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ChaCha - Nice to Meet You Media Kit


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Media Kit developed for ChaCha

Published in: Business, Technology
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ChaCha - Nice to Meet You Media Kit

  1. 1. Nice to meet youCopyright © 2011 ChaCha Search, Inc. ChaCha, the ChaCha logo,, 1.800.2ChaCha, and 242-242 are trademarks or registered trademarks of ChaCha Search, Inc.
  2. 2. WHO IS CHACHA? The world’s leading answers serviceChaCha is the revolutionary leading real-time answers service and owns the world’s largestnatural language question and answer database. The Company has the fastest-growingwebsite in the Top 100 with both Quantcast and comScore. Users can ask any questionfrom virtually anywhere for free via online, smartphone applications, text, voice or socialnetworks – 24/7. This one-of-a-kind service is powered by over 62,000 people known as“Guides” who respond to our users – typically within less than 1 minute. ChaCha reachesmore than 25 million unique users per month and is rapidly growing.It’s like asking a smart, fun friend whenever you need info about anything — from anywhere! Try it! Visit us online at, text any question to 242-242, or just call 1.800.2ChaCha
  3. 3. HOW DOES IT WORK? QUESTION OR Online ChPerson ChaCha’s asks a The most massive qualifiedquestion Q&A Guide database answers Mobile Voice YOUR BRANDED ADVERTISEMENT HERE! (accompanied by the answer!)
  4. 4. SIMPLE ChaCh Answers - not all my a answers endless links totally Q’s and it’s F That’s UN & FREE why I a ! pick C lways haCha . FREE More info for free - plus special deals that match a user’s interests TIMELYWHY IT WORKS On-the-spot answers MEETS INDIVIDUAL NEEDS Every person has their own questions, timing and interests UNIVERSAL Our mobile services work on 95% of all phones
  5. 5. WHAT OUR USERS HAVE TO SAY We call them ChaCha confessionsHelpful Fun Informative Valuable“I went to Las Vegas and “I LOVE ChaCha!! I text “I was out running errands and “At first I was skeptical ofused it every day more than ChaCha a lot when I want needed gas. After several stops, ChaCha. I started to ask aonce to get around the city, a funny joke or a great it was obvious I needed to find bunch of questions and wasfind out show times and answer. My friends and I the cheapest gas possible. I asked very surprised at the answers!prices. It was more helpful text ChaCha and forward ChaCha and they directed me to I can’t wait to show mythan our concierge!” the answers to each other. a station right around the corner. friends! It’s the best thing to It’s a game we have!” Thanks ChaCha!” happen to cell phones since theAmanda G. Internet was usable on them.” Berkely H. Arleen T. Zachary H.
  6. 6. THE PROOF IS IN THE NUMBERS And these are some fabulous numbers 92 %Percentage of users who heard 25 + million Number of ChaCha 10 every second How many users about ChaCha from a friend unique users per month interact with ChaCha
  7. 7. COMPELLING ONLINEANSWERS AT provides media-rich content related to online is swiftly becoming the go-to sourcefor concise, relevant answers to any question onthe web due to its uniquely interactive, engagingenvironment. While browsing the largest collectionof questions and answers in the world, visitorsencounter a wealth of rich content and videos highlyrelevant to their exact interests.ChaCha is Quite the SocialiteTeam up with a smart friend to go beyondanswers and find new ways to interact.
  8. 8. THE SMARTEST APP AROUNDAccess the leading source for answers in an appealing new appChaCha’s answers to any question, anytime, anywhere arenow available through an engaging mobile app interfaceideally suited for this growing method of accessing information. The quick, accurate answers ChaCha is known for migrate perfectly into the mobile app environment providing users immediate access to the world’s largest source of answers, recently asked questions on similar topics, and more!
  9. 9. ANSWERS AND IMAGES ON VIRTUALLY EVERY MOBILE PHONE Fast, fun answers and rich video on the go ChaCha’s become the leader in mobile messaging and the mobile web, allowing users to access fast, free answers to anything on the go. Mobile messaging is the most widely used form of communication on the planet, and ChaCha has leveraged this unlike any other, putting power in our users’ hands. With our mobile video service, users get enhanced answers on nearly every phone with the capacity for rich content, videos, and coupons. And, the website is accessed on mobile phones four times the industry average!*Images are for marketing purposes only. No other relationship is expressed or implied.
  10. 10. NATIONAL ADVERTISERSSome ChaCha advertisers who’ve provided dealsto our ChaChees Recreated LOGO BEST BUY
