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How to get a Black Belt in European Public Affairs


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What to consider when developing an European Public Affairs campaign and how to work with Members of the European Parliament and their staff

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How to get a Black Belt in European Public Affairs

  1. 1. How to get a black belt inEuropean Public Affairs
  2. 2. What is your campaign target?• What do you want to achieve with your lobby campaign?• Identifying your campaign target supports strategy development• Prepare your strategy by identifying: • Messages • Arguments • Timing • Whom to contact when
  3. 3. Get your basics right Put yourself in the recipient‘s shoes − Ask yourself how you’d like to be contacted and many mistakes will be avoided Spell out your acronyms − Unless you work for a well-known organisation like IBM; dont assume its heard of Introduce yourself and your organisation both in written and oral contacts Update address and phone registers yearly
  4. 4. Keep in touch even if there isn’t anissue  ”Just keeping in touch” is a good idea  Always something you can speak about and youll be remembered easier  If you have information you feel could benefit an MEP in their work – pass it on even if you dont have an issue at hand
  5. 5. Do what you say you’ll do If you want to book a meeting – then book a meeting. Mailing someone telling them you will book a meeting with them and not doing so is unprofessional.
  6. 6. Plan ahead and check thecalendar Avoid getting caught unaware by subscribing to regular updates from the European Commission and European Parliament  European Parliament meeting calendar  European commission
  7. 7. How to get your email read Get your email read by: − Calling ahead − Develop a good subject line − Follow up via a phone call
  8. 8. How to get your legislative proposalconsidered Get your legislative proposal considered: − Send it to the MEP before a meeting − Bring it with you to the meeting in print version − Follow-up
  9. 9. Send your amendments andproposals before the vote!  If you are uncertain when a vote takes place, ask the MEP’s office  Call the committee administrator responsible  Each EP committee sends out detailed planning – subscribe to their news
  10. 10. Remember the “home boys”! EU legislation affect 27 countries National parliaments are as important as the European Parliament. If an MEP wants to be re-elected, s/he is re- elected on national level National specialists are very knowledgeable on their subjects and important to involve in your lobbying National parliamentarians can also influence the MEP
  11. 11. Meet with the EuropeanCommission  The European Commission drafts all legislation and your points will be heard at an earlier stage in the process  The Commission is often a year ahead of the Parliament
  12. 12. Meet with subject matterspecialists Every party and committee has subject matter specialists Might not affect the voting but the better informed they are the better they can do their job. Ask them to be invited to your meeting with the MEP.
  13. 13. Transparency, Transparency,Transparency  Don’t hide your lobbying efforts  Your efforts will be known. Tell people yourself and control the story rather than look like Shady Sam trying to influence under the radar
  14. 14. More hints and tips Probably the best guide to lobbying there is:  Activistguide to the Brussels maze from EDRi
  15. 15. That wasn’t so difficult was it?