Social sciences work


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Social sciences work

  1. 1. GROUP Nº6Pisabarro García, AdriánPulido Torres, AinaraGibaja Pardo, AlejandroSan Vicente López de Turiso, MikelGonzález Rino, SaraSOCIAL SCIENCES WORK
  2. 2. (Centuries V-XV)GREAT HISTORICALCHARACTERS OF THEMIDDLE AGESEl Cid CampeadorRodrigo Díaz de Vivar2
  3. 3. 3TOPIC SLIDE1 |General data aboutthe characterSlide N| 42 |Historical context Slide N| 63 |Social scale Slide N| 84 |Influence Slide N| 115 |Legacy Slide N| 136 |What happened afterthe character diedSlide N| 157 |The Video Slide N| 20INDEX
  4. 4. General data about the character• Birth rate• Place of Birth• Origin• Family4
  5. 5. BIRTHPLACE OFBIRTHORIGIN OFTHE NAMEFAMILY DIEDPLACE OFDIEDIn the 1043(no day andmonth)Vivar delCid(Burgos)•“El Cid”because, themeanind isLord.•“ElCampeador”because, themeaning is thechampion.When he diedhis wifeJimena Díaz,inheritedValencia andmaintaineduntil 1102.In the 1099(no day andmonth)Valencia5
  6. 6. Historical context• Social• Political• EconomicSituationsOf his country/areawhen he was born6
  7. 7. 7-When Rodrigo was born Ferdinand I was the King of Castileand Leon.- In 1065 Ferdinand I died. His last wish was that his kingdomwas divided among his three sons: Sancho II, Alfonso VI andGarcía.* Sancho II  Kingdom of Castile* Alfonso VI  Asturias and León* García  Galicia and PortugalSancho II Alfonso VI García
  8. 8. Social Scale• Position the character occupied• Obligations• Responsibilities8
  9. 9. 9- Was a gentleman with the highest virtues, strong, loyal, fair andbrave, wise warrior and worship.-Was fighting. To conquer places and territories.POSITION THE CHARACTER OCCUPIEDOBLIGATION and RESPONSIBILITY
  10. 10. 10CITIES THAT CONQUERED THE CID- Castejón de Henares- Acocer- The camp of Fariz- Barcelona- Zaragoza- Murviedro castle- Cebolla- Banicadell- Valencia
  11. 11. Influence (issues the character tookpart in…)• Social• Political• EconomicTransformations made11
  12. 12. 12SOCIAL-He conquered parts of Spain.- By conquering parts of Spain, King was changed in theterritories that “El Cid” conquered.-By conquering territories they had all the culture and food ofthe territories that “El Cid” conquered.ECONOMICPOLITIC
  13. 13. Legacy• Something done/created by the character by which willalways be remembered(what, why)13
  14. 14. 14HE CONQUERED VALENCIA- Valencia, called "Valencia del Cid", was conquered by the Cidin 1094.- Historically, after several unsuccessful attempts to conquerValencia, to assault the city fell after a long siege of six months.- Rodrigo Diaz died there, as lord or prince of the city, in 1099.
  15. 15. What happened at the end• What happened after the character died with allthose aspects he had influence over15
  16. 16. BURGOS
  17. 17. SEVILLA
  18. 18. THE VIDEO20
  19. 19. TASK WEB-PAGEGeneral information WikipediaHistorical context Biography and LifeSocial Scale Spanish territoriesInfluence Biography and LifeLegacy Cid RoadWhen he died Google ImagesVideo YouTubeTemplate Microsoft.comBIBLIOGRAPHY
  20. 20. By…Pisabarro García, AdriánPulido Torres, AinaraGibaja Pardo, AlejandroSan Vicente López de Turiso, MikelGonzález Rino, SaraTHANKS