  11. 11. WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY From our advertisersHip Fresh Entertaining“ChaCha was a perfect partner for our “ChaCha was a logical marketing partner “The ultimate goal of our campaign waslaunch of Fact Checkers Unit. Viewers because they’ve had such success with to make the release of Transformers aare looking for ways to engage with our reaching young consumers. McDonald’s massive event. Using ChaCha allowed uscontent and talent in new, unique ways, is known for delivering fresh, hot, to communicate directly to entertainmentand the tie-in between FCU and affordable food. Our customers are fans in a timely manner.”ChaCha was obvious and effective. always on the go; so are ChaCha’s.” Michael RosenbergGiving millions the chance to get their Jon Rump Director, National Advertisingown facts checked in real-time by Marketing ManagerChaCha’s expert Guides provided animmersive, first-of-its-kind experience.”Cameron DeathSr. Vice President & GM
  12. 12. THE MAN WHO STARTED IT ALL The brains behind the magicScott A. JonesFounder, Chairman & CEOCreator of the #1 voicemail technology used by over 2 billion people worldwide. Architect of the world’s largest music database — accessed over 100 billion times annually by iTunes, electronics, computers, and more. Founder of ChaCha, which provides people with quick, accurate answers and deals from anywhere.
  13. 13. AWARDS & HONORSQuantcast & comScore............................Top 100 Website, and Fastest Growing in the Top 100Mobile Excellence Awards..................... Industry Star Award” ”Frost & Sullivan.......................................“Product Innovation Award”The Mobi Awards..................................... Best Direct Response” and “Best Location-Based Campaigns” ”Nielsen.......................................................Fastest Growing and #1 in SMS SearchAT&T...........................................................Fast-Pitch Platinum Award for “Best Mobile Consumer Application”Fierce Wireless.........................................Fierce 15 Wireless CompaniesTelephony Magazine...............................“Most Innovative Mobile Service”Summit at Stanford.................................“AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner”Lead 411...................................................“Hottest Companies”
  14. 14. What the industry has to sayWhat the industry has to sayWha We’re tops with the tops WHAT THE INDUSTRY HAS TO SAY We’re tops with the tops We’re tops with the tops We’re top “…ChaCha does a tantalizingly “ChaCha is one of the leading “Overall, I liked ChaCha …, “ChaCha now ranks as the number “Overall, I liked ChaCha …, good impersonationtantalizingly “…ChaCha does a of a “ChaChasecond consecutive For the has successfully ways to reach teens and young “…ChaCha doesChaCha …, I received liked a tantalizingly “Overall, Ifast, accurate, useful For the second consecutive “ChaCha has successfully one most-trafficked mobile text “…Chnts I personal concierge who caters good impersonation of useful received fast, accurate, a adults. They’ve key requirements identifiedChaCha announced that quarter, the successfully good impersonation of auseful Ianswers …. [It’s] an interesting received fast, accurate, quarter, ChaCha announced that search service, ahead of Google... identified the key requirements good answers whims, and saves the to your …. [It’s] an interesting personal concierge who caters identifiedpure-play SMS and of mobilethe key requirements among search users search personal about how to make cell new idea concierge interesting answers …. [It’s] anwho caters ChaChapure-play SMS search of mobile search userssometime among passed Google and perso day idea about how with amazing frequency.” newyour whims, andto make cell of mobile search users and offers a solution that provides to your much more useful.” phones whims, and in the third quarter of 2009.”s to saves the providers ChaCha, Google SMS new idea about how saves thecell to make providers ChaCha, Google SMS offers a solution that provides to you offer a solution that provides in phones much more useful.” day with amazing frequency.” the best user SMS, ChaCha is the and Yahoo! experience within day with amazing frequency.” phones much more useful.” and Yahoo! SMS, ChaCha is the the best user experience within day w the best user experience on mobile.” the mobile environment.” fastest growing service, capturing fastest growing service, capturing the mobile environment.” David Pogue more than 28 percent of standard Frost and Sullivan Walt Mossberg Nielsen 28 percent of standard more than WaltNew York Times The Mossberg David Pogue rate SMS search transactions David Pogue Journal The Wall Street Walt Mossberg rate SMS search transactions Davi The Wall Street Journal The New York Times Frost andthese providers in the between Sullivan The Wall York Times New Street Journal between these providers in the Frost and Sullivan The N third quarter (according to the Q3 third quarter (according to the Q3 2008 Mobile Messaging Report 2008 Mobile Messaging Report from the Nielsen Company). from the Nielsen Company).
  15. 15. OUR HUMAN INTERACTIVE NUMBERS Outdating themselves daily 1 1.7+ 1.5+ day billion millionHow long it takes us Answers served across Unique usersto answer 3 million ChaCha platforms per day questions
  16. 16. TRY CHACHA! Ask anything... To: 242-242 What should I eat for lunch? Visit us online at Download our Text your question iPhone app at to 242-242 (spells ChaCha)http:/ or call 1.800.2ChaCha. To advertise, visit
  17. 17. is everywhere.Ask Any Question • • Text 242-242 NY • LA • INDY