Kaelo group credentials June 2011 final


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The Kaelo Group credentials June 2011

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Kaelo group credentials June 2011 final

  1. 1. Kaelo Group Credentials 2011We build reputations and brands through relevant Community Engagement
  2. 2. A background to our business• The Kaelo Group is the leading Community Engagement Organisation operating in Sub- Saharan Africa – South and East Africa.• Established in 2000, the company has established core competencies in • Engagement through Corporate Social Responsibility • Engagement through sponsorship properties • Engagement through corporate brand platforms• Our passion is providing our clients with comprehensive full service support in effectively developing, executing and measuring their marketing strategies.• We currently employ around 50 full time staff and various contracted staff for project activations as required.
  3. 3. BEE credentials & financial Management• The Group is a Level 2 BEE provider• We have a 125% supplier recognition• Managing project budgets from R100,000 to R200 million, we take project financial management seriously• The Kaelo Group has two full time CA’s, and a team of accounts staff ensuring that all budgets, invoicing, procurement, cash flow, spending and collections are managed firmly for both our clients and our organisation• When working with Kaelo, expect to see and meet our CA’s as an integral part of the team – working directly with our clients financial team to maximise delivery against budgets in often tight time-frames.
  4. 4. Kaelo is a Tswana word for guidance and upliftment. It captures the essence of the African proverb – “As you grow, pull others up.”
  5. 5. Our promise to grow through COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENTTargeting and understanding a group of Tangibly connecting brands/organisationslike-minded individuals with a common with communities so as to create a passion or purpose conversation and dialogue – listening and feedback. We do this through our unique We do this through experience, research insights, communication & publishing, stakeholder understanding and broadcast and activations, database management. monitoring and measurement
  6. 6. OUR SERVICES Strategy Every project begins with sound strategic planning. We have an experienced team to guide you through strategy and process. Implementation We have implementation specialists in communications and publishing, activations & hospitality and broadcast production – both within South Africa and on the continent. Measurement The Group offering is supported with a dedicated research company (Repucom SA) who work closely with strategy to provide insights and to ensure that projects and programmes are measured and monitored. 6
  7. 7. Kaelo Group companiesCore delivery agency – Implementation agency Research and monitoring agency – including – providing community providing global monitoring and communications, engagement services research measurements publishing, broadcast, through Africaactivation & hospitality divisions
  8. 8. Group structure for delivery Monitoring,& Repucom Measurement CSI & Social Development Strategy & Communication Planning & Publishing Hospitality & Sponsorship &Kaelo Kaelo Engage Rights ActivationsGroup Management Broadcast & Finance & Production Corporate & Brand Admin Marketing Kaelo Engage African project Africa delivery 8
  9. 9. CSI AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTMARKETING“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” -Winston Churchill 9
  10. 10. What we are known forin CSIKaelo Stories of Hope• Conceptualised in 2005 as a TV Show - now a full multimedia social communication platform showcasing CSI projects and impact around the country.• This R20 million annual project includes a published book, a dedicated web site, communication and social media dialogue, think tank workshops and annual conference.• Kaelo has covered more than 450 stories with more than 50 companies in South Africa. 10
  11. 11. CSR Strategic Consulting• Using the Kaelo CARES model, we guide our clients through a step by step strategic process to determine what CSI has been happening (in the C business, in the industry and globally), aligning this to their business, conducting a gap analysis to determine what is needed, and then designing S A an implementation plan to support a positive reputation. Kaelo Cares Model ™• Compliance with King III Chapter 1, the global AA1000 CSI standards, the GRI global reporting standards and DTI Codes of Good Practice are integral to the approach. E R
  12. 12. Other broadcasting projects & activations • Lets Fix It is a hands-on action orientated TV programme, inspiring volunteers from Corporate South Africa to come together to help those in need. • Kaelo can assist in finding and organising a CSI event or programme for your organisation involving staff • Kaelo also provide customised social development programming and corporate CSI AVs for clients 12
  13. 13. CSI publishing andcommunication• Kaelo collates content, organises photography, copywriting, editing, layout, design and printing for social responsibility reports, books and brochures• In addition, we develop on- line CSI libraries for our clients and provide bespoke communication strategies and plans for CSI divisions
