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Grace Beaman President and CEO Of Natural Health Resources Institute, LLC


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Grace Beaman President and CEO Of Natural Health Resources Institute, LLC. Established in 2004. Grace Reveals Her Latest Breakthrough Formula That Can Turn Your Life Around. This is the ULTIMATE Health Formula! If you suffer From any of these Health Issues then My Longevity Formula can naturally help you with Acne, aging, allergies, alzheimers & dementia, anemia, asthma, CHOLESTEROL, CIRCULATION, CONSTIPATION, DETOXIFY, DIABETES, ENERGY,EYES, FIBROMYLARGIA, GRAY HAIR, HEART HEALTH, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, IMMUNE SYSTEM, INSOMNIA/Sleep, JOINT PAIN, MEMORY, PARASITES, PROSTATE ,PSORIASIS, WEIGHT CONTROL, and WRINKLES. For more Details Call us 941-779-7268 or feel free to visit us online at

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Grace Beaman President and CEO Of Natural Health Resources Institute, LLC

  1. 1. Discover How My Personal Tragedy Helped Me Create A Miracle, All-In-One Anti-Aging, Herbal LONGEVITY Formula Which Now Has The Power To Make You Healthy & Feel Great! 8374 Market Street, Suite 122 Bradenton, FL 34202 941-779-7268 Grace Beaman President and CEO Natural Health Resources Institute, LLC. Established in 2004 Grace Reveals Her Latest Breakthrough Formula That Can Turn Your Life Around … My LONGEVITY FORMULA Naturally Improves Health, Enhances & Can Extend Life! It can be your true FOUNTAIN of YOUTH! You’ll see & feel the difference within days After you start taking it! Order it today & discover for yourself its powerful energizing, rejuvenating & anti-aging effects! It’s Your Turn –Your Time to TRANSFORM Your Health and Life! It is never Too Late or Too Early…. I use only the best quality 100% organic, natural, un-processed, pesticide & chemical free ingredients in a synergetic powdered form, easy for your body to digest, quick to assimilate & absorb in your favorite juice drink or smoothie. For more information or to order my Formula call me Today!
  2. 2. Do You Want To Live Longer, Healthier & Have Lots of Energy? This is the ULTIMATE Health Formula! Do You Suffer From Any of These Health Issues? My LONGEVITY FORMULA can naturally help you with… My Miracle All-in-One, Universal LONGEVITY Formula the true “FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH” can be your answer! Please read the rest of my letter…. • ACNE - to Help in Clearing up your Face & Facial Blemishes! • AGING - to Slow Down Aging & Start Rejuvenating Your Body! • ALLERGIES - to Potentially End Seasonal Allergies! • ALZHEIMERS & DEMENTIA - to Protect & Improve Memory Function! • ANEMIA - to deliver all the Minerals & Vitamins your body is depleted of! • ASTHMA - to Help with your Asthma and Bronchitis! • CHOLESTEROL - to Help Lower Your Cholesterol! • CIRCULATION - to Improve Your Cardiovascular Health! • CONSTIPATION - to Provide Regular Healthy Bowel Movements! • DETOXIFY - to Clean - Improve Your Liver and Kidney Functions! • DIABETES - to Help Balance & Control Blood Sugar! • ENERGY - to Boosts Your Energy Levels! • EYES - to Sharpen Your Vision & Improve Your Eyesight! • FIBROMYLARGIA - to Relieve the Muscle Pain! • GRAY HAIR - to Slowly Reverse Gray Hair into your Natural Color! • HEART HEALTH - to Promote a Healthy & Stronger Heart! • HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE - to Promote Lower Blood Pressure! • IMMUNE SYSTEM - to Help Strengthen Your Immune System! • INSOMNIA/Sleep - to Help you Sleep Deeper, Longer, Better! • JOINT PAIN - to Help Relieving Joint Pain & Inflammation! • LIVER & KIDNEYS - to Cleanse your Liver and Kidneys! • MEMORY- to Improve your Memory & Brain function! • PARASITES - to Help Elimination of all the Parasites & Worms! • PROSTATE - to Help to Reduce Prostate Problems! • PSORIASIS - to Help with Skin Disorders & Eczema Problems! • SEX DRIVE - to Improve Sexual Libido in Men & Desire in Women! • WEIGHT CONTROL - to Slim Down to Your Ideal Weight!  WRINKLES - to Build Collagen & Soften Wrinkles over time!
