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Datasheet: WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB62


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IBM WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB62 -
Increase the speed and reliability by centralizing and consolidating business- to-business (B2B) trading-partner connectivity with a purpose-built, DMZ-ready B2B Gateway.

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Datasheet: WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB62

  1. 1. IBM Software Data SheetIBM WebSphere DataPower IBM WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB62 Increase the speed and reliability of extending your business beyond organizational walls Today’s dynamic business environments mean organizations must Highlights work smarter to remain competitive and respond to changing customer demands. Key to working smarter is business agility, ensuring all parts of Centralize and consolidate business- ●● ● ● your organization, internal and external, can quickly and easily capitalize to-business (B2B) trading-partner connectivity with a purpose-built, on opportunities and respond to new situations. Many enterprises are DMZ-ready B2B Gateway looking to increase the speed and reliability with which they can extend core enterprise applications and services beyond their walls to customers, ●● ● ● Access new customers and new routes to market with standards-based trading- suppliers and partners—all with robust, secure partner transaction and partner management process management. Rapidly adjust product and service ●● ● ● offerings to meet changing requirements The IBM® WebSphere® DataPower® B2B Appliance XB62 extends with support for Web 2.0 technologies your business to customers and partners with DMZ-grade security. Unlock siloed information with drop-in ●● ● ● Designed to make it easier for your partners and customers to do B2B integration for heterogeneous business with you, this configuration-drive appliance can help increase environment the speed of onboarding new partners, centralize and consolidate B2B trading partner connectivity and transaction management, and unlock siloed information with drop-in B2B integration for heterogeneous environments. In addition to a general expectation for a significant increase in B2B traffic, there is a growing convergence of B2B capabilities with service oriented architecture (SOA), connectivity and business process manage- ment (BPM). Many B2B scenarios tracked by analysts are evolving to
  2. 2. IBM Software Data SheetIBM WebSphere DataPowerinclude more integration, and middleware vendors are increas-ingly delivering B2B capabilities embedded and integratedwithin their platforms. As SOA governance of B2B interactionsgrows rapidly, many organizations are looking to modernize andupdate an aging B2B infrastructure.What is an ESB-enabled B2B Gatewayappliance?An enterprise service bus (ESB)-enabled B2B Gateway makes The WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB62 is a purpose-the services of one organization available to others in a con- built, easy-to-use appliance designed for simplified deployment,trolled and secure manner, and provides capabilities such as exceptional performance and hardened security at the edgeconnection security, nonrepudiation and community and part- of the enterprise. This appliance is built to provide a high-ner management. Additionally, it uses the integration services performance and security-enhanced B2B Gateway for virtuallyneeded to make it easy to integrate to internal systems or all trading partner connections. It uses trading-partner configu-directly to applications. These services, built on a DataPower ration and document policy processing in the DMZ to provideappliance form factor, add integrated network functions with secure business-to-business transaction handling at the edgeless complexity and a smaller deployment footprint. The XB62 of the network, protecting your private network fromincorporates and builds upon the DataPower Integration unreliable data.Appliance, adding B2B functions that can extend integrationbeyond the enterprise. Figure 1 depicts the services added The XB62 features the following:on top of DataPower’s Integration capabilities to providesecure and reliable connections to your trading partners. ●● ● 2U high-density rack-mount design ●● ● Two network I/O modules for increased flexibility andWhy an appliance for B2B connectivity? serviceability (eight 1 Gb and two 10 Gb ports)How easy is it for your partners and customers to do ●● ● Latest-generation hardware technology that can increasebusiness with you? Is your mission-critical information performance and capacitycompartmentalized and difficult to share across internal ●● ● Increased serviceability with multiple field-replaceable partsor external boundaries? The IBM WebSphere DataPower ●● ● Customized intrusion-detection handlingB2B Appliance XB62 (Figure 1) combines the drop-in conve- ●● ● Enhanced LEDs that provide enhanced user feedbacknience of standards-based B2B, with the DMZ-grade hardware ●● ● Enhanced hardware diagnostic tools that simplify problemsecurity and the capacity needed to securely extend your isolationbusiness to customers and partners. The XB62’s centralized,consolidated and secure B2B trading partner and transactionmanagement is designed to result in fast, reliable onboardingof new partners and customers at a lower cost to you. 2
