Lighting research


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Lighting research

  1. 1. MUSIC VIDEO 1 On the left is a very bright scene, making the singer stand out as she is darker than her surroundings. This effectively makes her the main focus; it is likely that the lighting in this scene was created with bright lights positioned the other side of the window, making it appear natural light while more would have faced the singer to prevent shadows over her front. This next clip is also from in sidethe house and clearly shows thereare lights on the left of the stairs,to make the staircase (probably a naturally dark area) brighter. The position of the lights is shownfrom the shadow of the singer on the wall but once again does notappear artificial and just creates a summery, happy setting to contrast with her attitude after waking up. On the left, the same video shows the signer outside, cycling along. However, the lighting is clearly the same brightness as inside the house, suggesting the director planned this to keep the lighting throughout the video consistent. There may have been additional lights in this scene too, to avoid shadows on her face but it is likely the lighting inside was planned to match this natural light.
  2. 2. MUSIC VIDEO 2 At the start of the music video, the character appears quite mysterious as we can only see her silhouette; this would have been created by filming her in front of a brighter background without light any light facing her from the where the camera is positioned. A few scenes within this music video show the characters outdoors. As with the previous music video, I believe naturallight was used in these scenes as it is a light environment anyway.However, lighting may have beenused to prevent any shadows but if so would have been fairly dull to meet the cloudy, dull appearance of the setting they are in and to avoid it looking unrealistic. This clip shows the two characters indoors. The lighting in the bathroom is probably naturally dark as no windows can be so and so it likely artificial lighting was used to make both characters easy to see without shadows being over them. As with the previous video, the lighting both inside and outside has been carefully controlled to look similar and keep it consistent throughout the video.