  3. 3. From the desk of Grace Beaman Dear Friend, Traveling and seeing the world has always been first on my list of dreams... which has come true for me. As a successful direct mail marketer and publisher for the last 20 years, as well as a frequent guest speaker at many seminars across the country, plus, personally being an avid traveler searching for health secrets around the world… I was driven by another secret passion, which became my mission in life.. to help others. There is no better way to live than to help people live longer and be healthier! Behind my various successes, I’ve been seeking out natural health secrets because of a promise I made when I was stricken with devastating news in my life. After many years of study, research and personal tests, my discoveries have led me to developing, ultimately, creating my own hand crafted, natural, herbal line of anti-aging, LONGEVITY, life extension Formula to address many of the common illnesses we statistically experience, as we grow older. This unique All-in-One, Universal, made of only best quality, all natural and 100% organic ingredients formula is crafted to enrich, naturally improve and optimize your health and increase longevity. Before we go on… Let me introduce myself. This way you’ll know who it is you’re dealing with. My name is Grace Beaman. I’m a successful Direct Marketing Publisher and have been in this industry for over 20 years. I’ve been a guest speaker at many Publishing and Marketing Seminars. I have the experience and earned success the hard way in the trenches, one failure at a time. I have many loyal customers, who I’ve helped along the way. You can become one of them, and simultaneously, achieve success and optimum health. I’d like to share my personal story with you which I know will truly inspire you… Through this journey you’ll learn how I achieved Superior Health and how during the last 20 long years of studies, research, experimenting, testing and understanding all the secrets to Longevity and everything connected to Health, I’ve developed a Miracle, Universal, All-in-One formula. This unique formula now has the power to make you healthier, to live longer, to be happier, to have all the energy you want all day long right from the start. This is truly amazing, far Superior to anything you ever tried. Now it is your chance to discover and try My LONGEVITY Formula! 3 One of Many Success Stories: Suffered with “Psoriasis” for 30 years & your LONGEVITY Formula UNEXPECTEDLY helped clear up my battle with Psoriasis in less than 21 days… For over 30 years Grace, I’ve suffered from a serious case of “Psoriasis patches” all over my exterior skin – arms, legs, neck, scalp, etc.. Worse yet, for all these years I’ve been on every medication & all kinds of drugs to help me clear up my topical skin disorder… a real bad and embarrassing case of Psoriasis. Your l Longevity Formula works magic… I was honestly shocked as it started to clear it up for me in a matter of just a few weeks. I didn’t know it would work on this but it’s working better than anything I’ve tried. After two months it is 85% gone. But, I didn’t order the LONGEVITY Formula for my ongoing battle with my Psoriasis condition (I really didn’t think anything would work for it – I felt like I just had to live with it and try to control it with medication/drugs with terrible side-affects). I just wanted to feel better and have more energy. Well, I feel much better and have much more energy than I ever expected, thanks to you and your herbal, all natural organic LONGEVITY Formula….. Ron Spohn, WA
  4. 4. My LONGEVITY Formula Can Naturally & Simply Help Following: ACNE Relief Relief for ACNE, Pimples, Skin Blemishes. ASTHMA Relief Naturally restores breathing and calms the breathing passageways. ARTHRITIS Relief Naturally helps with the inflammation and calcification of your joints. BRAIN – MEMORY It helps to improve memory and brain function. Polish Immigrant enters the US with 2 leather suitcases and less than $20 in her pocket… Here’s the story in a nutshell. It is simple, honest and humble. This background will help you to understand how I got to where I am today and how you stand to benefit from my personal discoveries. I was born in Krakow, Poland. During my youth, as far back as I can remember until the year I left for the US at the age of 24, I had always dreamed of coming to US to create a new beginning in this country full of opportunity and to go on to travel and see the world. In 1981 right after my graduation from the University with a degree in Economics, I left my country, my home, my parents, my relatives and friends and watching my parents crying waving good bye to me at the airport. I was on the way to America! That was over 30 years ago but it seems just like yesterday. The separation was very hard on me, I cried many nights missing it all, but the same time I knew that I could start my life on my own. I had decided to explore opportunities not available in my country at that time. I was being held back. The communist foot print didn’t have room for entrepreneurs and independence. I wanted to experience more. I wanted my dreams to become a reality. I was very lucky to have a great life, full of many happy years. But, life is full of surprises… you never know when things can change or when out of nowhere tragedy can strike and turn your life upside down. This is what happened to me. I was living the “Good Life”… I took nothing for granted and savored every minute of the good fortune I had found in the United States. I remember feeling very lucky, even blessed. Especially, being happily married to a man I loved deeply and adored with all my heart. If you have truly loved someone then you know what I mean. My husband had an important job as a V.P. in a Construction company and it was booming in southern California back then. Living the American Dream! I was working in a travel agency and had all the benefits of free and discounted travel available to travel agents. We had just moved to a new home in an upscale area with all my dreams having come true. We were a successful couple! Pregnant and happy, I was ready to burst (no kidding) with another part of my dream like life. A few months later our son, Adam, was born. We were filled with joy and the blessings only a newborn child can bring. He came out a happy child, and has been a true blessing ever since. Two days later after giving birth and still feeling the magic of childbirth, I returned home from the hospital with a beautiful little boy with big blue eyes, all wrapped in my arms fast asleep. I was, as I’m sure most women are with their first born, still overwhelmed with the experience. I had no idea my life was about to be turned upside down! It went from sheer joy to a long lasting sadness filled with sorrow and an ocean of quiet tears I still experience years later. It was an emptiness I live with today and continued to silently torment me for many years. 4
  5. 5. The timing could not have been any worse. Tragic news seldom is. It was the most dreadful and the most terrible jolt of my life. Unexpectedly, Tragedy Strikes at Home! In a quivering voice and almost a whisper my husband told me, “He was so sorry to let me and Adam down. He said, “He had just been diagnosed with terminal colon CANCER… and that’s all I heard. He then told me he was scheduled to go into surgery in a few days!” As he told me this news, its impact instantly shattered my perfect dream world. For a few minutes, time and space froze. I was honestly left speechless. Everything came crashing down on me and ended in an abrupt halt. Today, unlike any time before, I now, fully understand, why I was helpless, so frustrated and totally beside myself in October of 1989 when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. At that time, like so many others caught in the same trap, I’ve met along the way, there was nothing I could do watching my husband slowly, painfully die before me. Saying goodbye to my Lloyd and our son’s father… 1990 becomes a year that brings tragedy and sadness to our lives! Here's Adam a few years older when be bends down and kisses his Father's Grave to say Goodbye in his own way... I didn’t want to let go, but I had to say goodbye to the man who filled my life with joy and who I loved so much and who loved me in return. Unnecessary suffering and ultimately death are the end result and the price you pay for not knowing better! I understand this may be hard to accept, and that, at first hearing this most people will reject what I’m telling you but, from the personal, tragic experience of losing my husband I know this statement above to be true and accurate. Particularly, since you’re not currently armed with the knowledge and the secrets or the ancient wisdom I’ve uncovered and accumulated over the last 20 years! My husband took his final breath and died from colon cancer a year and 2 days after our son Adam was born. My Journey and Mission in life began - Since that day, I’ve been on a quiet mission searching for natural health and healing secrets for the last 20 years after ever so reluctantly becoming a widow with a newborn son. I’m telling you this because it’s important. I really don’t want this same type of thing happening to you and your loved ones. The entire experience is typically, consuming, overwhelming, devastating for everyone involved, including the person suffering. In one way or another, the tragedy affects everyone who is close in the family. My LONGEVITY Formula Can Naturally & Simply Help Following: CONSTIPATION Relief Helps to solve constipation problems and promotes regular bowel movements! DIABETES Helps balance and control sugar balance! ENERGY BOOST Increase your energy, alertness, endurance, and improve mood.
