Evaluation 4


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Evaluation 4

  1. 1. Question 4:How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. For my research, planning and evaluation stages I used theYouTube website. Evidence is shown when I used my voxpox, inorder for me to upload it into my blog I first had to upload it to youtube and then get the embedded quote and paste it to blogger sothat the website could compose the video. Furthermore, I alsoused the website if I did not know how to work with the AdobePremier or Photoshop program. Through youtube I was able towatch online tutorials and find out how to work with theseprograms. In addition, youtube has helped me a lot with my artistthrough the year analysis ofJustin Bieber as I had to get theembedded quotes from his music videos and paste it into my blog.Through hotmail we were able to share ourideas when being apart. In addition, it allowedus to share videos/files/images. We also usedhotmail to contact the singers of the song‘Tonight I let you go’ and ask whether theyallowed us to download there song and make amusic video for it.
  3. 3. Blogger was needed to present our whole project. All workwe had to do i.e reach/planning/ancillary tasks/music videoand evaluation all needed to be presented on this website We used unsigned.com in order to find our music video song. This is a website of artists putting their songs online . Slideshare allowed me to embed my Power Point slides onto my blog DivShare allowed me to upload our song ‘Tonight I let you Go’ and get the embedded quote to share it on my blog
  4. 4. This program helped me with getting our musicvideo clip done.- Helped us to apply special effect to our music video clip i.e black an white effect/zoom in andout/ make clips more bright- Delete footage that we thought was not useful-Use slow motion/fast forward when neededThis program allowed me to get my ancillary tasksdone. I was able to use the following tools in orderto make my work look professional:-Crop tool: allowed me to delete unwanted parts- magnetic lasso tool; allowed me to cut aroundimages-Zoom in/out; zoom images in and out- Stroke; line out typography to make the font standout-Brightness; allowed me to increase/decrease levelsof brightness in an image-Hue saturation: allowed me to change the levels ofhue/saturation/lighting
  5. 5. I used Microsoft Edexel for my audienceresearch and analysis as I had to put myrecords from my questionnaire into graphs/piecharts.Furthermore, I also used Microsoft PowerPointfor my research and planning tasks. Theinformation I used to find I putted intoPowerPoint slides to keep everything together.Also used this program for my evaluation as Ihad to justify why we did certain actions.Overall, I found this program very useful as itwas an easy way to present my work.Microsoft word enabled me to correct mygrammar/spelling mistakes when analysingmusic videos/album front/back covers/musicmagazines and inlays. I also used this programto type up my production logs and keep safethe print screen shoots for evidence of thework I had done.
  6. 6. We used digital camera to make the photos for our ancillary tasks.Also we used it for our stop motion effect (taking picturesOf a piece of paper which said ‘I love Amy’’ and which was later onscrunched up) We used a video camera to record our footage We used a tripod to keep the camera still when needed. This made our music video look more professional
  7. 7. We used Macbook Pro and Desktop Apple Macto keep in touch with each other when notbeing together as a group. Also, all thePrograms I used such as Photoshop, Microsoftword/Edexel/PowerPoint were all downloadedon this laptop I used my USB throughout the project to make sure all work we had done was saved correctly.