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Portfolio 29 Jan 11

  1. 1. Sarah FoquéPGDip Landscape Architecture MFA Art, Space and Nature
  2. 2. CURRICULUM VITEACONTACT & PERSONAL DETAILSE-mail: sarahfoque@gmail.com Date of Birth: 10/05/1984 Nationality: BelgianMobile: 07917061537 Martial status: unmarried I have a full drivers licenseWebsite: www.sarahfoque.comEDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS:10/2010 - to date Pathway to Chartership, Landscape Institute09/2008-06/2009: PGDip Landscape Architecture, Distinction, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK10/2006-06/2008: MFA Art, Space and Nature, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, UK04/2008: Cityscapers: By the Throat, International design studio with Dr. Goodwin, Edinburgh, UK09/2002-06/2005: Ba Landscape Architecture, Horteco, Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel, Vilvoorde, Belgium01/2004-05/2004: Erasmus-student Landscape Architecture, Greenwich University, London, UK09/2002-06/2003: Part-time Sculpture classes, Academie voor schone kunsten, Mechelen, BelgiumWORK EXPERIENCE:10/2010 - to date: Freelance Landscape Architect for Standerwick Land Design Responsible for the landscape design of several urban regeneration schemes in the East of London08-09/2010: Freelance Landscape Architect for Philip Nixon Design, London Preparation of tender package: Technical details and specification09/2009-06/2010: Landscape Architect for the Council of Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands Master planning, Urban design, Community consultation, Park design, Tree replacement schemes, play area, Land- scape advisor on new development projects and regeneration projects09/2005-09/2008: Landscape Architect for Derek Cater Associates, Edinburgh, UK Master planning, Business parks, Historic restorations, Housing Schemes, Park design, planting schemes05/2008: Competition entry Thu Thiem International Design Competition, office of Dr. Tung Pho Duc, Hanoi, Vietnam07/2005-08/2005: Consultant for the National Trust for Scotland, Edinburgh, UK02/2005-05/2005: Landscape Architecture Internship at the National Trust for Scotland, Edinburgh, UKAWARDS & COMPETITIONS:04/2011 Selected for the 2011 Chaumont-sur-Loire Garden Festival Happy Biodiversity, Garden to be completed in April 201107/2009 LDA Design Prize for Excellence in Landscape Design for my PGDip-project
  3. 3. COMPUTER SKILLS:MS office: MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS PowerPointDrawing: AutoCAD, Microstation, GIS, Bryce, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchup, Indesign, Rhino (basic)LANGUAGES:Dutch: Native speaker French: IntermediateEnglish: Fluent German: BasicART:Aside from being a practicing landscape architect, I am also active as an artist with exhibitions in London, Edinburgh, Stuttgart, Slovenia, The Hague and Chicago. Within my instal-lations I investigate the ephemeral relationship between people and their surroundings. Furthermore, they are based on my interest in anthropology and cartography. You can seesome of my art works and landscape projects on www.sarahfoque.comREFERENCES:Stan van der Laan Fleure GethingProjectmanager, OVR, Gemeente Haarlemmermeer Course Leader PGDip Landscape Architecture at Leeds Mets.vd.laan@haarlemmermeer.nl f.gething@leedsmet.ac.uk
  4. 4. EXISTING SITUATION DEVONS ESTATE - Urban Regeneration Scheme, East London Devons Estate is an urban regeneration scheme in East London. I was involved in the development of the master plan, the landscape design and the liaising with client and architects. The design incorporates a new commnunity hub (pi- PIAZZA LIMSCOTT GREEN DEVONS ROAD azza) linked to a central green space, which is made accessible and useable by the new design, a new Main vehicular route treatment to the frontage of Devons Road, the main local vehicular route SHOPS New Car parking arrangment route through Devons Estate, and a new pedestrian connection between Devons Estate and Crossway New and/or improved pe- destrian connections Estate. The design aims to improve pedestrian con- Limscott Green - Central green New and/or improved public nectivity within Devons