  6. 6. My LONGEVITY Formula Can Naturally & Simply Help Following: EYESIGHT Improves vision and maintaining your overall eyesight & eye health. CHOLESTEROL It helps in lowering your Cholesterol. HEALTHY HEART Help builds a stronger, healthier heart. HEALTHY HAIR Helps grow a stronger, thicker hair & slowly changing to a natural color! In many more cases than I really want to admit “disease, prolonged illness, medical problems, hospitalization, surgeries and death will come to pass” because, most people initially ignore my earnest effort to reach out to them. And, to give them these same secrets I’ve uncovered to help avoid the tragedy they ultimately, unknowingly are going to be facing… unfortunately, it is inevitable and saddening for most couples and families. You can, however, be pro-active and honestly avoid the suffering and stop the pain, the sadness, disorientation and sense of loss of a spouse or loved one that a terminal disease and illness always brings on. There is a way… Life is a Precious Gift! As is the gift of health and the body that preserves it. Never underestimate how short life can be or, how quickly it can end in a flash! Unfortunately, we all undervalue, and do not fully respect or appreciate life, good health and our well being until it is at the cusp of losing it. If I knew then what I know today, I believe my loving husband would still be alive and well! “We all tend to take our health for granted, until it’s too late!” I am sure deep down inside you already know this. Especially, if you’ve lost someone because of health problems or have had a loved one tied up in the hospital and bedridden for any period of time after a major surgery. Or, after an unexpected accident and the totality of how nerve racking, and typically, frustrating, futile and exhausting the entire experience can be dealing with doctors, specialists, the hospital, health care system and what the insurance will cover and what it won’t. And, ultimately the outrageous hospital bills that are sure to follow and that are almost impossible to figure out! I went through it all… A Simple Promise! The promise to myself was simple; “After our son lost his father prematurely, that was enough! I would never let any health problem get in the way of my living a full, energized and vibrant life for my son and our future!” I’ve kept that personal promise… And, I would go on to develop a life enhancing formula which would keep me healthy, alive and in good health for my son. And that, overtime I would pass on that secret life preserving formula to others to help them to avoid all the unnecessary pain and suffering in their own lives. Why suffer… when you don’t have to? If you are not truly happy with life, as you now live it, I do understand and can relate to those feelings. There was a time I thought life was cruel and unfair. I was mentally and emotionally drained, exhausted, sad and deeply saddened over my loss. Even if you are not in good health or think that you are too old… Remember, it is never not too late to take the steps that can begin delivering Optimal Health so you can enjoy life to its fullest and potentially extend your life span. My Longevity Discoveries Are Not an Accident! After reluctantly letting go and becoming a widow holding a one year old son, I’ve been on a personal mission behind the scenes over the last 20 years truly searching for the real natural healing and Optimal Health secrets to ensure longevity, anti-aging, life extension, age-reversal, etc., for developing my formulas.
  7. 7. One of many Success story: 15 Years of Suffering from Leg Cramps GONE! “Dear Grace - Started the product (LONGEVITY Formula) to begin slowing down my aging so as to have much happier senior years Nov 28. After the first week I noticed my "Leg Cramps" had disappeared... they are gone! There used to be many times I'd have to get up in the middle of the night and go sit in the bathroom with great pain to get there and just sit there till my leg pain/cramps had gone. This disrupted my sleep for many a night over the last 10 to 15 years. Even when I would be getting my socks on, the craps would sneak upon me... NOT ANY MORE! If that were the only benefit that would be worth it already... but, I know more benefits will begin. Because I joined you and being a Senior with limited money I went totally into overdraft and even had a few bouncing checks... Together, we can all do good!” Henry Bergen 72 years old Canada I was determined to study and apply all the secrets and taking my superfoods, organic fruits, veggie, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and herbal combination and developed over many years to be sure I remained healthy, vibrant, energized to be there for my one year old son. Later, as I saw things more clearly I was also determined to go on to help others enjoy optimum health and to live longer! A Personal Transformation! Only after much prayer and soul-searching, did I realize I had to take specific steps and positive action to turn my life around and recapture the “Joy of Living - Being Alive” and by being grateful before God for the “Gift of Life” itself. First, I did it for my one year old son and his future and next, myself. During this time of personal introspection I became aware of the fact that I was not alone. Increasingly, many people and their families, millions were suffering and dying from health related issues and struggling through financial problems. With those insights the Transformation began… I’ve come to believe God not only helps those who help themselves, but also, helps those who help others! Now you know why I decided then, to redirect my life and to be dedicated to helping others enjoy a better life and to help improve their health and to achieve abundance health by making it possible for those beloved in me by simply staying on my LONGEVITY Formula. Making A difference! If I can help one person or a family at a time avoid the Pain and suffering I went through then, my research and work will have paid off. In fact… if I can help you and your family steer clear of the type of personal heartbreak I experienced, then please consider my story, this confession a blessing in disguise, because that’s what it is. There’s more… I was focused on a goal! First I’ve helped myself., my son, my parents, my family and friends to stay healthy, to never be sick, even to stay away from flu, colds etc. My family is staying away from the doctors and hospital visits. I have introduced my Longevity Formula a few years ago to many of my loyal customers from the last 20 years in the publishing industry. Today I want to go on to help you, your family and thousands of families who are currently unprepared and will otherwise go on to suffer needlessly, as my husband and I did! After many years of research and the rigors of testing on friends and relatives, including my 84 years young mother, the life-enhancing results and health improvements from my herbal formula have been nothing short of amazing. My goal is to help you to get healthy, stay healthy, feel and look younger than your age, really be happy and to live a long, peaceful life without the stress from unnecessary or prolonged illnesses, doctor and hospital visits, multiple medication regiments, avoidable surgeries and whatever else illness and sickness brings as you age! You can grow older without succumbing to the old age statistics and dying pre- maturely from illness or disease or by becoming helplessly bedridden and incapacitated. The life giving formula are found along with "others” with my miracle Formula to act as an extra strength accelerator dietary food supplements 7
