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In what ways does your media product use


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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In what ways does your media product use

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Our video both challenges and meets the typical conventions of music videos today. We felt we had to meet the traditional conventions of music videos today in order to interest the audience and for it to look professional. However the changes we’ve made, try to interest the audience more, as it reflects the storyline and song lyrics well.Characters Through research and watching music videos, it has enabled me to get a thorough understanding of what makes a good one and therefore, tried to insert into our own music video. Music videos of today normally include the main protagonist (normally themselves) featuring other, less important, characters. We imported these ideas with main protagonist, ‘Elle’, with a male friend Harry, who’s featured less, and finally Sarah, who is even more disregarded. Each depicts their role in the story of the song.
  3. 3. Lip syncing A popular concept is the lip syncing of the protagonist, which we have incorporated into our music video successfully. The lip syncing included makes the character more involved, but also the audience, as ‘Elle’ is explaining her situation through the camera. We involved this because, through research, we saw this as a popular and successful concept within a music video. Our actress also expressed the correct emotion visually with her facial expression, which conveyed the feelings within the song.Camera shots, angles and movements We carefully performed and practiced the certain camera angles that we wanted to use, we also aimed to use interesting and diverse camera angles to portray the feelings of the protagonist. Including high shots, during the smoking and drinking scenes, which depicted her isolation and loneliness. This technique was also used earlier to demonstrate her frustration with the situation that she has found herself in. but this transforms to a low shot in the bathroom, evoking how she is clear into what she is going to do with herself. The video also included close up and medium to convey the emotions felt by the characters, along with long ones to set the scene.
  4. 4. Camera shots, angles and movement (continued) Moreover, we included rotation (360 degree pan) during the argument scene, to try and make the audience more involved within the video. Also, the effect of the zoom connected the audience more, and also made it clear what characters were involved.Editing Cross Fading Slide Transitions In between some of our clips, we used this effect which blended the two scenes together smoothly. It also helped us to link two different time periods within the video. But for this we used the ‘Cross Dissolve’ Cutting to the beat After watching several videos, it was a another common technique used by music videos – making it more exciting. We completed this technique well. Increasing music video pace as tempo increases At one point in the song it goes into instrumental which is of fast pace. So we sped up the tempo by using short, quick cut clips during the smoking and drinking stage. Furthermore, the pace also reflects the emotion of the protagonist, rage and frustration.
  5. 5. Editing (continued) Use of colour filters Some videos alternate between past and present, via the use of colour filters. For example in Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”, and as this was very successful we decided to implant it into our own music video. Black & White demonstrating the past, and normal colour representing the present. The feedback we received conveyed how good and successful this aspect was. Storyline Our storyline is simple and includes flashbacks, making the storyline complex and dissimilar to theories. Todorov believes there’s five structures for a narrative. Starting with the plot and ending with a reinstatement of events. Therefore our product challenges the theory, showing no progress. The three middle parts include disruption of plot, recognition of disruption and attempt to repair. However, ours could be seen to do this, as Elle confronts the situation. However, there is constant disruption and no resolution. The feedback was good and said how well we interpreted the situation, and that the audience enjoyed it.