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A2 Media - Package analysis - My Chemical Romance


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a2 media package analysis mcr

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A2 Media - Package analysis - My Chemical Romance

  1. 1. Music video package My Chemical Romance
  2. 2. As part of my research task, I shall be analysing three components of My Chemical Romance’s Album, ‘Danger Days’. These three components will be:  The CD Packaging  A music video for the album  Magazine advertisements for the album
  3. 3. Album cover analysis  No photos of band anywhere on the outer packaging  Distorted look  Desert theme  Both the front and back image are similar, with the exception of a 'spider' design on the cover. In terms of design, this album cover is relatively simple. This design consists of a photo which has been edited, a simple logo, and the logo for the name of the band and the album title.
  4. 4. Music video analysis Song - ‘Na Na Na’ In the opening sequence to the music video, the location is established before the music kicks in. This establishing shot helps to give the audience an idea of where the music video is set, which also contributes to setting the mood of the video. Throughout the video, we see more of the location (which is mostly the desert), which shows the audience that the video's setting is a post - apocalyptic, dystopian future. There are hints that make it obvious the location is post - apocalyptic, which include a sign with the words, 'DANGER zone 6' and a skeleton lying in the sand. This location also links in with the album cover (which shows a desert). The word 'DANGER' could simply be referencing the album's title, but it may also just represent the dangerous location. Another link between the music video and the album cover is the spider logo shown on the cover of the album and at the beginning of the music video.
  5. 5. Magazine advert analysis As promotion for the bands album, Kerrang magazine featured several advertisements for the upcoming release of ‘Danger Days’. There were seven advertisements which all featured the bands name, album title and a release date (which for some reason is not the same on all seven adverts). Each advertisement was slightly different though, as each one featured lyrics from their upcoming single, ‘Na Na Na’. As well as this, each advertisement featured members of the band, and people that feature in the music video for ‘Na Na Na’. This shows that the band made a decision to link the advertisements to their music video for their main single on their album.
  6. 6. Final thoughts From my analysis, it is clear to see that the band put a lot of attention to detail in creating a 'package' with their music video, album, and album promotion advertisements. You can clearly tell that they go with each other as nothing looks out of place. This could be regarded as the band having a theme for their album, which was reflected through lots of mediums. In terms of my coursework, I could easily create a package with a theme continuing throughout my main and ancillary texts. I think it would be much better to have products relating to each other, apposed to having a different style and theme for each of my products.