DeWeese Democratic Education


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DeWeese Democratic Education

  1. 1. What is Democratic Education? By Sarah DeWeese UCD Fall 2010 “Meaningful participation, personal initiative, with equality and justice for all.” – IDEA (Institute for Democratic Education in America”
  2. 2. Why do we NEED Democratic Education? For a vision of students TODAY watch this video here -- “Every student that fails, costs the nation approximately $260,000 over his or her lifetime. More than 12 million students are expected to drop out over the next decade, costing the nation $3 trillion.” - Alliance for Excellent Education 2007.
  3. 3. Time for a WebQuest! Pick two of the following to learn more about:  A.S. Neill’s Summerhill School  Sudbury Valley School  Fertile Grounds: The Hallway Project  Waldorf Education in Charter Schools The next slides will have more directions/ information…
  4. 4. Ask the following questions of each model as you read and do research:
  5. 5. A.S. Neill’s Summerhill School Activities Students can choose from: Gardening, Bug Study, The Game of Diplomacy, Magic Lessons, Psychology for Kids, Thinking Skills and Games, Photography and Photoshop, Afternoon Walks, Computer Strategy Games, Writing, Making a Radio, Play Chess, Macramé… Open these links to find the answers: Even though this is a Private School, what lessons could this model offer Public Education?
  6. 6. Sudbury Valley School How could this private school’s values be adapted to affect the way public education educates students? Is the model too extreme? Watch & decide.
  7. 7. Fertile Grounds: The Hallway Project Read about and see the video about this program incorporated in a high school in New York: ay_project
  8. 8. A philosophy of education first practiced in private schools, now making it’s way into the public sector. Watch and form an opinion for yourself. Waldorf Education in Charter Schools Waldorf education, in general, values the following: family and community life a healthy unfolding of childhood joy in the learning process viable alternatives to high-stakes testing age-appropriate use of electronic media and computers education focused on wholeness in body, mind, and spirit intellectual excellence, imagination, strong memory, and problem-solving skills training of ethical and moral judgment beauty of the environment as a formative force in the child's world. -- Windows into Waldorf, An Introduction to Waldorf Education
  9. 9. Share out what you’ve learned… Time to go back to the online discussion board. Comment on the following threads – 1) What two schools of Democratic Education did you research? What do you think about their philosophies of education? What are some benefits and concerns? 2) Have you seen examples in public schools where students are given democratic freedoms in regards to their education? What are some ways you think students could be given more freedom?