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Analysing magazine contents pages


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Published in: Design, Technology
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Analysing magazine contents pages

  1. 1. Analysing Magazine Contents Pages
  2. 2. This contents page is from the magazine vibe which ismainly hip hop and urban focused therefore the contentspage is designed to attract the younger generation. Themast head is justified to the right of the contents page andis written in a white font. The layout of the mast head fits inwith other vibe contents page as the word is always split upinto three parts so that it stands out more. The colour whitefor the font is used so that it stands out against the darkbackground therefore draws the reads attention to the title.The contents page doesn’t feature much writing and isdesigned to be quite simplistic to keep the reader’sattention. The contents page only has four articles thereforethe readers have to read more into the magazine to find outmore. The background is quite simplistic as its just two plaincolours white and black which fits in with the text themes.The main image features Ciarra lying on her back with herlegs positioned to form a ‘v’ which is key as it mirrors the vin the background.The male gaze and Ciarra’s sexuality are being used here asshe is wear a tight fitted leotard with her legs in the air. Shecould be placed like this to be the envy of the femalereaders and be eye catching to the male readers. Thephotograph of her is also quite editorial, maybe showingthat it is a highly respected fashion magazine. Each title thatsections the different articles uses a girly font which couldbe because it is a magazine more aimed at a femaleaudience. Even though there are 5 different fonts used onthis one page it doesn’t look messy as the layout has given ita professional look. The text under each subheading isquote colloquial which makes it simple and easier for thereader to digest.
  3. 3. I like this contents page because of howsimple it is. It only uses one picture andthis is a photo of Taylor Swift someonewho is popular with there target audience(teenage girls). At the top is the name ofthe magazine and I like how they have puta line underneath it to almost underline itand help it to stand out. The date of themagazine is also found at the top which issomething important to add into amagazine. The information about eacharticle is spaced out making it easy toready and the contents page isnt to busy. Ialso like how the words ‘Fashion andFeatures’ is written vertically down theside of the page. The title of each article isin bold so you can clearly see which oneswhich. The page numbers are in a red tomake them stand out and I also like howsome of them are circled with a heartwhich works as this is a girly magazine. Thebanner across the central image whichsays ‘Get to know the real Taylor Swift’makes readers feel that they are getting anexclusive. Things like this are important tohave in your magazine to keep yourreaders interested and up to date.
  4. 4. This is the contents page for the ladiesmagazine glamour. I like this contents pagebecause of the way it sticks to one colourscheme, the same one as the front covermeaning that both pages link well togethergiving it a professional look. Down the lefthand side there is competitions thatreaders can enter something that willengage your consumers and keep theinterested. There are also images of whatyou could win to gain even more interestin the competition. I like how they haveput an orange line down the middle toseparate the competitions and the articleswithin the magazine. Each section of themagazine has its own title in either orangeor yellow and the article description is inblack, an easy colour of writing to read.The section are clearly set out for ease ofreading a simplicity. I also like how thepage number of each article is in thecolour of the title to help them stand out.Each important part of the article is in boldso you can see which story is which.
  5. 5. I have chose to look at these 2 contents pages for inspiration for my own. I decidedthat I would look at one contents page by Elle in 1991, and one in 2008. The change inthe contents pages compositions are obvious. Both of them look excellent and arereally eye catching in many different ways. The 1991 Elle contents page is verystructured, with everything in certain place, and with black lines to emphasize the ideathat it has been structured this way. However, although the 2008 cover is structured, ithas been made to look like it isnt, With many different images overlapping, but withthe actual Contents box on top of all the images. This 2008 contents page looks sogood because of how busy it is, And although it looks messy, it still all fits in really welland the overall composition is fantastic. Also, the colour scheme has been thought outwell to make all the images in the background go (The neutral colours, along with thepinks and nude tones). However, i do really love the idea of simplicity, and makingeverything look clean cut and chic, So i really love the 1991 contents page of Elle. Withthe large title and everything else structured from the title down the page. The plainwhite background looks so good contrasted against the bold red text and the blacktext. The fonts all work really well, with ELLE being the only serif font, and the restbeing sans-serif (almost as if to emphasize the Elle title). Also, the two images havebeen placed well on the page. However, when designing my contents page, i think i willtry to stick to more of a colour scheme than this one has (All the text/background isred, white & black - but then the image has a lot of blue in it). I think, i will try andcreate a contents page that mixes the 1991 cover (the chic simplicity) with the 2008cover (the stylish business)
  6. 6. Here is a image of a womens lifestylemagazine contents page. All the imagesand borders on the page are girlie andcolourful it straight away gives a bighint that the magazine is aimed awomen. This magazines has picture ofthe team that work with it, thissuggests they want the readers to feelcloser to them as they can know whatthey look like and their names, itsbringing the audience closer to thepeople that write it. The writing on thecontents page look like its in a listwhich suggests to the reader that thereis a lot going on in the magazine and alot to talk about. It has an effect on theaudience that makes it look like their isa lot to find out about. OK is a gossipmagazine about celebrities and this ismade clear by images of celebritiesdown the side with information abouteach picture or secretes about thecelebrities, a reason why we may choseto read that magazine.