  8. 8. Success Story… “EXTRA ENERGY! Crazy as it Sounds, I’m feeling better, lost weight, looks younger and I am hooked on your Formula! Grace, Your Longevity Formula really works for me. I didn’t know what to expect at first but, I’ve got to tell you I’m feeling better all the time. More Energy… more Spunk… I’m feeling much more clear in my thinking… even more Relaxed… not so tense, like I had been feeling for a long time. I’m over 60 and don’t feel like it anymore. I can’t really explain the affect only that its making me feel better and more alive… not so tired or run down. I actually have lost some weight, just like you promised. I even sleep better at night. I can’t really explain it but it is really helping me. Oh, by the way the website is a real pleasure to read and study. I can see your sincerity and that you have put your heart into helping me and others… Bless you Grace Gudren B, NJ to begin working on every cell and tissue in your entire system as each herbal formula applies to specific health problems and health challenges for general and specific health improvements. Now, let’s get to the health secrets I uncovered and how it can affect our product sales and your profit centers and your personal health and bring the full Blessings of abundance and prosperity into your life! Let’s face a simple Fact - Science has proven Every Cell in our body needs to be fed and properly nourished nutritionally in order for it to function properly… and at the end of the day to defend, repair and rejuvenate itself. I address this by helping the body with the special herbs, super-foods and the special vitamins and minerals that begin nourishing, re-building and rejuvenating, and to naturally remove and get rid of all the toxins (the toxic build up, which accumulates and occurs naturally through the normal aging process) by drawing the toxicity out of your organs; like liver, kidneys, colon, and even brain and your heart. In essence cleaning up the house gradually. The balance of Your Life and Health is always in your hands! After all, it is your health and well being that are on the line here! You must use Nature’s herbs, fruits, vegetables and other food to naturally clean your body and blood first, so it is better oxygenated and to improve circulation making it easier for the heart to pump. When your blood is clean, your body is becomes alkalized and balanced naturally. I’ve seen remarkable results that bring the joy of health to those who were constantly dealing with health issues and chronic health problems. It's your turn to live a healthy, long disease free life. It’s in a natural alkalized state you remove the seed and foundation of disease, illness, or your health challenge or problem, which typically, cannot survive in a balanced, alkalized and oxygenated system. Disease can only thrive in an acidic environment, ie; dirty blood and colon full of impacted fecal matter creating a toxic state of imbalance. My formula is designed to slowly remove layers of impacted waste (toxicity) stemming from your diet and accumulated over many years on your colon walls. Some folks will recognize an immediate difference in their attitude, moodiness, energy levels and experience dropping a dress size or more or shrinking a waist size or two in the first 90 days… naturally! Most importantly, you can begin to experience steady, reliable improvements to your health overtime. That wouldn’t be so bad now, would it? My Discoveries! My exclusive all natural, organic, life extension, anti-aging, LONGEVITY Formula not only can make people feel and look better, they give people, the user/s, something more important than money, the joy of living a new, improved, happier and healthier life! Take a look at the next page with the list of over 96 nutritious Ingredients bringing the necessary balance to your body… 8
  9. 9. Acai Powder Activated Barley Powder Alfalfa Grass Powder Aloa Vera Amla Powder Apricot Seed Powder Ashwanagha Powder Astragalus Root Bacopa Monnieri Banana Powder Baobab Fruit Powder Barley Juice Powder Bee Pollen Beet Root Powder Blackberry Powder Black Currant Juice Black Walnut Powder Blueberry Powder Bladderwrack Powder Bilberry Powder Brohmi Powder Broccoli Powder Clove Powder Carrot Powder Cascara Sagarda Cinnamon Powder Cayenne Powder Celery Seed Powder Cinnamon Powder Chamomile Powder Cha De Burge Chlorella CQ10 Powder Dandelion Leaf Powder Dulse Powder Eleuthero Root Powder Elder Berry Powder Fo-Ti Root Powder Garcinia Cambogia Ginkgo Leaf Powder Ginger Root Ginseng Powder Goldenseal Powder Grape Seed Powder Green Pea Protein Grapefruit Skin Powder Gravila Powder Goji Berry Extract Gotu Kola Powder Green Papaya Powder Guarana Seed Hawthorn Berries Horsetail Powder Kelp Powder Larch Tree Powder Lemon Peel Powder Maca Root Powder Mangosteen Powder Maringa Powder Maquiberry Powder Milk Thistle Powder Mucuna Pruriens Mulberry Fruit Powder Neem Leaf Powder Nettle Leaf Powder Noni Fruit Powder Nopal Cactus Powder Omega 3- Brain Power Orange Peel Powder Pearl Powder Pomegranate Powder Purple Corn Powder Purple Aronia Red Raspberry Powder Rose Hip Powder Salvia Miltiorizha Root Sea Buckthorn Powder Schisandra Berry Slippery Elm Powder Spinach Powder Spirulina Powder Stevia Leaf Powder Strawberry Powder Tongkat Ali Triphala Powder Turmeric Root Powder Turkey Rhubarb Root Valerian Root Powder Vitamin D3 Powder Wild Yam Wheat Grass Juice Yarrow Leaf & Flower Yacon Powder Zink Discover My Miracle, Universal, All-in-One, Anti-Aging Natural LONGEVITY Formula Improves Health, Enhances & Can Extend Life 96 + INGREDIENTS I use only the best quality of 100% organic, natural, un-processed, un-heated, chemicals and pesticides free ingredients in a synergetic powder form. It is superb blend of most potent, hand selected herbs, specific Anti-Oxidant Fruits, Greens, Vegetables, Pro-Biotics, Super Foods, Sea Vegetables, Algaes, Vitamins, Minerals, Kyotens & Enzymes. This is the ULTIMATE Anit-Aging Health Formula! Try It Today!
