VSS 2011 Top 10 Tech Tools to Try Tomorrow


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VSS 2011 Top 10 Tech Tools to Try Tomorrow

  1. 1. Top 10 Tech Tools toTry TOMORROW! Ashley Webb, Amy Wadsworth, Jenni Klein Open High School of Utah Instructor
  2. 2. Tech Tools Types:1. Tools teachers use to present material2. Tools students use to complete assignments3. Tools teachers/students use to promote class community4. Tools teachers use to gather data and student feedback
  3. 3. Tech Tools to Try Tomorrow!1. Sliderocket2. Flash Interactives3. Survey Monkey4. Google Docs5. Glogster6. Jing7. Vimeo8. Voicethread9. Chat Badges10. Twitter
  4. 4. SlideRocket• Presentation Software• Hosted on the Web• Templates or blank slides• Linked to Flickr for easy picture access
  5. 5. SlideRocketHow we use SlideRocket at OHSU?• Teachers create lessons that can be embedded into LMS• Students create projects for assignmentsBenefits?• Hyperlink capable• Can add sound to each slide• Import pictures from anywhere• Can access from any internet capable computer• Allows students to be creativeExamples:• Example of Student Work• Example of Teacher Lesson
  6. 6. Flash Interactives• Embeddable flash widgets• http://elearninginteractions.com/• Clickable lesson material • Games http://elearninginteractions.com/examples/games/ • Interactions http://elearninginteractions.com/examples/interactions/
  7. 7. Flash InteractivesHow do we use Flash Interactives at OHSU?• Introduce new material• Review: Games, Study guides, Self- ChecksBenefits?• Fun for students• Easy to create• Easy to embed in LMS• Teacher can customize to fit any content material• Students visit more often, increasing learning
  8. 8. Survey Monkey• Free tool that allows you to collect anonymous feedback• Data is sorted• Quick and easy to see results (teacher feedback in this presentation)• Surveymonkey.com
  9. 9. Survey MonkeyHow do we use it at OHSU? • Valuable anonymous course feedback • Required assignment forces kids to take itBenefits? • Course Improvement • Positive Validation • Learn fun facts about your class • Solid data to draw from • Tons of ideas for teaching improvement/goals to work onExamples: • Graphic design course survey • Teacher tech tool use survey – results from this survey in screenshots throughout this presentation
  10. 10. Survey Monkey List 2 things you would recommend improving about the computer tech class:
  11. 11. Google Docs• Anyone with a google account has access to Google Docs• Spreadsheets, presentations, word processing applications “in the cloud”• Sharing and document collaboration• Love letter demo
  12. 12. Google DocsHow do we use google docs at OHSU? • Projects and assignmentsBenefits? • Only 1 document that keeps being revised • Can access docs from any computer • Can give editing or viewing privileges to anyone with sharing features • Students can create, share with teacher. Teacher can make comments on original document. • Students can share reports with each other and collaborate on presentations – JUST LIKE THIS ONE!Examples: • Biology worksheet doc, filled out and shared with teacher to turn in • Graphic design worksheet form, data goes right into a spreadsheet to grade • Biology study guide doc • Computer tech student presentation, shared with teacher
  13. 13. Glogster • Online poster creation website • Free account – www.glogster.com • Presentation software
  14. 14. GlogsterHow do we use Glogster at OHSU?• Students use to present projects and assignments• Allows for written material and picturesBenefits?• Can have sound• Creative and fun!• Easy to useExamples:• Example 1• Example 2
  15. 15. Jing• A screenshot is an image of the visible items displayed on your computer screen at a given time.• A screencast is a video, sometimes with narration, of the visible items displayed on your computer screen at a given time.• Allow students to follow along easily to instructions given• Jing - free program that allows you to create both
  16. 16. JingHow do we use screenshots/screencasts at OHSU? • Tutorials/instructions • Face time • Proof of assignmentsBenefits? • Students learn by example • Students can choose their own pace • Quick to take and quick to gradeExamples: • Intro to Week 19 of Spanish • Algebra Unit Lesson • Photography Tutorial
  17. 17. Jing
  18. 18. Vimeo• A video sharing website• Upload, share, & view videos
  19. 19. Vimeo• Upload
  20. 20. Vimeo• Embed/Share
  21. 21. VimeoHow do we use vimeo at OHSU? • Embed videos and tutorials straight into coursesBenefits? • Fast buffering • Keeps our 1000s of vids organized into albums • Easy to embed
  22. 22. Voicethread• Tool used for facilitating collaborative conversations centered around documents• Voicethread – various educator and business accounts• So what’s a voicethread? (60 seconds)
  23. 23. VoicethreadHow do we use voicethread at OHSU? • Presentations (student or teacher) • Class discussions • School announcements • Quizzes/assignmentsBenefits? • Fun way to present information • Lesson review (processing) • Promote student interaction • Foreign language: students get more oral practice with the language and other people • Math: teachers can hear student’s voice and make sure that they understand the processExamples: • Math Quiz voicethread • What is Media? Voicethread discussion • School Trip voicethread • Student project created in voicethread
  24. 24. Chat Badges • A Google Talk chat badge will let student easily instant message with you • Students click and instantly have communication with teacher, without needing to be signed in to an instant- messaging account
  25. 25. Chat BadgesHow do we use chat badges at OHSU? • A virtual way for students to “raise their hands” with questions • Teacher help is just one click away!Benefits? • Easy and effective way for students to ask for helpHow to create one: • Go to the following website: http://www.google.com/talk/service/badge/New • Grab the embed code and paste it into your course
  26. 26. Twitter• Twitter.com• A social networking/microblogging service• Tweets – text communications in 140 characters or less
  27. 27. TwitterHow do we use it at OHSU?• Each teacher has account• School linked #hashtags (#openhs, #comptech, etc)• Students create accounts and “follow” school and teachers• Used to make announcements, remind of approaching deadlines, and praise quality workBenefits?• Well-accepted method of communication among young people• Easy to use• Free account!!
  28. 28. TwitterTop 10 Tips for Using Twitter:1. Start using it. Really. Just do it!2. Use it regularly.3. Engage followers: Ask questions, post pics, tweet about what you are passionate about.4. Be relevant & add value.5. Re-tweet interesting information, quotes, articles, etc...Make connections.6. Learn to use #hashtags: # sign followed by a word (no spaces) that can easily be pulled up by the Twitter search engine.7. Use Follow Friday #FF: Lets followers know who you follow.8. Be real: Social media is about being social!9. Use your phone to send and receive tweets.10. Use tweet apps to streamline notification & tweets. (Tweetdeck, Twitpic)
  29. 29. Twitter• Use on school website
  30. 30. Twitter• Use within courses
  31. 31. Twitter
  32. 32. Twitter
  33. 33. Twhistory• Reenact historical events using TWITTER
  34. 34. Twhistory
  35. 35. Questions? Ashley Webb – awebb@openhighschool.org Amy Wadsworth – awadsworth@openhighschool.org Jenni Klein – jklein@openhighschool.org www.openhighschool.org