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  1. 1. In what ways does you media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Barcode Free downloads Floating quotes Additional cover lines Puff Main Title Main Image As part of my media evaluation, I have to compare the similarities and differences in real magazine to my own music magazine. I believe that I have used a lot of media conventions on my front page in order to make it look real. For example, I have used additional cover lines in order to make the target audience aware of the other information that takes place in the music magazine, which is similar to the VIBE magazines. Further more, R&B music magazines use a lot of simple typography to make it easy for the readers to read the text, which I have tried to adopt as well in order to fit the genre, however I did use a varied sized fonts to place more emphasis upon particular features. In addition, I have also used floating quotes from the main article which is similar to real magazines to give the readers a taste of what the main article is going to be about. Additionally, I have used other typical features of a front page music magazine such as barcode, price, website and free downloads. To make my front page different then typical R&B music magazines, I have made the main artist image large in comparison to everything else on my front page. Also I have placed the artist image in front of the main title to make her look superior and dominant. In addition, this also shows that she is the main feature of this months magazine.
  3. 3. My main title is different then opposed to the real R&B music magazines. In the main title I have incorporated diamonds and little sparkles in order to make it stand out. Real music magazine have used simple bold text for their main title in order to keep it simple for their main audiences. However, what my magazine and real magazine have in common is the big bold typography, this makes the title stand even more out as audiences will be able to read it from a far distance. Similar to other R&B music magazines, I also added a boarder behind the title because if I did not use it the title wouldn't stand out much.
  4. 4. I have added the image of the front covert onto my contents page, which is similar to the contents page of the Vibe magazine (on the right hand side). I have done this in order to make the readers remember what main article they were looking for. Similar to the Kerrang magazine I have added, page number in order for the readers the know where each feature takes place. To make the page number more stand out, I have added a white box behind it. As opposed to Vibe’s content pages, my content page differs a lot. Instead of using only one image, I have chosen to use a lot of visual images in order to grab the audiences attention. Further more I have tried to balance the typography and the amount of images that I included, whereas on the Vibe contents page there is limited typography in order to make it simplistic and straight forward. Also I have added an editors message, because this will give the audiences again information what will be included in the issue of the music magazine. The tie-in on my contents page gives the audience a opportunity to get the magazine delivered to their house.
  5. 5. In the following slides I have to compare my double page spread to real double page spread magazines. As you can see I have tried to use similar conventions as the real magazine for example I have added floating quotes in order to draw audiences attention to the most shocking news. Further more I have used also other typical conventions of double page spread magazines such as main title, sub titles and main image. I have challenged using more than one main image in my double page spread because, I wanted the audiences to focus only on one image and spend their time more reading the article than watching the image. Additionally I have used a question and answer structure for my double page spread. The reason for doing this is because my target audience will easily relate to it as I have written it in a simple way so that they can understand the text. Also if I would have done it in a continues structure, it will be too boring and dull for them.