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City screen


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Presented to the UTS Symposium Auricle: Sound Cultures of the Future, September 2010.

Published in: Technology
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City screen

  1. 1. Amplifying the city-screen:encounters with contemporary mobile audio practice Auricle: Sound Cultures of the Future September 2010 Sarah Barns
  2. 2. encounters with mobile audio new domains for sound practice
  3. 3. Not so new…Jeremy Hight – Narrative Archaeology (2004) Hildegaard Westerkamp – A Walk Through the City (1981) Telefon Hirmondo – Budapest 1901
  4. 4. encounters with mobile audioUrban sociologists – cultures of ‘social deafness’ Immersed in a private soundscape, engaged in another interactive scene, you do not have to be in the city as a shared perceptual or social space – Fran Tonkiss A “radical auditory re- prioritisation of forms of urban experience” which enables listeners to experience an environment through privatised, mediated fantasies. – Michael Bull
  5. 5. encounters with mobile audioAmplifying spatial excursions – ‘MSG for the senses’Betsy Biggs – ‘cinematic experiencesfor real life’Toby Butler – ‘Memory-scapes’ extend the space of theoral history recording fromoutside the museum contextand into a specific – audiowalks for people who don’tdo audio walks
  6. 6. homing in on the street’s archiveExperiencing a contemporary spacethrough its auditory past Martin Place, VP Day 1945 Martin Place 2008 Martin Place 1945
  7. 7. ABC Sydney Sidetracks
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  9. 9. learning to get lost“Not to find oneself in a city may well be uninterestingand banal. It requires ignorance – nothing more. But tolose oneself in a city – as one loses oneself in a forest –that calls for quite a different schooling”.Walter Benjamin Illuminations