  10. 10. My LONGEVITY Formula Can Naturally & Simply Help Following: IMMUNE SYSTEM Helps strengthen your immune system, including ANEMIA! JOINT PAIN Helps reduce your joint pain, body aches and general stiffness. KIDNEYS Helps cleanse your Kidneys and function better! LIVER Helps cleanse & detox your liver! This is the only Health Formula You Will Ever Need! No kidding… My formula serves nutritionally as the best and most complete dietary food supplement on your plate. How and why? Most (not all) supplements, and other Formulas are made of a cheaper mix of the conventional products. Even if you take other supplement powders and they are not organically grown, they can contain lower counts – upwards of 95% less minerals, vitamins, enzymes and the vital nutrients your body requires. You can also feed yourself with all the same chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides, but in a potent form, so you ingesting even more potentially harmful chemicals. That's throwing good, hard earned money out the window. You're wasting your money on many supplement products. I know because I too have spent a lot of money myself before I put it all together and figured it out. My Experience… I know that my Anti-Aging LONGEVITY Formula can do wonders for you in reversing the aging clock and will improve your overall health and wellbeing and will improve your overall health and wellbeing by working towards achieving the Optimal Health Goal, and to help naturally address your health challenges as it has worked for me and my family. I first try everything on myself... Natural Health Improvements. The improvements to your health will happen naturally, gradually overtime from properly feeding your body what it needs nutritionally daily. My herbal based formulas act as dietary, food supplementation to nutritionally feed your body what it needs to become balanced, vibrant, energized, healthy, responsive, uncongested, detoxified and to improve and boost your immune system and overall body functions. I have not cut corners but have provided only the very best vital nutritional ingredients. All of My Formulas and Blends are the best products you can find today on the market. They are all in a raw, powdered form, all 100% certified organic, no chemical spray or pesticides, no fillers, no GMO. It’s NEVER Too late To Transform Your Life! My natural herbal based dietary Formula have the strong, natural restorative power to potentially deliver remarkable transformational results on the list below and much more! Read on but first… Answer these 3 questions for yourself; 1. Would you like to Slow Down or Reverse the Aging Process and uncover the Secrets to Anti-Aging, LONGEVITY and even Age Reversal? 2. Would You like to Regain Your Health, Energy, Vitality & Sex Drive… all Naturally? 3. Do you want to live to 100 or longer and be healthy, vibrant, energized and free of chronic sickness and age related illness, diseases and old age memory problems? If your answers are all YES, then please continue reading my letter as you owe it to yourself to learn more about the choices in life we have and how you can be in control of our DESTINY and the quality of the balance of your life!
  11. 11. Anti-Aging - LONGEVITY Herbal Formula Is like no other. A quiet little miracle! My universal All-in-One Anti-Aging - LONGEVITY Formula is now a complete formula ready for YOU to use daily… and it acts as its own quiet little Miracle designed to help support every aspect of your entire body’s nutritional needs and requirements in your body’s incredibly complex system…all at once! My Formula starts steadily working on your body the day you begin taking it by energizing and cleaning as it goes to work nutritionally to cleanse and feed your entire system. As I’ve said before, and I’ll keep saying, "It's like no other natural, organic formula to help promote renewal of your life forces… energy…vitality… balance… health and wellbeing as it begins… An unexpected House Cleaning, an essential step in maintaining a younger spirit that start’s your body’s natural rejuvenation clock TICKING! Just imagine that you are bringing a cleaning crew to clean your house. (Stay with me, as I refer to your body as a house.) The crew will need the tools and necessary products to start cleaning every room of your house… to dust, vacuum, and wash your floors, scrub your bathrooms and moving from room to room… the crew will continue cleaning till the house is spotless and let’s not forget squeaky - clean windows inside and out. That’s their job. FACT/Reality Check: It’ll take longer if the house is filthy dirty and much less time if the house was always kept neat and clean – Fact: For some reason 98% of the time it is not clean or well maintained. Most bodies are overweight, tired, run down, sluggish, toxic and not in tip top shape. Some are actually a real mess inside… years of accumulation sitting in the colon and having never really been flushed out of your system, which coincidentally, is often the root cause of illness and chronic health problems leading to disease. You’ll see & feel the difference within days after you start taking it. Try it today to BEGIN experiencing its powerful energizing effect! You can start your anti-aging - LONGEVITY journey with me now… and, I will take you by the hand and assist you in any way I can. Just remember, I am not a licensed doctor. I am not a pharmacist, a trained or practicing herbalist, or alternative health provider, or homeopathic doctor or registered nurse, dietician, hands-on-healer, shaman or anything of that sort. I’m letting you know up front that I have not gone to school for any medical, nursing or dietary schooling or naturopaths, homeopaths, or herbalists education or nutritional training. And, I specifically don’t make any medical claims or make any unrealistic or silly promises, mostly so that, I don’t create any unrealistic or false expectations. Now, let’s get real… My LONGEVITY Formula Can Naturally & Simply Help Following: PARASITES It is your best insurance against dangerous invading parasites & worms. PROSTATE It helps to reduce prostate problems. PSORIASIS It helps with the skin disorders, clearing up the effected area of the skin. WEIGHT CONTROL It helps naturally regulate your ideal body weight.
