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Brain Plasticity FINAL


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Brain Plasticity FINAL

  1. 1. Mark Kilby @mkilby Visit us at Sarah Baca @sjbaca3 SeeMark Wednesday at “Can You Be Remotely Agile?” at 3:45 pm in Potomac 4!
  2. 2. Law of two feet
  3. 3. Rituals
  4. 4. Encouragement
  5. 5. Jobs
  6. 6. CombinedToolsfor Problem-Solving We change our intentionfrom controllingour environment to coachingfor success.
  7. 7. Wemust view conflictdifferently
  8. 8. Whoever you have placed in chargeof your feelings, you haveplaced in chargeof you.
  9. 9. Empathy Let’s do some emotional cardio!
  10. 10. List 3 –4 needsthat your person might be trying to satisfy.
  11. 11. Focus on what you really want!
  12. 12. Perception
  13. 13. Perception
  14. 14. An Activityto DetermineIntent • A team does notclose a singlestory as part of their sprint • Code coverage goes down dramaticallyover the course of a sprint • Someone islate toevery team meeting
  15. 15. Thank you for … … withus!
  16. 16. Answer these questions: 1. What was most helpful? 2. What was least helpful? 3. What would make thisworkshop better? 4. What is the top thoughtyou willtake home with you? Remember to provide feedback through Agile2015
  17. 17. Resources Consulted Conscious Discipline -Building ResilientClassrooms by Dr. Becky Baily CrucialConversations –ToolsforTalking WhentheStakesareHigh by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny,Ron McMillian, Al Switzer DaringGreatly–HowtheCouragetoBe VulnerableTransformstheWayWeLive, Love, Parent,andLeadby BreneBrown Conscious Discipline YouTubeChannel idance