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Presentation about RailsBridge prepared for a talk to MITRE in October, 2009

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RailsBridge Presentation

  1. 1. RailsBridge creating an inclusive and friendly Ruby on Rails community. October 16, 2009
  2. 2. RailsBridge Mission ✤ To create an inclusive and friendly Ruby on Rails community.
  3. 3. RailsBridge Guidelines ✤ First, do no harm. Then, help where you can. ✤ Bridge the gap from aspiring developer to contributing community member through mentoring, teaching & writing. ✤ Reach out to individuals and groups who are underrepresented in the community. ✤ Collaborate with other groups with similar goals.
  4. 4. RailsBridge projects ✤ Open Workshops ✤ Builders ✤ Teaching Kids ✤ Mentors ✤ Bug Mash ✤ Student Code Reviews ✤ Courseware ✤ Ruby Challenge Contributing Aspiring Community Developer Member
  5. 5. A closer look at some projects ✤ Builders ✤ Workshops ✤ Teaching Kids
  6. 6. Builders ✤ Builders connects volunteers with projects for 501c3 non-profits. ✤ A development team of volunteers will build a web application to address a specific need
  7. 7. Builders ✤ The Sunset PTA is a group of parents working with a dedicated principal and teachers to create an outstanding public school. ✤ Rails developers are building a website to that will help the PTA organize and stay in contact with school community volunteers.
  8. 8. Builders ✤ Survival International is a nonprofit organization which helps the world's tribal peoples protect their lands, defend their lives and determine their own futures ✤ Volunteers help with online video, asset management and distribution system, & online campaigning and support using Rails, RSpec and Cucumber.
  9. 9. Builders ✤ The Cape Eleuthera Institute focuses research in the field of sustainability working with Deep Creek Middle School in the Bahamas. ✤ Rails developers are working to improve the website experience and make it easier for frequent updates including photos and videos.
  10. 10. Teaching Kids ✤ Encouraging kids to create computer applications by providing support and curricula
  11. 11. Teaching Kids ✤ Teachers who want to help kids to understand a part of the world they live in ✤ Parents who want to teach their kids or encourage their schools to teach programming ✤ People who write code and want to share their love of software development
  12. 12. 4th/5th grade ✤ Shoes and Ruby ✤ Mixing light to explain RGB ✤ Teaching kids to mentor
  13. 13. High School ✤ Software as foreign language translator ✤ Teaching excitement ✤ Practical experience over theory
  14. 14. Future Projects ✤ Pilot program for SF Middle School ✤ After school projects
  15. 15. Open Workshop Project ✤ Mission: Enabling Rails developers everywhere to organize and present high-quality introductory Rails workshops.
  16. 16. Events so far ✤ 6/12-6/13 at OrangeLabs in South San Francisco ✤ 7/31-8/1 at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco ✤ 9/26-9/27 at sfCube in San Francisco ✤ 10/5 Aloha on Rails ✤ 10/16-10/17 at Berkman Center, Harvard University
  17. 17. How does it work? ✤ Plans & curriculum on devchix wiki http://wiki.devchix.com ✤ Slides published in github http://github.com/railsbridge/workshop ✤ Lots of volunteers willing to step up and make a difference
  18. 18. Diversifying the community ✤ Making a real difference in the lives of individuals ✤ Women and men who are unemployed, underemployed or simply want to learn about new technology in the field ✤ Successful Rails engineers who have not had the opportunity to work with many technical women before ✤ Increasing the ambient level of technology amongst women
  19. 19. Why? ✤ Technology is naturally reflective of its creators. Focus groups and usability studies tend to find omisions, not inspiration for new ideas. ✤ Open source software requires that people keep working on it -- not only in the form of code contributions.
  20. 20. Questions? railsbridge.org http://groups.google.com/group/railsbridge Sarah Allen www.ultrasaurus.com