Estate and with its wider space Local space for the whole commu- nity environment, by reducing car access and increasing piazza New and/or improved Semi- pedestrian walkways, and provide new and improved private green space fo- cussed on use by the useable green spaces for the community. people living in the sur- Existing Play rounding housing block area - public space for local New and/or improved Semi- teenagers private network of green courtyards with parking on the periphery focussed on use by the people living in the surrounding housing block Raised green space - appearance and Main route through Devons Estate - access to be improved appearance to match its function STRATEGIC MASTER PLANNEW FRONTAGE FOR DEVONS ROAD
  5. 5. THE NEW COMMUNITY HUB: PIAZZA AND LIMSCOTT GREENThe design for Limscott Green consists of a central open green(a flexible space which can be used for various activities),a toddler play area in the South-West corner of the greenand art Pergola (incorporating lace fence as seen on the newfrontage of Devons Road) as a quiet contemplation space.The edge of the green provides colour with peren-nial planting and forms a buffer for the housingwith hedge, shrubs and soft mounding. Thedesign also incorporates pedestrianroutes, which increase the con-nectivity of the area. To hall and community centre Piazza incorporating a flexible open area available for community events, planters and art benches. The design is based on a free flow To shops of movement, retaining all possible desire lines. To community hub To existing MUGA
  6. 6. LE JARDIN DES MAREES - Chaumont-sur-Loire Garden Festival 2011,Accepted EntryWith this project I tried to tell the story of theseas, a story which might be lost for future genera-tions. The seas form an essential element of lifeon earth. It produces the majority of oxygen in theearths atmosphere, it absorbs CO2 from the at-mosphere and it houses millions of species, many ofwhich we count as part of our food supply. Calcium reactor Planters with salt marsh plants made out of coconut liner and chicken wire. At the base of the planter is a layer of gravel for on bringing the Ph of drainaige purposes, on top of the gravel sits a mixture of topsoil,Today it is also under major threat by over-fishing, the water upto 7.6 Valve closed when pump on sand and existing soil separated from the gravel by geotextileclimate change, acidification and pollution. As most of pump on, emptying waterbasinthis wonderful world is hiddenunder water we dont realise the impact of our ac-tions and what we are about to loose if we dontchange our behaviour.This project aims to celebrate the diversity in thishidden world and the relationships it has with thedry land. The garden design shows 4 images of 4types of environments in order to represent theirrelationships and to highlight the importance of thesea in the chain of life. Central in the garden is asalt-water water feature, showing the colourful hid-den under-water world taking inspiration of reefs,sea-anenomes, shells and many more mysterious sea Calcium reactor Planters with salt marsh plants made out of coconut liner and chicken wire. At the base of the planter is a layer of gravel forcreatures. This water feature links to a salt-marsh to control Ph of water, aim is a Ph of 7.6. drainaige purposes, on top of the gravel sits a mixture of topsoil, Controlled by a timer Valve open when pump off sand and existing soil separated from the gravel by geotextilearea, which will flood twice daily by the water of to drain water away from Waterbasin with pond pump salt marshwater feature, showing the relationship between sea controlled by a timer, works twice daily creatingand land. Along the side of water feature and salt- an event like the tides of the seamarsh are the dunes, another environment linking ELEVATIONS SHOWING THE WORKINGS OF THE WATER FEATUREsea and land and which is closely connected to thefaith of the seas. Finally the backdrop of the waterfeature is formed by the large luscious leave plants,representing the hinterland. By placing them in thebackground, it shows the relationship of dependenceof life on earth on the seas.Will be completed April 2011.
