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Evaluation Presentation[1]

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? AMO TU VIDA…
  2. 2. AMO TU VIDA…female advert These close ups and extreme where specifically shot to create the personality of the character. By doing this we were developing on other media conventions as we wanted to add my back ground information so our character. For example showing her in her daily routine such as getting out of bed applying her make up and such like. Close up zooms into the beauty of the character and the audience envy her and want to be like her, only being able to do so if they wear the fragrance product.
  3. 3. AMO TU VIDA… Female advert Associating one thing with another is something we found is common convention used in adverts as you can see from our research. We took this into account when creating the mise en scene for this pan shot of the dressing table used in our advert, making the key feature pearls as you can see be repeating the image of pearls in the advert it makes our product more memorable as something glamour as pearls are associated with glamour.
  4. 4. AMO TU VIDA…Female advert The use of this mid shot in the advert reflects a commonly used convention seen in many adverts shown today; this being the creation of a symbol the women is presenting, in this case one of beauty and attractiveness. We wanted to create this image through the use of costume. By dressing the character is a cream silk gown the audience can recognise the glamour we wanted to show; consequently proving the purpose of the shot, this being to make the viewer believe this is what the product can do for them
  5. 5. AMO TU VIDA… The close up shot of the male characters is edited so the camera angle is turned quickly to face one male and then the other. We have used a close up shot to show attractiveness of the male and if you wear our product you will be seen as attractive. The mise en scene is once again based around the red chairs. We made the lighting so the face was really visible on camera, however when we changed the advert to black and white effect (a convention of male adverts) the lighting wasn’t as good as in colour. This conforms to many other male adverts as the use of close ups on the characters is often used to create an image.
  6. 6. AMO TU VIDA…Male advert This long shot represents how are advert challenges one of the normal conventions used in a male advert. This being that men are independent, shown through the lack of female characters and the constant shots of the males repeated after close ups of the perfume. This represents that men only need this perfume; to gain wealth (shown in the shots of the poker chips) and style again show in this long shot of the characters
  7. 7. AMO TU VIDA…Male advert By using shots close up shots such as this one we were challenging the normal media conventions, as all the ay through the advert there was never shown a shot of the characters with the perfume bottle. By placing the perfume bottle over a pile of money it reflects the theory created by David Gilmour ‘Man the protector’ as it shows the wealth the perfume can bring.
  8. 8. AMO TU VIDA…Sponsership advert The use of repetition in our sponsorship advert is a common convention used in advert, simply because its about getting the product across to the viewer. By setting the mise en scene with pearls and pink make up we are again using the association technique. By doing this we are still creating the glamous image that the product will want to portray.
  9. 9. AMO TU VIDA… Sponsership advert With the use of lighting in these close ups we wanted to reflect the image that ‘The spot light is on you’ while wearing this perfume. We came up with this idea after researching the male gaze theory made by Laura Mulvey in the 1970s. The Male Gaze could fits into this advert because they are designed to be seductive to make the audience want to buy it. Men will watch the advert and buy the product hoping their wife will wear the fragrance and reflect the image of the character. This challenges the normal conventions of many media text’s as it is an female product aimed at a male audience and as well female.