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Genares overview presentation 11 10

  1. 1. January, 2011
  2. 2. Combining over 35 years of experience in the hospitality reservationtechnology industry, GENARES has developed the first truly integrated thirdparty central reservation system for the twenty-first century. Our team ofhighly professional and skilled hospitality executives have designed a state-of-the-art full service CRS that incorporates the latest technology whilesimplifying functionality and ease of use. THE GENARES TEAM
  3. 3. Product and ServicesToday’s educated hotelier desires the freedom to select the solutions that meet their varying andspecific needs. Genares provides products and solutions aligned with hotelier’s primary goals to increase ADR, ALoS, and Occupancy all at the lowest possible cost.
  4. 4. TechnologyAt the core is the Genares Central Reservation System is “gReserve” an easy-to-use system with advanced revenue management features and powerful integrated reporting tools.Our technology provides:• CRS-based transaction processing for GDS, Web-direct and third party web bookings and Voice• An easy-to-use tool to manage all rates, availability, and content in real time that ensures up to the minute pricing to all channels• Defined viewership for contract and negotiated rates• A richly featured Private Label Web and Mobile Booking Engine• Extensive library of one and two way PMS interfaces
  5. 5. Complete Global Distribution Platform
  6. 6. PMS IntegrationGenares leads the industry with its integration products and its philosophy which gives hoteliers the freedom to choose those systems that best meet their needs. We work with an extensive and growing list of the industry’s most popular PMS’. By using HTNG specifications and industry standards new interfaces can easily and quickly be added as needed.
  7. 7. Web Booking EngineYour website direct channel is the most critical component of your online distribution marketing plan. gBooker ensures your website can convert lookers to bookers. • 100% customizable solution to match brand look and feel • Intuitive and very user friendly • Unlimited descriptive content including images and video • Multiple currency and language functionality available • Reporting that tracks PPC & Look to Book ratios • Provides complete control over inventory • Supports Dynamic Packaging, Multiple Room Types and Rates Plans
  8. 8. Mobile Booking EngineGenares’ world class booking engine gBooker was created to empower your hotel to quickly andefficiently manage internet bookings. Now to extend your reach to your guest while they are on the go we have added gMobile – the mobile extension of web booking. gMobile gives travelers additional flexibility to book, view and cancel reservations from their mobile phones. It is fully featured and completely integrated with the web booking engine and CRS.
  9. 9. Voice ServicesGenares provides a customized voice reservation program designed to effectively market yourproperty. Our trained sales agents take reservations and provide personal service to travelagents and consumers worldwide as an extension of your sales force and will maximize callcenter conversions and rates. We provide:• Private label hotel reservation voice services 24x7x365 with customized messaging with multiple languages available• Overflow and after-hours call handling or abbreviated coverage solutions• Custom trained sales agents sell your specific property to increase revenue and occupancy• Comprehensive reporting and tracking to measure every aspect of the call• ACD system in place with call monitoring technology and monthly review scores• Ability to work with shopping/mystery caller services such as Signature• Redundant call center system and infrastructure to ensure consistent coverage• Seamless integration with gReserve provides callers with the most current property information real-time rates and availability
  10. 10. Account Management Our Revenue Architects use their expertise to ensure each property is selling the right room,through the right channels and at the right price. They are your single point of contact for all support, troubleshooting, maintenance and revenue enhancing needs and provide: • Implementation and account set up services • Regular account reviews that are designed to help identify revenue enhancing strategies • Individual training and education of all products and services available • Revenue Management guidance • Help to develop online marketing strategies • Ongoing consulting services to drive distribution and maximize exposure through all appropriate revenue generating channels
  11. 11. Reporting and AnalyticsA property powered by Genares, is also powered with knowledge and control. We are committed to providing superior technology and results that are easily measured. Reporting Options include: •Production (by sub-source) •Guest Arrivals •Room/Rate Distribution •Travel Agent Production •Availability •Product performance •Website Traffic and Visitor Profiling •Customized and Complex data reports •Pre-formatted Reports and scheduled future or reoccurring reports •Ad hoc reporting •Ability to save reports to your online “Reporting Center” •Save predefined report options, filters and combinations to access at any time •Export, download and create graphs from your customized reports
  12. 12. Additional Revenue Enhancing ServicesRate Solicitation - Consortia & Corporate Negotiated Rates - Genares provides access toconsortia, Travel Management Company, Internet or corporate programs and you canthen choose which fits best within your property’s marketing strategy.Benefit of Participation: • Increased Bookings • Increased Visibility • Increased Revenue • Marketing Opportunities • Prominent GDS Display with Preferred Rate Codes provided by each Consortia in all 4 GDS Commission Processing - through our partnership with Perot Systems, you can efficiently and easily reconcile and pay all travel agent commissions. • Travel Agents receive one consolidated payment in their local currency. • Both hotels and travel agents receive detailed online reporting, reducing or eliminating research time and the manual payment process. • Your property will be designated as using an electronic commission settlement program which makes travel agents more willing to book your property.
  13. 13. WHY CHOOSE GENARES There are number of advantages to partnering with Genares as our hotel reservation platform was developed specifically for the new technological age we live in and created by the most experienced hotel reservations system development team in the hospitality industry. We are a privately owned company so are able to react swiftly to market changes. Although we have a product road map and follow a development cycle our industry dictates that a company must be nimble and able to change development direction. We have consistently followed this pattern to keep our technology current and relevant and always strive to be ahead of the market trends and requirements. We listen to our customer as they help to drive our development and are one of our best resources in determining future enhancements to our products. We provide a cost effective solution and apply a back to basics strategy that focuses on:  Increasing ADR  Increasing ALoS  Increasing Occupancy  Lowering your overall Cost of Distribution