  7. 7. Salt water pond, lined with PVC-liner and Salt water water feature with artist impressions of sea edged with untreated pine sleepers anemones, coral and other sea creatures. This water feature will overflow twice daily, like the tides of the sea Location for water basin,pump (to create tidal floods) and calcium reactor (to Existing hedgecontrol the Ph of the water) Sea’s area with salt water pond and water feature Large leaved plants, repre- senting the hinterland and Salt marsh area with planting zones covering forming a backdrop for the lower to upper marsh water feature Decking area with seat, Playful Dunes area with dune grasses and made of untreated pine perennials sleepers, for contemplation Hinterland area consisting of plants with Trees, creating a transpar- and play large lucious green leaves ent enclosure to the water feature Playful dune area with wavy dune grasses and swaying Overflows, allowing water in the wind perennials, from water feature into the evoking a sense of play salt marshSalt marsh, forming a carpet of bands of colours, like an abstract painting. 1.2m wide path of shelly The planting is placed in sand with an untreated pine planters made of chicken sleeper edge wire and coconut liner, representing the naturalbuild up of sedimentation and planting salt marshes Salt marsh grasses, forming tufts giving the salt marsh some more interest Salt water water feature forming the focus of the garden Overflow channels, allowing Salt marsh area functioning as an abstract the overflowing water to painting of lines to be viewd from decking spread amongst the salt- area marsh plants and resembles Playful Dunes area enhancing the path axis the natural structure of a and drawing people into the garden saltmarsh with its many natural canals Hinterland area creating a perfect backdrop for the water feature Contemplation space created by transparent enclosure due to treesSUBMITTED PLAN FOR THE CHAUMONT-SUR-LOIRE GARDEN FESTIVAL2011 Path axis
  9. 9. ANALYSIS OF EXISTINGS SITUATION ART DE RINGVA Local ammenities Park zone BUURT 6 Water PROGRAMME OF DEMANDS - Comfirmed new buildings: BUSSINESS * Housing PARK Framework for the * Nursery Quatrebrass area, Badhoe- Childrens farm to be maintained vedorp, Haarlemmermeer, BUURT 4 Netherlands Dense woodland to be opened up Due to the relocation of the A9, a large Main slow traffic routes (cyclists BUSSINESS PARK stretch of land running through Badhoevedorp and pedestrians) will be freed up for re-development. This Main car traffic routes required a re-envisioning of certain areas within Badhoevedorp. As part of larger plan- Necessary neighbourhood connecti- ons to be established /improved ning team I helped to create a new framework and landscape vision for one of these areas, Achterkanten BUURT 4 named Quatrebrass. Interesting buildings to be maintained Need for a new architectural frontage BUURT 7
  10. 10. WATER AND GREEN STRATEGY TRAFFIC STRATEGY RESIDENTIAL ZONES VAART DE RING VAART DE RING New residential areas Existing open green space New residential areas continuing the venacular of large single Park with permeable edges Green ribbon, to replace the A9 standing houses and to help re-connect the dif- The green ribbon, to repalce ferent village areas Park A9 to help re-connect the different areas of the village Pedestrian & cyclists routes Living at the park, frontages facing the park Wavy tree lanes to match the Locally important car routes existing North-South tree lines, which run throughout the village New bus route Local amenities set as buildings in the park Large scale green connection Frontages facing the tree lined Small scale green connection streets Building free zone Green ribbon, to replace the A9 Green buffer and to help re-connect the diffe- rent village areas Existing water to be retained Future open water New waterways CONCEPT - FRAMEWORK QUATREBRAS The Quatrebrass area will include an expanded public park, new New residential areas street lanes, development of the Park DE RINGV AART old A9 ribbon into a green con- Water nector throughout Badhoevedorp New water wayand the new residential areas. The Architectural accent with matching public Programme of Demands does not realm to mark the entrances into the park only locate these new develop- ments, but also subscribes their New public buildings housing functions like NEIGH BORHOOD school, village hall HE character/identity and how they O FT should connect to the existing B Childrens farm to be maintained HU AS surroundings. The Programme of PARK Tennis courts and handball fields Demands will be used as plan- Car park ning regulation for the design and construction of this area by Building free zone developers Green ribbon, to replace the A9 and to help re-connect the different village areas Green connections New tree lanes to match in with exisitng village character Large scale green connection Pedestrian & cyclists routes Main car routes
