State Laws
                                    Smart Grid & Electricity Delivery Regulations

      State   Code Topic and...
Florida         Title 27 Regulated Utilities

                 Chapter 455 Electric Light and Power Plants https://www....
Pennsylvania     Title 66
Rhode Island     Title 39 Public Utilities and Carriers
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State Laws On Smart Grid And Electricity Delivery


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Table of laws by state affecting utilities and privacy

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State Laws On Smart Grid And Electricity Delivery

  1. 1. State Laws Smart Grid & Electricity Delivery Regulations State Code Topic and Links Alabama Title 37 Public Utilities Private Contractor providing electricity service Section 37-4-30, Electric cooperatives empowered to furnish telephone service. Section 37-6-41, Cooperatives authorized to supply electrical energy or telephone service or both. Section 37-6-45 Alaska Arizona 42-5063 Definition of Utility - Providing to retail electric customers ancillary services, electric distribution services, electric generation services electric transmission services and other services related to providing electricity. Customer Protection against unfair and deceptive practices. It has very good consumer protection language Statute 30-803 Competition in retail supply of electricity; open markets Arkansas California General Provisions and Definitions Independent System Operator Distributed Energy Resources Privacy Protection of customer data Colorado Article 25 Public Utility Commission Power to regulate utilities Connecticut Chapter 98 Sec. 7-148ee. Establishment of corporation to manufacture, distribute, purchase or sell electricity, gas or water. Chapter 101 Municipal Gas and Electric Plant All regulatory measures under Chapter 101 Delaware Title 26 Public Utilities District of Title 34 Columbia State Laws Governing 1
  2. 2. Florida Title 27 Regulated Utilities App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=Ch0350/titl0350.htm&StatuteYear=2009&Title=-%3E2009-%3EChapter%20350 Chapter 366 App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=Ch0366/titl0366.htm&StatuteYear=2009&Title=-%3E2009-%3EChapter%20366 Georgia Article 2, 6 Hawaii §269-16 Regulation of utility rates; ratemaking procedures. Idaho Title 61 Illinois Chapter 220 Indiana Title 8 Iowa Kansas Chapter 66-101 66-1901-66-1903 Kentucky Title 24 Public Utilities Generally Louisiana Louisiana Public Utilities Definition,, Maine Public Utilities Maryland Statute 1-101 Definitions Massachusetts Michigan Chapter 460 chap460 Minnesota Chapter 216-217 year=2006&start=216&close=217&history=&border=0 Chapter 453 Municipal Electric Power State Laws Governing 2
  3. 3. year=2006&start=216&close=217&history=&border=0 Chapter 455 Electric Light and Power Plants year=2006&chapter=455&history=&border=0 Mississippi Missouri Montana Title 69 Public Utilities and Carriers year=2006&chapter=455&history=&border=0 Title 69 Chapter 3 Regulation of Public Utilities Nebraska Nevada Title 58 Chapter 701 Renewable Energy Program Chapter 703 Public Utility Commission Regulation of Public Utilities Utilities Owned by Local Government New Hampshire Statutes Definitions Private Generation and Sell of Electricity Customer Defined Public Utility Defined New Jersey New Mexico New York Electric Utility Cooperatives and Corporations Title 2 Article 5 Public Utility Commission North Carolina North Dakota Title 49 Public Utilities Ohio Chapter 743 Utilities – Electric; Gas; Water Oklahoma Oregon Title 57 Utility Regulation State Laws Governing 3
  4. 4. Pennsylvania Title 66 Rhode Island Title 39 Public Utilities and Carriers South Carolina Article 3 Electric Systems South Dakota Title 49 Public Utilities and Carriers Tennessee Title 65 Chapter 4 Public Utility Commission Authority fn=document-frame.htm&f=templates&2.0# Chapter 34 Territories of Electric Utility Systems f=templates&fn=document-frame.htm&2.0#JD_t65ch34 Chapter 23 State Rural Electrification Authority f=templates&fn=document-frame.htm&2.0#JD_t65ch23 Texas Utilities Code Title 2 Public Utility Regulatory Act Subtitle Electric Utilities Chapter 31 General Provisions Chapter 38 Regulation Chapter 39 Restructuring Chapter 40 Publicly Owned Chapter 41 Cooperatives Chapter 43 Access to Broadband Utah Title 54 Public Utilities Vermont Virginia Title 56 Section 580 Transmission and distribution of electricity Definitions Washington Title 54 Electric Power West Virginia Wisconsin Chapter 196 Regulation of Public Utilities Utility service for persons who are victims of Identity Theft Wyoming Title 37 Public Utilities State Laws Governing 4