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Aitzol eta mikel


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Published in: Education, Travel, Sports
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Aitzol eta mikel

  2. 2. AREA The London area is bigger than Paris area
  3. 3. POPULATION The Paris population is smaller than London population.
  4. 4. LANGUAGE S English is more famous than French
  5. 5. SPORTSLondon sports team are morefamous than a team the Paris
  6. 6. SCHOOL LIFE Paris started the school later than London
  7. 7. LOCAL FOOD Paris have more local food than London
  8. 8. MONEYThe money of Paris is to expensiveLondon
  9. 9. WEATHER• London is as hot as Paris
  10. 10. TYPES OF TRANSPORT• The transport of London are more than a transports Paris
  11. 11. BUS ROUTES Paris bus routes are less than London bus routes
  12. 12. CARS London cars are as easy to drove as Paris
  13. 13. METRO/TRAIN In London are more stations than in Paris
  14. 14. AIRPORT The airport of London is bigger than to Paris
  15. 15. EVENTS In London are more events than in Paris