  12. 12. I am working with over 96 + Ingredients…. Disease Can Only Thrive In An Acidic, Toxic Environment, Dirty Blood, Toxic Liver, Kidneys & Colon! My formula is designed to help slowly remove layers of old, decaying, impacted waste stemming from your diet and accumulated over many years on your colon walls. As it begins to work… most folks are surprised and will recognize an immediate difference in their attitude, moodiness, energy levels and experience naturally dropping a dress size or more or shrinking a waist size or two in the first 90 days… naturally! Most importantly, you can begin to see and experience steady, reliable changes and improvements to your health overtime. That wouldn’t be so bad now, would it? Do not expect instant changes! I say this particularly in the first 30 days as my program does not promote taxing your physical system, organs and overall health. Slow, easy and reliable is the foundational bases of my program. From my experience… I know factually, that my Anti-Aging LONGEVITY Formula I’ve created, can do wonders for you in activating the anti-aging clock and the privilege of slowing down the clock and experiencing longevity, as it is meant to be naturally, and to improve your overall health and wellbeing, and to help directly or indirectly naturally address your health issues or challenges… just as it has worked for me and members of my family, my Friends and it is working for many of my customers Any advice I give you is based on personal, hands-on-experience and must be viewed and taken only as my personal opinion. Again, I am not a doctor. And, clearly it is not meant to be taken as any form of medical advice because it is not. And, if you are naively or foolishly seeking some “instant-cure-all”… or taking a pill for instant results… then, you need to know, there are no false promises or claims of a CURE-ALL here. It’s Your Turn to TRANSFORM Your Health and Life… Take Advantage of it, While You Can! Now, it’s your chance to GIVE MY Universal, All-In-One LONGEVITY Formula An Honest Try and put it to a test for yourself. … What do you have to Lose? Frankly, my LONGEVITY Formula is your personal safe-guard and an investment you make into your health, vitality, wellbeing, happiness and in reality the potential avoidance of becoming another victim in the Healthcare system. Look, I put you and your health first... just, as you should! It is uniquely formulated and you can only find out how the long list of health generating ingredients by experiencing for yourself. Take the formula… TRY IT AND TEST IT! Be patient, as that is the key, as you feel your progress unfold and you begin to make weekly gains and experience what happens naturally! Please read the Q&A on the next two pages and Remember once again… “You are never too young, or too old to turn back the clock, but only you can choose to turn it back!” This choice is Simple and Easy - just Call, Fax or Send your order for MY LONGEVIYT Formula TODAY!
  13. 13. Q. Grace, how old are you? A. Thank you for asking. I just turned 57 this January, 2014! But, I honestly feel like I am 18 years old. People tell me I look like I'm my late thirties or early forties. Since changing my diet I've remained youthful. In fact very little has changed for me over the last 20 years. I don’t know how to explain it to you, but I have all the energy in the world. I can honesty dance up a storm 24/7 without stopping and I just never seem to get tired. I normally sleep 4-6 hours and I always wake up energetic, happy, jumping out of the bed every morning. I am not hyper - just energized from my healthy diet and lifestyle choices. I can pass on all my youthful & longevity secrets when you are ready and join my “Amazing Grace’s Health Nut Club” Q. What is your diet like? A. Many years ago I made some simple lifestyle and diet changes and became a vegetarian. Later, about 14 years ago I changed to primarily a raw food diet, eating mostly plant and organic food, not heated. Occasionally, I would eat a piece of wild fish (Not farmed), lightly steamed veggies, lots of organic lettuce in my salad and lots of fruits, nuts, avocados. And, I do even eat other things, but focus primarily sticking to my vegan, raw lifestyle, which assures me of having an abundance of 24/7 ENERGY, keeps me happy, youthful, young looking and vibrant. You don’t have to follow my lifestyle to be healthy… just add more healthy organic foods wherever possible to your daily diet, and start drinking my recommended morning smoothie by adding my LONGEVITY Formula. You will see and feel the Difference! You’ll receive my favorite recipe for my excellent energizing smoothie when you order my Longevity Formula! Q. Why do you eat this way? AI have to admit after giving up on all dairy products almost 23 years ago, I simply felt much better, No more mucus, No infections, No colds, No flues, No runny nose, No runny eyes, No sore throat, No sluggishness, No headaches, No worries about the seasons changing, No stiff neck. No backaches. No joint soreness or pain. No flue shots (not that I ever took any). My decision to make a diet change… Absolutely made every difference in the world especially in my gums. You too can feel a difference by switching into a non- dairy based diet within 7 to 14 days. It's your choice. I would encourage you to give it a try. Try to add more fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily menu. If you like sweets, instead of fried donuts and fat laden pies, cookies and cakes, switch to a chocolate, 70%-90% dark. I love chocolate. But, if I do eat it has to be bitter. I say “Everything” in moderation. If at all possible "Avoid" red meat as, it is very acidic, and all the disease and illnesses are born/caused in the body from an acidic environment. When taking my Formula and modifying the way you eat, your body will typically automatically change to an alkaline stage in your body! That is the healthy stage you want to achieve as disease, illness and chronic sickness cannot survive in an alkaline environment (oxygenated state) – which ultimately is the normal, healthy state of your body. Q. Do you ever go to the doctor? A. My last visit to a doctor was over 25 years ago when my son, Adam was born. I don’t even have the medical insurance. When my husband Lloyd died, so my health insurance did. I've