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The Future of UI - How Mobile Design is Shaping The Web 2


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Web design is not an interactive brochure anymore. Smart mobile devices have forever changed the way we think and interact with websites. Now you have to consider an array of things you didn’t have to worry about before, such as HiDPI graphics, UI/UX patterns, touch target sizes, gestures, and managing expectations. All the while not losing track of what’s important: Content.

We’re going to discuss the influence of mobile on design, trends, and implementation methods, as well as how touch is changing our lives. As designers and developers, we can benefit from learning about how mobile is changing the way we interact with websites, and what that means for the future of UI.

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The Future of UI - How Mobile Design is Shaping The Web 2

  1. How Mobile Design Is ShapingThe WebSARA CANNON WP MONTREALThe Future of UI
  2. SARA CANNONCo-founder / Creative Director At @saracannon
  3. The Future
  4. INTERNATIONAL DATA CORPORATION (IDC) total number ofpeople using the web onmobile devices is set tosurpass desktops by 2015.
  5. Desktop Mobile2007 20152009 20132011
  6. The Mobile Web
  7. The Mobile Web
  8. The Web
  10. Mobile ShouldNever Be AnAfterthought
  12. ResponsiveWeb Design
  13. Mobile First
  14. Flexible Grids
  15. Flexible Media
  16. Adaptive Images
  17. HiDPI
  18. 163 DPI153,600 PIXELS480PX320 PXiPHONE 3GS -
  19. 326 DPI614,4OO PIXELS96OPX64O PXiPHONE 4 +
  20. 460,800MORE PIXELSiPHONE 4 +iPHONE 3GS -
  22. image by Geoff Teehan
  23. HiDPI First
  24. SpeedAWESOMEV.S.
  25. 2G Is TheNew Dial-up
  28. Design Styles& Trends
  29. Skeuomorphic
  31. Flat Design
  32. HyperlinkButton
  33. Clippy Calendar byRicardo Carlet
  36. SkeuoFlat
  38. Gestures
  39. How Is It Held?image via
  41. Motion AsRefinement
  42. D’Silva
  43. App-InfluencedWeb Design
  44. Are All WebsitesWeb Apps?!
  45. Are All WebsitesWeb Apps?!No.
  46. Are All WebsitesWeb Apps?!No.
  47. Navigation Patterns
  48. Http:// Left Nav Flyout
  49. Http:// Toggle
  50. Http:// Select
  51. ResponsiveNavigation.netErick Arbe
  52. What Is TheFuture?
  53. TouchInfluenced &Enabled
  54. Motion AsRefinement
  55. Attention ToDetail &Subtlety
  56. Merging OfApp & WebDesign
  57. Our work is never over.“- DAFT PUNK