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  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience?<br />
  2. 2. On the front page as you can see I have placed the main artist in the centre of the page to make her look powerful and superior. Her facial expression is very serious showing her as a very arrogant and confident artist, which is highlighted in the way she posed on the front cover. I wanted her to look dominant by placing her in front of the magazine's name portraying she is ruling the music magazine industry. I used a female audience to subvert the R&B genre as in most R&B real music magazine we have males dominating the front covers. However having an female on my front page does not mean my music magazine is aimed at only females, my target audience are both males and females. The cloths my artist is wearing is typical of the R&B genre and therefore will attract a lot of R&B audiences as they will be able to identity with her. She is wearing a red hoody which I have chosen on purpose because the colour red targets both females and males. Furthermore the fact that she is wearing her hat attracts audiences between the age of 15-22 which I am aiming for The main artists is not wearing a lot of jewelry as you can see because I believe that wearing a lot of jewelry grabs audiences attention away from looking at the main artist. The small colorful scarf coming out of her jeans suggests coolness and shows that she is showing off which is typical of the R&B genre. She is wearing limited make-up to show that she is beautiful naturally and not because of the tons of makeup <br />
  3. 3. I have included freebies in my music magazine because from the questionnaires I had done previous I found out that the majority of audience wanted freebies in music magazines, therefore I decided to go for a free download voucher because they will be able to go on the Dope site and download free music from the website. Audiences are not only able to download the free music but at the same time it gives them a chance to search for new updates or find more information about the music magazine. Further more, I have also included in the music magazine other different types of competitions in order to attract more audience. Audiences can win tickets to meet a celebrity of that weeks magazine and they are also able to win different prizes such as a television, IPOD touch, mp3 players and many more if they answer the music quizzes right. <br />
  4. 4. The main title includes diamonds to attract the target audience. I reason for why I have chosen diamonds is because I believe that it will appeal to both genders; male and female. Also diamonds associates with the R&B genre with suggests richness and wealth. Further more I have used sparkles and bold big letters to make the title more eye catching. The title DOPE has different meanings , however the meaning I wanted to bring over is Coolness. Another word for dope is cool and therefore to make this more clear I used a puff ‘because it’s…’ so in order words it says because it’s cool. <br />
  5. 5. I have included additional cover lines to give the audience more information what the music magazine is going to include. I have added a subheading stating ‘backstage gossip’. This subheading includes stories about artists revealing the truth about their own life and letting themselves ‘go’ not remembering that they are being interviewed. Young audiences will be interested in this as it gives them an insight of how artist feel in real without putting fake masks on. I have also included a subheading of other artists featuring in the music magazine, the artists that are more popular and well know have a bigger typography so that it stands out and catches the audiences attention. The sentence ‘& many more’ suggest that there are a lot of other artists included in the music magazine and therefore the audiences might be curious to know which artists there are so buying the music magazine will reveal everything. <br />To attract even more young audiences I have included the top 20 worst songs. I believe this will attract young audiences because they will be interested in the latest news and would want to know who song the worst song in the top 20 so that they can update their friends and relatives. Further more, I have included a floating quote from the main article when the main artist was interviewed. This will attract the audiences because it gives them additional information of what the main article is going to be about. Instead of mentioning the name of the person who the main artists thinks is ‘so gorgeous and sexy’, I putted dots to make the audience feel curious who the main artist is talking about. Moreover, to get audiences attention I have included words such as ‘Exclusive’ as young audiences are interested in readon about the latest fashion/news events <br />
  6. 6. To attract audiences for my contents page I used a lot of visual images of young artists. They include both males and females in order to appeal to both different genders. I still used a lot of typography to show that my music magazine is full of content. To make the contents page seem more professional and to attract the audience even more I have included an editors note. The note begins with ‘Whats’up readers’ this type of language is used by a lot of teenagers and young adults to socialise with each other so in order to attract my target audience I have used it too. In the image of the boy band I included props such as beer bottles and some of them wear hats and caps and there position is quite cool which is typical of the R&B music genre. I made my main artists picture bigger than the rest of the pictures so that audiences know that she is the focus of this months issue. The layout of the music contents page is quite simple and straight forward because I did not want to confuse the audiences. <br />
  7. 7. In the main article I have used a few interesting floating quotes that will appeal to the target audiences and I made them also bigger so that they catch the audiences attention. I have used a question and answer structure because of the fact that I appeal to young audiences so if I chose a continuous structure it will put them off as it will not be very appealing towards them. Similarly I used a visual image in the contents page to attract the young audiences opposed to only using content, which makes reading seem dull and boring. Further more I did not use complicated language as they will not be able to understand them. In the main article the artists uses some slang terms and makes a few jokes so that audiences can identify with her and feel comfortable reading the article. The use of putting actions in brackets makes it easy for audiences to imagine how the main artists reacts/response towards the questions. <br />
  8. 8. Finally, I have tried to use the same colour scheme throughout the music magazine in order to show a brand identity and make the pages look well structured and organised. The colours I have used trough out at white, black and red. I believe these colours attract both males and females.<br />