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Blazing Cloud: Agile Product Development


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Blazing Cloud presents the Blazing Path: an innovative product development process that integrates "lean startup" and agile development techniques

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Blazing Cloud: Agile Product Development

  1. 1. April 2013
  2. 2. WHAT WE DO
  3. 3. PATH TO SUCCESS Before coding, we strategize about your app and your business goals. Our agile process quickly validates new features in iterative cycles. We establish metrics to measure success.
  4. 4. BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION Our work begins with, and aims to fulfill, your vision. To ensure success, our first activity together is to translate your vision into an actionable strategy.
  5. 5. FROM VISION TO LAUNCH Key Assumptions: Audience, Value & Growth Use Cases Target Customer List Product Launch Refine & Prototype UX Prototype Agile Stories Engage & Envision Agile Development Metrics to validate assumptions
  6. 6. DEFINE PRODUCT APPROACH What we do Listen. Ask questions. Create a vision statement. Explore competitive landscape and market trends. Brainstorm Product Profile. Product Profile Product: what is it, simply, clearly defined? Market: size, competition, growth etc Customer: who wants the product? Growth: how will they find it? Value: why do they want it?
  7. 7. DESIGN & ENGAGE What we do Brainstorm conceptual designs, messaging and where to find customers High Level Design (screen shots and key use cases) Talk to prospective customers (focus groups, interviews) Validated Product Approach Draft feature set and use cases Core Audience: list of contacts Recommended customer acquisition plan
  8. 8. REFINE & PROTOTYPE What we do Lean UX for identified use cases Add or remove features as needed Begin testing core technical assumptions Validate prototypes with target audience “First product” design Detailed screenshots & work flow Agile Development “stories”
  9. 9. AGILE DEVELOPMENT What we do Build a series of iterations of the product At each stage, automated and real-world testing Instrument the product with analytics Deliver “first product”! “First product” A first public product release A set of assumptions that this first release is intended to validate
  10. 10. OUR APPROACH Learn: what do we know? (numbers are good) Hypothesis: what do we believe? (numbers are good) Test: how can we check reality? Analyze: does the data support our hypothesis?
  11. 11. OUR WORK A human focus; building mobile and web apps solving realworld problems
  13. 13. LEADING EDGE History of leading edge tech disruption Includes After Effects, Flash video, OpenLaszlo, and open source platforms We are experts in iOS, Android, HTML5, Ruby on Rails
  14. 14. ZIG ZAG BOARD Desktop Web, Native iPad / Android Real-time synchronization across devices and desktop Web Supports user login for joining and hosting a meeting Advanced controls allow for contents of document to be quickly moved and resized Portrait and Landscape orientation
  15. 15. ZIG ZAG BOARD Continuous deployment of prototype Enabled testing of key interactions with early adopter group Empowered offsite product manager to provide quick feedback
  16. 16. CNN Mobile Web iPad Techniques that work on all modern browsers (even IE) Popovers adjust position for readability and interaction Configurable for different election results via dynamic data feed
  17. 17. CNN JavaScript testing allowed for Efficient development Changing data formats Robust Delivery
  18. 18. FOTOZAP Fotozap engages a brand’s audience by combining a physical giveaway with digital photos that can be shared across social networks QR Code scanning, Camera
  19. 19. FOTOZAP Usability testing Real-world use of application, before submitting to App Store Validated both user experience and back-end analytics
  20. 20. ABOUT.ME is a free service that lets you create a beautiful one-page website that's all about you and your interests. Facebook, Twitter, Address Book integration Geolocation, Camera
  21. 21. SCHOLASTIC Touch & Tilt Books The Scholastic Touch & Tilt series turned popular children’s books into interactive iPad apps Audio playback and highlighted text guides readers through the story
  22. 22. MIGHTYVERSE Universal application that works across iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Integrated video and browser view for "phrase story" Language support allows for both English and Japanese characters to be displayed Automatic update of phrase data and usage tracking MightySushi supports both Portrait and Landscape orientation
  23. 23. 23
  24. 24. MIGHTYVERSE Flash video with interactive text overlay for transcription, translation and phonetic Full-text search Admin interface for updating phrase text and managing phrase lists In-context admin of individual recordings Full back-end admin for complete control of all data in the databbase Web services for mobile application access
  25. 25. “How can you say...” Google Searches in English Google
  26. 26. “How can you say...” Google Searches in Spanish Google
  27. 27. Increased Web Traffic
  28. 28. GAZE Utilizes an array of iPad UI elements to allow for easy navigation of detailed settings Seamlessly loops high quality video content Integrated web browser allows user to visit Gaze forum without leaving the application
  29. 29. PEER PRESSURE Peer Pressure manages extensive folders and lists through a user-friendly interface. Twitter, Facebook and Email integration add a social element to draw in peers Peer Pressure integrates with web services to provide users with charts to track progress through a web browser Chose an existing image or take your own to upload for each milestone
  30. 30. CAPTAIN RECRUITER Optimizes the workflow for the entire recruiting process Integration with Scribd to display resumes Custom interface for hiring managers
  31. 31. JCCSF Image “carousel” on home page Content Management System with custom look and feel and dynamic navigation Class catalog and shopping cart integrated via SOAP backend services Full-text search of pages and events