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Font Swoon - Advanced Web Typography


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In Font Swoon we will not only take a great look at some cool and inspiring fonts and implementations, but an in-depth look at advanced type techniques using CSS3 as well as basic implementation. A type nerd must see.

Published in: Technology, Design
  • This is a very good overview over the fonts and her providers.
    But which font will be useful to a open source programmer or an free author?
    He must be write articles and he can only use free resources. Which free fonts are supported by google docs and by slideshare? Which fonts works good with this portals? Which fonts could he use without to break the copyright low?
    Is Arial created by google docs ok or must be used Apparatus from
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Font Swoon - Advanced Web Typography

  1. Font Swoon ...@saracannon
  2. Sara Cannon Freelance Artist, Designer, & WordPress Developer living in Birmingham, AL
  3. #fontswoon
  4. Web Design is 95%
  5. Web Examples
  7. Liquor Store FF Meta Serif
  9. FF DinFF Tisa
  11. League Gothic Le Monde Courrier
  13. FF Din
  14. Fonts! Fonts! Fonts!
  15. Slab-Serif
  16. @ fo nt-f ac e ArvoMade By: Anton Kovit
  17. ArcherMade By: H&FJ
  18. @ fo nt-f ac e AdelleMade By: Type Together
  19. @ fo nt-f ac e CambriaMade By: Ascender Fonts
  20. @ fo nt-f ac e ClarendonMade By: Bitstream
  21. @ fo nt-f ac e Chaparral ProMade By: Adobe
  22. @ fo nt-f ac e Droid SerifMade By: Google
  23. @ fo nt-f ac e Museo SlabMade By: exljbris
  24. VitesseMade By: H&FJ
  25. Sans-Serif
  26. AvenirMade By: Adrian Frutiger
  27. @ fo nt-f ac e Droid SansMade By: Google
  28. @ fo nt-f ac e Brandon GrotesqueMade By: HVD
  29. @ fo nt-f ac e DINMade By: Linotype
  30. @ fo nt-f ac e FuturaMade By: BitStream
  31. GothamMade By: H&FJ
  32. @ fo nt-f ac e Proxima NovaMade By: Mark Simonson
  33. @ fo nt-f ac e OmnesMade By: Joshua Darden
  34. Display Type
  35. @ fo nt-f ac e MenschMade By: Morgan Kuntson los
  36. @ fo nt-f ac e LEAGUE GOTHICMade By: The League of Moveable Type
  37. @ fo nt-f ac e Bello ScriptMade By: Underware
  38. FranchiseMade By: Derek Weathersbee los
  39. @ fo nt-f ac e HomesteadMade By: Luke Lisi los
  40. RangerMade By: Evan Huwa los
  41. Type Foundries
  42. Lost Type los
  43. exljbris
  44. font font
  45. H&FJ
  46. League ofMoveable Type
  47. Open Source! Ofl (open Font License)
  48. House Industries
  49. ARS Type
  50. Craft You CSS
  51. Beyond theSystem Font!
  52. @font-face
  53. Hand CodeTypekit Or Other Paid Hosts Google Api
  54. bulletproof-font-face-implementation-syntax/
  58. Test & Tweak
  59. check all browsers
  60. TYPE CRUNCH!!!
  61. Disable for IE
  62. Disable for Windows
  63. Disable for Firefox
  64. Firefox on all of Windows
  65. Chrome on Windows XP getting around cachecustom.jsstyle.css
  66. Neat Type Scripts
  67. Lettering.js le
  68. kern.js
  69. FitText fi
  70. Neat Type Scripts
  71. WP
  72. Drop
  73. Other Must Havesies
  74. What Font
  75. live example:
  76. Google Font
  77. MIN
  78. Follow theIndustry
  79. Follow The Industry@JasonSantaMaria @fontsquirrel@veen @typekit@brucel @h_@ilovetypography @clagnut@jessicahische @fchimero
  81. Find Inspiration
  93. life is short, art is longTypography is Everything. code is poetry.
  94. #fontswoon@saracannon