work for myself so I’d rather spend my money on a quality organic produce and my own LONGEVITY Formula ingredients instead, of paying the insurance company so much money. I have never been sick with the exception when I did consume dairy products or a pasta as it would always cause my gums to swell followed by Tons of mucus and ringing in my ear it would appear if I would continue eating for more than a day or two. The moment I stop eating these foods it the mucus ended, the ringing stopped. Q. How about your son, was he ever sick? A. Yes, till he was 2 years old and I fed him dairy products without knowing any better, he was having always the ear infections. Fortunately, I learned early enough, and for the last 23 years of his life, without mandatory shots, which I have refused to give him during his school years till now, no antibiotics, no medications, without flues or other health problem, he is a healthy, handsome, bright young man. He takes my Formula every morning in our smoothie. He knows by now what to eat and what kind of food to avoid which would cost him any health problems! When he was in High school and needed to have a medical exam for him to play sport. He asked me out of the blue… why he never goes to the doctor, like his friends do. Well, I took him to a Alternative Medicine Doctor, who after giving him a physical exam told him… that, “He should keep up what his mother is doing because he is an exceptionally healthy young boy compare to other children and teens he has seen!” Q.You mentioned that your mom is 86 years young? How is her health? A. She lives with me for 8 months out of the year, and when she takes my Formula and drinks my smoothies every morning, she is always feeling great! She never goes to a doctor, except when she travels to Poland every summer, she goes for a check up on her pacemaker to her own doctor. Unfortunately she got her pacemaker 10 years ago, which in fact could be avoidable by simply changing a die, but she was too far away from me to control it But other than her pacemaker, she is a healthy, happy lady, who I take to the gym 3-4 times a week. She travel to Poland every summer despite of 24 hours travelling time on the planes, she is great! It shows you that no matter how old you are, you can be better! Questions & Answers from Grace… I have many people asking me a lot of questions about my personal diet, my lifestyle, my health in general, my experiences and how I can help them with their health issues and so on. I decided to answer the most common of these questions. The good news is that if you have any questions not covered here, please call me, and I'll do my best and personally talk to you to see how I may be able to help you .
  14. 14. Q. What makes your Formula so different than others on the market? A . I originally designed this formula for myself and then my family's use. That was the main reason that I wanted to use only the best quality ingredients & only organic. I am very careful & selective & in a way obsessed what kind of food I eat. I know for a fact that organic foods as well as organic supplements that are un-processed can be more difficult to find or to buy and costs more. That’s why I made my Formula affordable. Now you too can have the organic ingredients of the highest /best quality in your own home. I don’t make lots of money with my Formula and I am not driven by money like mostly all of the other companies. My goal is to make sure that you & all of my happy customers get daily dose of all the vital nutrients in a form of naturally occurring Minerals & Vitamins in a freshest form which my All-in-One, Superior LONGEVITY Formula delivers. I’ve studied, tested on myself and experienced the difference. Even along with my healthy diet I still take my Formula daily or even twice a day and I always feel great. This way I am always sure, that my body does not lack the vital nutrients, free of chemicals and pesticides. I travel a lot and I make sure that I take my Formula with me and my personal little portable blender, which in fact I would strongly recommend for you to get one, which now you can order along with the Formula. In the past while I forgot to take my Formula on my trips, I immediately felt the difference. Q. Is your Formula expensive? A As I mentioned that I use only organic products, the best quality available on the planet. Yes, the other companies may try to sell you less expensive but you will never get the quality and all important combination of the Ingredients. You would need to spend over $3000 on your own just to try to purchase all the Ingredients all at once There is no other Formula like mine anywhere available, other companies rather charge you for every single ingredients or a few ingredients, not even sell you the best quality product. My Formula delivers you in just 3 tsp.(a blue scoop) of my blend, which equals to a consumption over 12lb. a day of organic greens, vegetable, fruits, super foods, algae, all the anti-oxidants and the free radical blockers your body needs to stay healthy and slow down the aging process. It cost less than $2 a day, less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. How can you lose? Stop wasting your money on all the other supplements and get my Universal, All-in-One LONGEVITY Formula. Q. Can you help me with my health issues? A. Just to make it clear, I am not a doctor nor have I any formal medical training. I am not a nurse, or a dietician or a formally trained Herbalist. I have studied herbs on my own, attended many seminars in the natural health field, went to many Healing retreats, met with many Naturopath Doctors, read over 600’ books and I am pretty good in the subject of understanding the connection between food, nutrition and the cause behind most diseases, illnesses, and chronic health problems. I do understand the need for detoxification through deep tissue, colon & organ cleansing, which I do it myself at least once a year for the last 21 years. So, the answers are… (1.) If you want a medical advise you should contact your medical doctor or your health provider. (2.) Yes, I can provide you with the general information in the best possible ways to be proactive in addressing your questions and health challenges. I can not and do not provide medical advise. I always recommend that your firs step is to