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Perseus adult

  1. 1. Perseus Books Group Book Buzz Spring 14
  2. 2. Book Buzz SPRING 14 Sneak Peak
  3. 3. The Reinvention of American Health Care Ezekiel Emanuel ISBN 978-1-6103-93454 Format Trade Cloth On Sale March 2014 Price $23.99 • By Rahm Emmanuel’s brother and prominent spokesperson for the Affordable Care Act. • Explains why the American health care system is the way it is (why, for instance, hospitals are so dominant) and the five problems that confront any attempt at reform. • Also, details why the Affordable Care Act took the shape it did and examines the
  4. 4. The Lost Art of Dress Linda Przybyszewski ISBN 978-0-465-0671-4 Format Trade Cloth On Sale April 2014 Price $28.99 • A history of the women, that the author calls the Dress Doctors, who taught Americans how to dress in the first half of the 20th century and whose principles are still applicable today. • Also, a tale of the rise and fall of fashion with a very pointed putdown of contemporary fashion.
  5. 5. Down to the Last Pitch Tim Wendel ISBN 978-0-3068-2276-6 Format Trade Cloth On Sale April 2014 Price $25.99 • Before the Red Sox won this year, the Minnesota Twins were the only other team to ever go from worst to first the next year to win the World Series. • Considered by many to be the ―Best World Series Ever‖ as five of the seven games were decided by one run, four decided on the final pitch, and three, including Game Seven ended in extra innings. • The All-Star game will take place next year in Minneapolis.
  6. 6. You Are Here Hiawatha Bray ISBN 978-0-3068-2276-6 Format Trade Cloth On Sale April 2014 Price $25.99 • Story of the history of location technology from the compass to the GPS by the Boston Globe’s technology writer, Hiawatha Bray. • Addresses the very controversial issue of locational privacy and the very real dangers of phones and cars that track our every move, not to mention the tracking mechanism of drone technology. • Introduces well-known figures like Hedy Lamarr, who contributed to the invention of
  7. 7. Citizen Canine David Grimm ISBN 978-1-6103-9133-7 Format Trade Cloth On Sale April 2014 Price $26.99 • Charts a remarkable change in societal attitudes towards our beloved pets -- how they've changed in our hearts and in our laws, from lowly property to almost-people with lawyers and civil rights -- and what it all means for the future. • The author, David Grimm is a deputy news editor at Science magazine and was the recipient of the 2010 Animal Reporting Award from the National Press Club.
  8. 8. Jennifer’s Way Jennifer Esposito ISBN 978-0-7382-1710-9 Format Trade Cloth On Sale April 2014 Price $25.99 • Jennifer Esposito, who co-starred in Spin City and recently, in Blue Bloods, reveals how she finally got the diagnosis, after years of suffering from weight loss, depression, and exhaustion, that she had celiac disease. • A spokesperson for celiac disease, she just started her own Gluten-Free bakery in New York and a food product line that will be carried in the near future by nationwide food retailers.
  9. 9. The Economist The Economist Guide to Financial Markets ISBN 978-1-6103-9389-8 This illuminating guide to the complex world of financial markets, now substantially updated since the financial crash, is an essential reference for intelligent investors. The Economist Guide to Financial Management ISBN 978-1-6103-9393-5 A practical and accessible overview of the fundamentals of business finance—now in its second edition. The Economist Numbers Guide: The Essentials of Business Numeracy ISBN 978-1-6103-9395-9 Format Trade Paper The comprehensive resource on business mathematics, highlighting the concepts and techniques that are crucial for every aspiring manager to know. Marketing for Growth: The Role of Marketers in Driving Revenues and Profits ISBN 978-1-6103-9397-3 This guide explores the importance of marketing in making a company financially successful, while also offering practical advice and tools for those in the trade.
  10. 10. Perseus Books Group Elenita Chmilowski Director of Library Sales National Accounts Manager Perseus Books Group 250 W 57th Street 15 FL New York, NY 10107 For a complete list of Perseus titles, see our catalogs at: Twitter @dailypretzel Library Blog –