  3. 3. IBM Software Data SheetIBM WebSphere DataPower you to quickly and seamlessly bridge B2B messaging protocols to standard application layer protocols like HTTP(S), FTP(S), SFTP, MQ and NFS. The XB62 is part of IBM’s B2B portfolio. DataPower XB62 BPM or It is designed to operate and work seamlessly as part of your B2B Services Integration Services Internal ESB entire business ecosystem (partners, internal organization and • Partner suppliers) and can be be ready for virtually any marketplace • Protocol Provisioning Bridges • Community • Content-based Management • Non Repudiation • B2B Messaging Routing • Any-to-Any Transformation situation immediately after deployment, all while reducing your Internet (EDIINT, ebXML) Partners • B2B Security • B2B MDNs/Asks • Policy Enforcement • Multistage Apps IT costs. By integrating many core B2B, SOA and web-services • B2B Exception Pipeline Handling • B2B Monitoring Processing • Service Level functions into a single, purpose-built device, the XB62 may Management Network Services help you access new customers and new routes to market by • • IP Address Filtering / Host Aliasing VLAN Support / Standby Control simplifying, standardizing and securing the integration of • Packet Trace / SNMP Traps partners, customers and suppliers with your enterprise. Centralize and consolidate B2BFigure 1: B2B enabled ESB with integrated network services trading-partner connectivity The heart of the XB62 is its B2B Gateway Service. This serviceAccess new customers with is designed to position the XB62 in a way that centralizes andstandards-based B2B Messaging consolidates B2B trading-partner and transaction management.The XB62 is an unique B2B appliance, delivering core B2B The B2B Gateway Service can enable the XB62 to handle sim-functions, including support for EDIINT AS1, AS2 and AS3, ple partner connections with data passing through directly toebMS 2.0, ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profiles and end applications for further processing. If more complex dataAgreements and plain-text email messaging; partner profile flows are required, the application integration capabilities of theadministration; routing of electronic data interchange (EDI), XB62 can be used to perform data validation, transformation,XML and binary payloads; auto archiving and purging of B2B rules-based enforcement and content-based routing. The B2Btransactions; and B2B transaction viewing capabilities. As more Gateway Service is a configuration object that is responsible forindustries increasingly require AS2 and/or ebMS for their processing and routing B2B data. Simple-to-use partner andpartner communications, the Drummond AS2 certification as hub-configuration tools can allow for rapid configurationwell as the Drummond ebMS certification of the XB62 ensures and management of B2B partners, easing access to new custom-maximum interoperability for exchanging B2B data. The XB62 ers and increasing revenue opportunities with new routes toalso provides robust protocol-bridging capabilities that allow market for products and services. To facilitate reuse, profiles can 3
  4. 4. IBM Software Data SheetIBM WebSphere DataPowersupport multiple destinations and the profiles can be associated Bridge the gap between internalwith any number of B2B Gateway services. The B2B Viewer integration and external integrationenables administrators to view all transactions that pass through IBM recognizes the convergence between B2B integrationthe B2B Gateway Service and resend failed transactions to (external integration) and application integration (internal inte-trading partners. Additionally, a standalone B2B viewer service gration) and understands that some integration functions arecan be used with DataPower’s Role-based Management capabil- needed at the edge of the network to support complex B2Bities to give trading partners visibility of the state of their flows and to provide greater flexibility for file processing andtransactions that were received or sent from the gateway. routing. The XB62 provides the same integration capabilities asMeet changing customer requirements. our integration appliance (that is, the WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI52), enabling you to easily and seam-Modern web applications are