  11. 11. VIEW OF THE GREEN RIBBON NEXT TO THE TENNIS COURTS Green buffer between the Green Ribbon and the Tennis Courts, 10m wide Semi-private garden strip Cycle path and foot path set in 30m wide park strip (Green Ribbon) 15m wide water way to replace A9 and to compensate for the increase in hard surface
  12. 12. OVERBOS NEIGHBOURHOOD PARK - te Park Regeneration Project an tb us rou ANALYSIS ort i mp The shopping mallThis project entailed the regeneration of the main neighbourhood park in rr oa da nd Main view Sport’s area utoOverbos, Hoofddorp. Within this project I was responsible for the design , Dis trib Play area Entrancefundraising (together with the project manager) and the community consul-tation process (together with the area manager). The first phase of this Green linear connection Cycle pathproject will be excecuted in autumn this year. The park was constructed Green wall Flexibel openwith the surrounding neighbourhood in the 1970s. Since then the park has green spacereceived very little attention; This has given rise to various problems: Perennial garden Monotenousdisconnection between neighbourhood & park, feels unsafe due to dense coppiced woodlandplanting; the park is no longer experienced as a place to stay and it haslost its heart.Altough it has some problems the park also has some strong points: it isclose to local ammenities, it has an already established planting, which givesstructure; it is on a much used cycling route and it has water in and aroundit. te rou bus ant ort The shopping imp FRAMEWORK and mall d roa u tor trib Dis Cycle path Open tree entrance Footpath Opened views/visual connections Visually open lane Sports field Varied and ecologically interesting woodland Boardwalk Swamp area The new hub/heart Perennial garden Tree group
  13. 13. The design of the park entails the following elements:0. The hub of the park - a new point of attraction aimed at keeping people in the park located on the intersec-tion of important routes through the park1. Open tree squares - highlight the entrances and reconnect park and neighbourhood2. Ecological play forest - offers storm water storage for the area and an outdoor class roomfor the neighbouring schools3. Flexible open space - for diverse usage4. Main water chamber - a landmark feature with new floating planting beds andwooden decking and seating to improve the connection with the water5. Second water chamber - will be opened up to reconnect water,park & neighbourhood6. The chamber zone - will gain new pathways to connectpark and neighbourhood. This will open up the cham-bers without losing intimacy 6 4 1 5 0 3 2 1
  14. 14. Lanes and pathways are created or opened up toimprove safety. The path network is simplified to im-prove the logic of the park and the pathways will bere-surfaced to create a difference between restingplaces and routes. THE ECOLOGICAL PLAY FOREST Wooden planks attached with screws 150mmx300mmx2000mm Oak support beam, Wooden planks, grooved, at 600mm intervals 2400mmx150mmx50mm 150mmx300mmx2000mm Neoprene, 1.2mm concrete, 300mmx400mmx2100mm 600mm Oak crossbeam, 200mmx200mmx1900mm Concrete infilling Oak Posts, 200mmx200mmx2000mm Gravel base, 200mmx300mmx300mm
  15. 15. ROLLING DESIGN, what occurs in a hot spot / metastasis Better Surroundings connectivity Greater integration , Positive ROLLING DESIGN AT QUEEN effect SQUARE - Community Site Major Design Project PGdip, Constant Leeds Met, Leeds, 2009 momentum Activate For my major design project I chose Queen Square, an under used public space in the centre of Designer, EVENTS DESIGN Leeds, and its wider surroundings. Planner or STEPPED PROCESSSUSTAINABILITY Artist Increased Rolling design is a new approach towards urban vibrancy design and landscape architecture. It combines m unity Sit events/program with gradual design interventions om e in order to improve and re-ignite a site as a true Sense of Endless C public space. A true public space being a space Place process where people dwell and interact with one another. RESEARCH In addition to this the positive effect of this re-ignition will spread beyond the site boundaries opening the door for new rolling design locations. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT THROUGHOUT AIM: Delivering a succesful place for the community, which will function as a plat- form for social interaction & To root site into community