  14. 14. CSI monitoring &measurement• Conducted by our research agency Repucom SA, Kaelo is able to provide the following research tools to clients: 1. Media monitoring – monitoring of your CSI coverage and compliance of use of trademarks and logos and organisational mentions against projects. 2. SROI – Social Return on Investment measurements – additional financial impact from social investment projects 3. Social Rating – a new syndicated annual survey providing a rating of charities and social projects – allowing funders to make more informed decisions around investment. Based on reliability, transparency, reporting, efficiency and capacity 4. Marketing and communications trends in CSI – an annual review of the trends and insights into effective communication of projects and programmes. 14
  15. 15. Some of our more recent CSI Clients
  16. 16. SPONSORSHIP AND COMMERCIALPROPERTY RIGHTS MANAGEMENT “Sponsorship works when its a total partnership between organizations who care about the fans and the community. When you can create greater awareness of the brand, and at the same time make it fun for the fans, your employees and contribute to the community, everybody wins.” 16
  17. 17. What we are known forin sponsorshipFor our strategic and measuredapproach to the discipline• Kaelo are known for our strategic approach to sponsorship and property rights management• Our clients include the Comrades Marathon, Two Oceans Marathon, Royal Bafokeng Sports and SA Fashion Week.• We were the activations agency for the Hyundai 2010 FIFA World Cup programme and were the implementation agency for the MTN 2010 FIFA World Cup Hospitality programme – managing over 25,000 guests. 17
  18. 18. Our sponsorship services Rights Contract Image Fan Engagement Holder Engagement Engagement Engagement Measures Sponsorship Marketing plan Activation plan SponsorshipProperty evaluation and Reporting Agreement Objective setting Pre eventsourcing; relevance - Brand portrayal During event Brand enhancement Shared asset KPA’simage, audience, location, Perception shift Responsibilities Creative approach Post eventinvestment, term Financial shift Event & Broadcast Strategy & concepts VIP & stakeholder Broadcast elements Media hosting Return on Objectives Fan commitment Documentation Sponsor Procurement, negotiation, legal contracting, creative marketing & branding, event activation resource, reporting Strong 4 Way Relationship Management Rights Holder + Sponsor + Broadcaster + implementation team 18
  19. 19. Our global activation & hospitality affiliatesActivation and hospitality • Sponsorships must be activated for return • Ideally a 1:1 spend for regional properties and more than 1:4 for global property activation • Kaelo deliver a relevant activation of brand experience to engage the fan – pre, during and post event • We use both traditional experiential platforms, social media and promotional competition ideas to drive engagement • Experience is measured and fan and hosted guest feedback captured 19
  20. 20. Publishing & communication• Let us capture a record of your sponsorship journey as a published book or DVD legacy as a timeless record of investment and return as we have for Hyundai and the Royal Bafokeng Sports.• We’re also great at creating interactive promotions and ideas around sponsorship events to drive greater engagement and conversations with your communities. 20
  21. 21. AFP Customised sponsored televisionproduction• Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP) is one of our major areas of expertise.• We can conceptualise and create a television series around a subject which has appeal to your audience community and is something which broadcasters would accept for their audience – from a 13 part soapie, to a reality adventure show, to a studio based behind the scenes magazine programme as well as documentary specials• Our relationship with SABC, e.tv and DStv allow us to understand the scheduling demands, the audience interests and to negotiate for prime funded programming time, with promos and billboards for client promotion• If you have in-depth content to share and are looking for a more meaningful way to engage an audience – consider AFP. This AFP was one of Kaelo’s first TV shows. 21
  22. 22. Sponsorship monitoring & measurement• Conducted by our research agency Repucom SA, Kaelo is able to provide the following research tools to clients: 1. Media and exposure monitoring – monitoring of your sponsorship coverage and compliance of use of trademarks and logos and organisational mentions against contractual obligations using Radiuss technology™ 2. Sponsorship Valuations – We have valued in excess of 55 of South Africa’s prime sponsorship properties 3. On-line management tools for reporting and monitoring sponsorship performance 22
  23. 23. Some of our more recent Sponsorship Clients & Properties
  24. 24. Our implementation work in Africa• We have worked in East Africa on a number of sponsorship related projects.• We are able to source properties and projects for marketing leverage in these markets.• Kaelo has an on-the-ground network to assist in activation, filming and reporting on projects in-country.
  25. 25. CORPORATE BRAND COMMUNITYENGAGEMENT – STAFF AND STAKEHOLDERS "A brand that captures your mind gains behaviour. A brand that captures your heart gains commitment."
