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Animals descriptions pp


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Published in: Education
  • This Animal Presentation is very usefull for my daughter to learn more about Animals.
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Animals descriptions pp

  1. 1. Jaume I Primary School Class: 3rd 2010 - 2011
  2. 2. •I’m a cat. •I’ve got whiskers and a long tail. •I’ve got four legs. •I haven’t got wings. •I eat fish.
  3. 3. •I’m a horse. •I’ve got a big black body and a long tail. •I live in the farm. •I eat grass. •I can run very fast.
  4. 4. •I’m a dog. •I’ve got a brown body and four legs. •I haven’t got wings or a long trunk. •I eat bones and meat.
  5. 5. •I’ve got a big grey body,a long trunk, big ears and two tusks. •I live in grasslands.
  6. 6. •I’m a farm animal. •I’m pink and fat. •I’ve got a short tail.
  7. 7. •I’m orange and white. •I can swim. •I live in the sea. •I’ve got four fins. •I haven’t got legs or a tail.
  8. 8. I’m big and strong. I live in forests. I love honey.
  9. 9. •I live in Africa. •I’m the king of the jungle. •I’m very dangerous. •I eat meat. •I’ve got sharp teeth and a big body.
  10. 10. I live in grasslands. I’ve got a long neck. I eat leaves from the trees.
  11. 11. I live in the sea. I’ve got a shell. I can swim. I eat seaweed and fish. I’m green and brown.
  12. 12. Remember!!! I’m…. I’ve got… I live in… I eat… I can…