  16. 16. Key Blenheim Primary Little London High value green space 5 Campus Park - Organically designed park with 2 retention 9 Rose Bowl Square - Car park transformed in high quality School ponds and gravel garden on deck over ring road. Planting to outdoor space encompassing outdoor space for restaurant, New high value public space with green elements be part of botanical collection for educational purposes and flexible seating and kiosk 2 will be managed by a gardening youth programme set-up by 1 Queen Square - Contemporary onramental garden with a CDCL. This park will also contain the Leeds Met Restaurant. Future potential hotspots 4 cafe and community services linked to Leeds Met in the buildings surrounding it (CDCL). The garden will be man- 6 Queens Court - Flexible, Mainly hard landscaping aged by a gardening youth programme set-up by CDCL Open space connection between different Leeds Met buildings Community Catchment Area 5 with seating and active frontages 2 New Broadcasting Place - Leeds Hub for Visual Arts: 7 Mainly hard landscaping with potential mutant gardens 7 Queens Court Gardens - Quiet garden space behind new Leeds Met building containing Student Union, Student Ser- AD Leeds Met Civic 3 Arena Square - Leeds Hub for entertainment with bars, vices and Financial Services 6 New arena with underground restaurants, ... The garden will hold a botanical collection of perenials for 1 3 RO parking Muttant garden style planting educational purposes and will be managed by a gardening 9 G youth programme set-up by CDCL 8 RIN 4 Little London Park - Will have an adaptable master plan and will be organically developped with the community. It 8 Campus Square - Flexible, Mainly hard landscaping, can be Civic will contain sports facilities and retention pond. This park used for markets; Shops on the Queen Square edge Hall will not be designed within this project Merion Centre Millenium Square Town Art Hall N GalleryHIERARCHY & CHARACTERISTICS OF HOTSPOTS - PROPOSEDKey Blenheim Square High value green space Mutant Garden (vertical green struc- Existing other public green spaces tures attached to buildings) Hard landscaped area Retention pond Blenheim Access to Major tree lined roads with Porous Leeds Uni Primary Little London School New building with green Foot- and Cyclepath and asphalt road Community green spaces to be devel- roof oped in the future Minor green routes which include trees Existing building with new green roof and/or perenials Community catchment area New building with solar panels on roof Water run-off collection tanks to collect water from hard surfacing AD Leeds Met Civic New arena RO with underground G parking RIN Civic Hall Merion Centre Millenium SquareGREEN & WATER STRATEGY - PROPOSED N Town Art “Transforming the city by reclaimation of grey areas to green” Hall Gallery 2 la ne s goKey ing Blenheim Square So t u h (1 High value green space New sustainable retail buildings affiliated Bus lane bu s & a 1 with Leeds Met C r) Little London, highrise social housing in Improved green main Access to Blenheim Primary green setting New sustainable Leeds Met buildings pedestrian route/connector Leeds Uni School t es Community hotspot New sustainable office and retail buildings Other improved/new key green pedestrian -W 2 Broadcast- Little London u lan th 2 So lan es ing Place g routes/connectors es goi n go In go es ing ing Out 2 lan Cultural hotspots Re-dressed Woodhouse Car park onto the East, No ring road rth- rth Out ing No s go Start of rolling design process (1 bu ane 2L s Landmark New Arena &1 car) In New high value public space with green Existing other public green spaces Community catchment area AD elements Leeds Met Civic New arena st SUDS area We 1 1 l lan with RO ing an e Mixer court Queen Square go e n underground e 1 la go ing , parking ing So go st G Rose Ea Nor uth RIN g Bowl oin th n eg 1 la & Civic Hall Merion Centre Millenium Square N Town ArtSTRATEGIC MASTER PLAN - WIDER CONTEXT Hall Gal- lery