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Advertisement Pitch

  1. 1. Advertisement Pitch<br />Hollie Ferguson &<br />Sarah Humphrey <br />
  2. 2. Main Ideas<br />Together we have decided to produce two 30 second advertisements. We brainstormed ideas and came up with many ideas for a new product such as perfume, lipgloss , phone networks, shoes, condoms, food , medicine.After brainstorming ideas, we began to research perfume and shoes<br />Main: 2 adverts. We have decided to advertise a new fragrance. One advert will be for him, the other for her. The adverts will have the same based theme of being quite sexy and fast paced.<br />Our Tv sponsorship sequence will be for a programme of a female audience and be quite intimate with both characters from the advert being shot.<br />The radio advertisement will have a lot of dialogue which we have wrote a script for, in which we will have both male and female having some part in talking so it appeals to both genders.<br />
  3. 3. Genre Mood Board.<br />
  4. 4. Genre Mood Board.<br />These images have inspired us to use for both our 30 second adverts and mini task of the Tv sponsorship sequence. The individual male has a nice body which will appeal to men as they inspire to be like that and also to females who inspire to have a partner like this! It may be quite hard to find a perfect male for our advert, although we have some people in mind we would like to use.<br />The women have long hair, beautiful bodies an innocent face to give the idea of pure beauty. She should have a natural look about her and freshness to the advert. These are the characters we would like to have in our advert. <br />The images of the male and female together are quite intimate which we want for our Tv sponsorship sequence (in which we thought we could sponser America’s Next Top Model Etc) but also gave the idea in which the male could have a quick shot in the female advert and vice versa so the audience will associate the adverts with the people in it.<br />The diesel images are placed in extreme locations which we really like the idea for our Tv sponsorship sequence , although may be quite hard to find a location to shoot this, unless we would be able to edit in on the mac in some way.<br />
  5. 5. Researching Adverts<br />We then researched many adverts for both male and female fragrances, for an example of PacoRabanne we found this:The music is really upbeat and instantly makes you think of the fragrance once you have watched the advert a few times. The black and white effect makes it look quite classy although the image of the aftershave bottle looks a bit unprofessional. This advert is for both male and female fragrance, although we are doing an advertisment for each gender, we liked the idea that the woman who is in the female version advert could make an appearance in the male advert, and vice versa,this is now something we are now considering to do on both our advertisments. The shots are varied, mainly being mid or long shots, however the fast paced editing is effective because it really catches the audience&apos;s attention, meaning they want to know what product is being advertised.<br />
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Main Ideas & Inspirations<br /><br />This particular advert is our main inspiration; the use of fast pace editing mimicking the beat of the music is on idea that we would like to use as this adds excitement to the advert drawing the attention of the viewer. Another thing we would like to take from this advert is the sexy edgy style that is created through the use of dim lighting and the look of the actors. We are going use this theme in our advert as our target audience is young adults; in today&apos;s society many things revolve around image so this is what we want to focus on as well our product of perfume. <br />We are also doing an advert sponsorship which we will make approximately 20 seconds long. We want to make this a shorter version of the adverts but including both males and females, as this part of the production is very short we will have more use of dialog to promote the product more simply and quickly, our main inspiration for this is show below.<br /><br />
  8. 8. Mise En Scene & Camera Work <br />From these clips of the pacorabane advert, it is clear a range of shots have been used. Extreme close up, Close ups, mid shot and long shot show the image of the male advertising the product. Different shots are used so it doesn’t bore the audience and making the editing fast paced makes the range of shots look effective.<br />
  9. 9. Location & Actors<br />We need the character in the advert to fit well into the product. Someone with class, a bit of mystery about them and beauty. We need chemistry between the male and female advert as we want to give the vibe of intimacy towards the audience.<br />For the adverts we were inspired by the pacorabane in which the background is either plain black or white. <br />However, after looking at some images we like the idea of the exotic locations, which may be slightly difficult to film<br />
  10. 10. Music & Dialogue<br />Music:<br />The type of music we want to use in our main advertisments would have an up beat tempo, for example Ne-yo Closer, the lyrics in this song reflect the type of image we would want to promote to our target audience for example ‘shines just like a star’, would continue this theme through the costume and the look of our actress or actor for example; <br />We don’t want any dialogue in our main advert, apart from the ending when it will be saying what the product is. However, we have planned a script for our 30 second radio advertisement and tv sponsorship advert<br />