start taking my LONGEVITY Formula for a at least 3 months. You‘ll also have the opportunity to start on a more advanced tissues, colon, liver and organ cleansing and the overall detox using my other Formulas mentioned later. You can join me and others at my 3 day – 10 days Detox and Rejuvenation Retreats which I organize twice a year. More details later. I also like to understand your diet, your lifestyle. You will have a chance to consult with me directly when you join the “Amazing Grace’s Health Nut Club”. You will receive more information in your package with your LONGEVITY Formula. Q. What Ingredients are you using in your Formula? A. I work with over 96 Ingredients, all 100% unprocessed, GMO free, chemicals free, no fillers, all in a synergetic powder easy for digestion and fast to assimilate. I’ve personally developed my proprietary mix for my LONGEVITY Formula. All the Ingredients are listed in this letter plus you will receive with your package with a detailed summery of every ingredients, what it can do to your body… you will be amazed! Q. Do you have more of your own products besides the LONGEVITY Formula? A. Yes, I do. I have developed many other unique products extensions: Advanced ENHANCER Formulas which I usually recommend for those who may have a special health issue to address. You can start on the LONGEVITY Formula and stay on it for as long as you wish and I hope that you will take it for a long time to keep you very healthy. You also can order one or more of the other Enhancer Formulas I have created to address the specific health issue and made it more potent so it will start working much faster for that reason. I also have created a FOUNTAIN of YOUTH Infusion Blends. You will receive a full Brochure with all of my other Products for you to review. Q. What if I am allergic to any of your Ingredients? A. I always recommend that you take the ingredients list and show it to your doctor or health care provider first. Especially, if you are on any medication/s. I will gladly customize your Formula and remove any ingredients that your doctor/health provider recommends removing. Or, if you are aware of any of the ingredient/s which may cause an allergic reaction. I have customized Formulas for other customers, who have requested removing certain ingredients. For example some customers are allergic to iodine and have asked me to take all the ingredients like kelp, dulse, spirulina , seabuchkorn, or chlorella etc.. You can make the request in writing with your order or you can call me directly, so I can modify the Formula for you. There is no extra charge for this service. Q. Can I call you if I have any questions, concerns or for advise? A. Absolutely, I usually try to answer the phone when I am free. In case I am on the other line I will see on my caller ID the number and I will try to get back to you within an hour or two. Please don’t leave a message as my box will not take any. I will call the number back unless it is restricted or a blocked number. I do not answer restricted, blocked, or private number callers. Please don’t block your number so I am able to see who called, or I won’t have a chance to call you back if it is restricted or blocked. Thanks, Grace
  15. 15. EXPRESS ORDER FORM Order Today and Try My AMAZING LONGEVITY Formula! Please check your choice – LONGEVITY Formula only: ( ) Basic Feel Good Order - 30 day supply $49.95 plus $6.95 shipping for a total of $56.90 ( ) Feel Better Longer Order - 2 month supply $98.95 plus $6.95 shipping for a total of 105.90 ( ) Feel Awesome Order - 3 month supply for $149.95 plus $13.95 shipping for a total of 163.90 Please check your choice – LONGEVITY Formula and a Personal Blender. ( ) Basic Feel Good Order - 30 day supply $69.95 plus $18.95 shipping for a total of $88.90 ( ) Feel Better Longer Order - 2 month supply $119.95 plus $18.95 shipping for a total of 138.90 ( ) Feel Awesome Order - 3 month supply for $169.95 plus $18.95 shipping for a total of 188.80 After you check off your order choice the total amount is: __________________ First Name_________________________ Last Name_____________________________________ Phone # _____________________________ e-mail________________________________________ Address________________________________City______________State______Zip____________ -Choose Your Payment Option - - If paying by credit card make sure that the address is the same as the billing address. Form of payment - Check one: ( ) Credit Card ( ) Check ( ) Cash ( ) Money Order Credit Card: ( ) Visa ( ) Master Card ( ) Ax Exp ( ) Discover Credit Card Number ___________________________________ exp._______ Sec__________ Card Holder Signature _________________________________ Date ________________ Check - please make your check or money order payable to: NHRI.LLC. (1.) Mail it in today to: NHRI, LLC. - 8374 Market St., Suite 122 - Bradenton, FL 34202 - or, (3.) FAX: in your order (this order form) directly to 206-337-5053
  16. 16. Discover My Amazing All-in-One Anti-Aging LONGEVITY Formula Improves Health, Enhances & Can Extend Life! Imagine... this Secret Formula from the very first Day, when it will start feeding every cell of your body with my special blend of over 96+ of the Best Quality organic Ingredients with Naturally occurring Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Pro- Biotics, Immune System Accelerators, including SuperFoods, Algaes, Sea Vegetables, Anti-Oxidant Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Ketones & much more! This Formula is a miracle... true Fountain of Youth! You will begin to see & feel the difference within days after you start taking it in your favorite juice or smoothie. Try it today to experience its powerful energizing effect! Grace Beaman Natural Health Resources Institute, LLC. 8374 Market Street, Suite 122 Bradenton, FL 34202 My Miracle, All-in-One Universal Anti-Aging, Superior LONGEVITY Formula Promotes the Following Health Benefits: Supercharges Energy Levels - Lowers Blood Pressure & Cholesterol - Improves SEX Drive - Improves Memory - Sharpens Eyesight - Helps Prostate Problems - Solves Weight Problems - Strengthens Immune System- Helps Constipation- Digestive & Stomach Problems- Helps with Asthma - Psoriasis - Anemia - Strengthens Your Heart… For many more Health Benefits read my Special Invitation Letter Enclosed….