  26. 26. Strategic Marketing Consulting• Kaelo will develop marketing, brand, Products & communication and reputation strategies Services aligned to your business need - from mission, vision and values to brand Governance Innovation essence, positioning and promises.• Specialist strategy services include Stakeholder Engagement strategies aligned Seven Reputation Drivers with the global standards for reporting; Crisis Communication and Issues Corporate Leadership Citizenship Management.• Kaelo offers workshop facilitation, marketing resource and budget planning and skills transfer opportunities. Workplace Performance One of the models we use in developing relevant strategies for our clients 26
  27. 27. Internal communications• Our corporate brand experience in communicating with employees and stakeholders has included the development of both private and public sector communication.• The communications team collate content, arrange design and distribution of newsletters, social media and computer applications designed to improve engagement levels. 27
  28. 28. Stakeholder engagement programmes • Generating dialogue and interest around material issues in your industry is one of Kaelo’s core strengths. • We will identify and create a relevant database of people to engage, and then create a platform, arrange facilitators, speakers and thinkers to stimulate relevant and thought- provoking dialogue. • We also have experience in social marketing projects to inspire behaviour change amongst communities. 28
  29. 29. Brand development• Our design team work with your brand identity to generate themed materials, and we also provide full corporate identity development. Logos, brochures, collateral, web- sites, social media platforms. 29
  30. 30. Brand monitoring &measurement• Conducted by our research agency Repucom SA, Kaelo is able to provide the following qualitative and quantitative research tools to clients: 1. Media monitoring – monitoring of your brand coverage and compliance of use of trademarks and logos and organisational mentions against projects – in South Africa and globally. 2. Stakeholder perception audits – Insight into the thinking and perceptions of stakeholders who affect your business or industry, as benchmarks or annual studies for reporting 3. Employee surveys – on-line and face-to-face research options, using social media platforms to generate information, feedback and creative thinking from this resource 4. Customised brand research – insights and measurement metrics available 30
  31. 31. Kaelo’s Brand engagement clients include 31
  33. 33. Kaelo’s leadership teamSandile Koza, founding partner and Kelvin Watt, Group CEO, is thenew business driver, is Kaelo’s founding partner of the businessdynamo! Rarely in the office, and is a hands-on driver of theSandile is out looking for ways to business. His in-depth knowledge ofensure companies, brands and the sponsorship business over thegovernment are engaging, past 20 years engaging with all ofconnecting and communicating – South Africa’s sporting bodies hasparticularly around issues of CSI and seen Kelvin make some great dealssocial development. (Shareholder) with a strategic insight that few others can boast. (Shareholder) 33
  34. 34. Sara Butchart, director of strategyOur leadership team has for Kaelo has 20 years experience in reputation management, CSR,almost 100 years of broadcast and brand marketing.collective experience and a Her role is to ensure all our proposals to clients have strategicpassion to match! relevance to the business need and tap into the real community insight with innovation and creativity. Graeme East , Financial Director for Etienne Karsten, VP of the Repucom the group, is a qualified CA and runs research company, Etienne is a tight ship from an operational and passionate about monitoring and financial management perspective. measurement in sponsorship, CSI and With a strong financial team and a corporate brand. With his team of pedantic attention to detail, he’s in researchers, and access to the latest the front line with our clients and specialist technology and insights, we drives the sales targets for the group. are able to provide the best engagement insights in the industry for our clients . 34
  35. 35. Sarah Mullins, director of the Nqoba Koza, director in relationshipCommunications and Publishing management comes from a strongbusiness boasts both local and corporate banking background, andinternational experience in effective brings process and discipline to thedelivery of messages in creative ways. business. He works predominantlyHer team of communications experts are on sponsorship and corporatepassionate about traditional and social brand projects with his team ofmedia, and for relevant delivery which relationship managers. His companyengages communities and builds strong responsibilities also include HRreputations. (Shareholder) management and BBBEE for the group. John van den Aardweg, director of Robyn Oakley, director in sponsorship, activations and events, relationship management, is a is a qualified Attorney by trade. John qualified Chartered Accountant oversees and manages contract passionate about the Kaelo negotiations on behalf of clients, as business. Robyn manages well as managing a team of contracting, client service delivery relationship and engagement and processes for our social specialists to develop the ideal development and CSI projects activation, event or hospitality working closely with Sandile on a programme for our clients. day to day basis with her team of relationship managers.
  36. 36. Our Vision and Mission Kaelo Group’s vision is: “To be the pioneering Community Engagement Organisation in sub- Saharan Africa” Kaelo Group’s mission is: “To build strong reputations for our clients and their brands amongst specified target communities, by providing measurable integrated engagement solutions based on sound strategic thinking.”
  37. 37. In doing business, we uphold thesevalues: Enquiring and Curious As people we are always exploring and learning – looking for the next new thing Honesty We execute all our work with integrity, and are honest and straight talking regarding issues Delight in Delivery We strive to deliver and have a can-do attitude - we believe in providing superior service to our clients Resilient and Determined In the face of challenges we bounce back and try again – we don’t give up Diversity driven Demographically in our staff, in communities and in our delivery we embrace variety
  38. 38. Block 9, Pinewood Office Park, Woodmead, Gauteng, South Africa +27 (0) 11 563 4900 www.kaelogroup.comKaelo-GroupFollow us @ Kaelogroup