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Neil and barthes


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Neil and barthes

  1. 1. NEALE AND By Sarah B x 2 BARTHES
  2. 2. ROLAND BARTHESRoland Barthes is known for his theory on semiotics:Semiotics is the study of signs and their use or interpretation;This can include:Words or numbersRoad signsFlagsColoursLogo’sThese are all associated with meaningswhich in different situations can meandifferent things. They therefore allow theaudience to have an immediateunderstanding.
  3. 3. ROLAND BARTHESFor example the colour red could mean: Danger Anger Hot Stop Love
  4. 4. ROLAND BARTHESBarthes wanted to create a way for people to deepen theirunderstanding of language, literature, and society.Semiotics can be seen in many types of media including films, videogames and music videos.Semiotics is used so that the audience knows how they are supposedto perceive a character/ film/ article.A critique of reality, through a veil of interpretations.Examples of semiotics in films:Horror – Dark lighting / clothing, ShadowsRom Com – Soft lighting, the colour redCrime - Rough/ Tough appearances, Weapons, Skinheads
  5. 5. STEVE NEALE Steve Neale came up with a theory about genre, believing: “Genres are instances of repetition and difference”“difference is absolutely essential to the economy of genre”
  6. 6. STEVE NEALEGenre in the media:Genre in the media is shown through various qualities:Fonts usedClothingMusicColourHair stylesLanguageThese allow audiences tounderstand who theproducts are aimed at.