hires this year alone Over £1m cost savings from Resourcing process Platform for evolution
  23. 23. Campaign Management
  24. 24. Resourcing Coordination Temporary & Contract Labour Supply Temporary & Contract Labour Supply Project Mgr - Sarah Powell Trading Redeployment & Internal Mobility Redeployment & Internal Mobility Best Practice Recruitment Tools Best Practice Recruitment Tools Total Hires 47 Interview & Selection Process Retail Ops Project Mgr – Phil Clarke Project Manager – Phil Clarke Project Manager – Phil Clarke Employer Branding Raising the Bar Resource Planning Resource Planning Total Hires 60 Project Manager - TBD Project Manager - TBD Project Manager - TBD Project Manager - TBD Project Mgr – Sarah Powell IT / Evolve Total Hires 42 Project Mgr – Abigail Whitton Payroll Phil Clarke Total Hires 18 TBD TBD TBD TBD Project Mgr – Sarah Powell PR & Marketing Total Hires 18 Project Mgr - TBD Manufacturing Total Hires - 78 Infrastructure Needs Action Steps Recruit & develop Resourcing Project Management Resource Planning meetings with Heads of Function by year end capability Recruitment of 4 new Resourcing heads by year end Recruit & develop Resourcers directly targeting talent & Employer Brand messages established by end Jan 08 competition Internal Redeployment process established by end Jan 08 Implement appropriate tools & technology to support the New Resourcing model & tools in place & operational by end April 08 (Phase 1 team Management & Professional level only) Cohesive central Resourcing support service to all Morrisons business (Phase 1 Head Office and Management & Professional level only)
  25. 25. Why Independent Ltd? Over 1,000 hires per year for our clients Over £1 million cost savings per year High profile FTSE100 projects A leading provider of independent HR services
  26. 26. Totally independent HR advice