evolving from static pages and lessly bridge external integration and internal integration flowsforms into interactions that rival native desktop programs like between the DMZ and the protected network. A typical deploy-email clients, street-mapping software, and customer relation- ment pattern consists of an XB62 in the DMZ handling secureship management (CRM) systems. Customers and partners connectivity to trading partners and B2B integration, passingacross all industries demand the same level of interactivity and data to an XI52 in the protected network handling all internaldata access for their information, as well. Unfortunately, critical ESB data is often locked away in mature applications thatweren’t designed for this kind of usage. With its native support Unlock siloed information with drop-infor JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and representationalstate transfer (REST), the IBM WebSphere DataPower B2B B2B integration In addition to the array of B2B functions performed by theAppliance XB62 can create new, low-cost services by quickly XB62, the device has the capability to transform data quicklyunleashing legacy and non-XML real-time data for consump- between a wide variety of formats, including XML, industrytion by dynamic Web 2.0 applications. In addition to support- standards and custom formats. The broader integration func-ing a broad range of EDIINT protocols, the XB62 has the tions of the XB62 include routing, bridging, transformation andability to connect to legacy data and to handle non-XML event handling, and are designed as reliable, performance-formats. And since the XB62 is a configuration-driven oriented solutions to many integration challenges. Because it isappliance, these integrations can be achieved with little to not limited to handling just XML, the WebSphere DataPowerno modification of the underlying hosting applications. B2B Appliance XB62 resonates with IT organizations that need to benefit from the connectivity of B2B and SOA deployments but must also manage a combination of multiple proprietary, industry, company-specific and existing data formats. The device is a true drop-in B2B and SOA integration point for heterogeneous environments, helping extend applications throughout the enterprise, reduce the time and cost of B2B and SOA connectivity and speed the time to market for new services. 4
  5. 5. IBM Software Data SheetIBM WebSphere DataPowerThe WebSphere DataPower B2B Why IBM?Appliance XB62 helps empower you to: Organizations of all sizes employ IBM WebSphere DataPower●● ● Support high volume B2B transaction environments. SOA appliances to reduce IT complexity, reduce their costs,●● ● Reduce IT costs with simplified deployment, configuration improve their ROI and foster new business. The IBM approach and maintenance. to SOA appliances provides value to a variety of organizations●● ● Connect quickly to your trading partners. throughout major industries and for customer locations that●● ● Support B2B governance and security in the DMZ. span the globe—and you can combine different DataPower●● ● Combine B2B Gateway, transformation and connectivity models to enable optimal functions at an optimal price. functions in a single device.●● ● Accelerate EDI, XML and web-services processing and For more information expedite B2B deployments. The best SOA appliance is the one that helps your business as-●● ● Eliminate overhead and disruption to existing IT pirations become reality. To learn more about IBM WebSphere infrastructure. DataPower appliances, or to confirm which appliance is the best fit for your organization, contact your IBM sales representativeMiddleware appliances from the or IBM Business Partner, or visit the following website:middleware experts WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances combineIBM’s long-standing industry leadership and expertise in To join the Global WebSphere Community, visit:middleware with highly consumable, dedicated appliances that http://www.websphere.orgcombine simplified integration, superior performance and hard-ened security for SOA implementations. Meticulously designed Additionally, IBM Global Financing can help you acquire theto augment all phases of the SOA lifecycle and implementation, software capabilities that your business needs in the most cost-these highly specialized devices offer a host of essential func- effective and strategic way possible. We’ll partner with credit-tions in specialized appliances for easy consumption, qualified clients to customize a financing solution to suit yourdeployment, management and service delivery. business and development goals, enable effective cash manage- ment, and improve your total cost of ownership. Fund your critical IT investment and propel your business forward with IBM Global Financing. For more information, visit: 5
  6. 6. Please Recycle WSD14084-USEN-02